Ambre Sade
    by Nez Nez

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    Ambre Sade Fragrance notes

    Blackberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Raspberry, Virginia cedar, Cinnamon, Tonka, Black vanilla, Patchouli, Russian Leather

    Ambre Sade information

    Ambre Sade is a unisex fragrance by Nez Nez.

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Come on this is a good fragrance, break up the snobbery. A nice blast of strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and sweet notes overall. Nice.

    16th November, 2012

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    On paper the strawberry was v. obvious and the amber took some time to develop. On skin, however, the strawberry evaporated within the first five seconds and never came back, replaced by a sweet amber that was uncomplicated but pleasant and lasted for quite a while.
    Not my signature frag, but ok

    22nd February, 2011

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    Finland Finland

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    Uhh.No no.

    Nez a Nez calls them a niche house, but they have been releasing a bunch of these absolutely cheap smelling synthetic fragrances. Kind of interesting scenario behind the perfumes; wonderful concept really with nice looking bottles, interesting pyramids, stylish websites etc.
    I also like strong perfumes basically and so its been nice to see that they put hell of a lot power in their scents.

    Butthe juices itself are just so lame. They are hardly pleasant, interesting or anyhow special. And damn, they really do smell very cheap, in a bad way.Like this, Ambre a Sade.

    Just a massive, overly sweet, thick and sticky synthetic strawberry mixed with some fruits and green leaves, placed on a simple and ridiculous vanilla-tonka bed.
    Result is very pink BIG bubblegum ball in your face. Very strong and long lasting.

    Comparing this to Pink Sugar which is somewhat similar, the problem is not just the fact that this costs a whole lot more than PS..But Pink Sugar is also better blended as its not THIS sweet, it is more airy and even luminous, and simply put much more pleasant smelling.

    Ill pass this from a looong way. And listen, this is not a unisex fragrance. Same king of synthetic sweet strawberry candy crap perfumes can be found from anywhere; from girls trendy clothing stores to some obscure market places. 5 euros a bottle.

    15th February, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Well, if you liked Black XS pour Homme, you might like this. Distinctly strawberry. Smells like those cheap cherry chapsticks you can get at the drug store. I couldn't discern the strawberry until I read the notes but at first thought it was bubblegum. Sweet, subtle, fruity... kinda good but nothing exciting. For a really nice berry I prefer the delicious Acqua e Zucchero from Profumum.

    21st November, 2008

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    United States United States

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    I really love the notes in this fragrance and it should have been a winner! Somehow, unfortunately, it starts off, and persists, like strawberry scented plastic. It's very similar to those toys they used to (and may still) sell for children (usually girls) that have a scent---usually some awful synthetic berry and vinyl smell. This is similar on my skin. Very disappointing. Not a scrubber, but almost!

    01st November, 2008

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