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The Party in Manhattan
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The Party in Manhattan is a feminine perfume by The Party.

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If this one lasted longer, say more than an hour and a half, I would buy it in a heartbeat. This is Mitsouko + cumin and/or Jubilation with some of the frankincense dialed down. It is a gorgeous rendering of a classic fruity chypre and I adore its opening stages and its animalic underbelly. Unfortunately, it is one of the most fleeting scents I've ever had the pleasure of not being able to smell, and this makes me very sad because it is VERY lovely. It is so vintage-y and funky and ephemeral that I find it fascinating and frustrating in equal measure.
24th September, 2017
I have to say I don't like the name, though I see the association with a party. But I like the fragrance. It's beautiful, with just enough cumin to hint at some animalics, without getting down and dirty. It has enough vivaciousness and a slight naughtiness from the cumin to add up to fun.
The jasmine/rose accord is distinctive - it gives Party a smoothness and brightness most classic chypres don't have. Whenever jasmine is a player, it always introduces a certain refinement. The power of the old chypre is a certain roughness, a dusky raw edge, which is very appealing, adventuresome and unmannered. That old oakmoss was a potent power player. Party doesn't have that - it's more mannered, a little brighter and sweeter, but with its rooty, earthy tones & the slight cumin naughtiness, it still makes for a more serious sexy perfume than the typical fruity floral with its invariable musk base.
I see the association some mention to Mitsouko, but Party is so much more about its smooth bright floral than Mitsouko, with its diffuse peach mellowness.
It lasted longer than two hours on me, but longevity is still an issue as it had faded considerably after three hours, though it didn't disappear. If you wore it to a party you'd have to reapply or be happy with a skin scent.
02nd December, 2013 (last edited: 05th December, 2013)
An interesting ode to the great perfumes of the past. Pineapple aldehydes from Quelque Fleurs, doughy richness from Mitsouko, upfront expensive-smelling jasmine and rose from Joy. All this is drenched in retro funk, mostly cumin (which gives it a very strong sweaty-old-lady vibe), but with just a pinch of civet for that old-world poopiness.

If you can handle the animalics, The Party In Manhattan is a fantastic perfume, though it's hard to consider it an equal to the greats it clearly idolizes. But that perfumey old lady sweat smell is REALLY prominent and your enjoyment of The Party In Manhattan will most likely depend on whether or not you enjoy this one dirty aspect. Personally, it's a bit much for me, hence the neutral rating.
17th February, 2013
The comparison to Mitsouko seems half fitting at best. Mitsouko is dark, dusty, spicy, and exceedingly about the oakmoss and PEACH accord. Conversely, Manhattan is bright, clean, sweet, and exceedingly about the oakmoss and JASMINE accord. In fact, to my nose, Manhattan has A LOT of jasmine in it...maybe even an overdose of jasmine. However, I do agree that it smells vintage, which I like very much. That vintage characteristic is likely the result of Manhattan's classic and really well-balanced chypre structure, as well as the fact that it is is comprised of all naturals. Ultimately, it smells rich, robust, elegant, and expensive—a high quality chypre indeed.
14th August, 2012
l tried this one way back in 2009, but l've only just realised that The Party & The Party in Manhattan are one & the same fragrance! l long since gave my sample away, (l got it as a freebie from Luckyscent, although it seems they no longer carry it) but working from my notes, this is how l remember it.
l get the weirdly good carrot note in the opening, along with citrus & a little spice. l don't really get the "floral heart", except for an impression of indoles, & then a whisper of vetiver & woods in the base. The whole thing lasts barely 2 hours, a problem which l see l'm not alone in having with this one.
l've never smelled Mitsouko (!) so l cannot compare the two, but of all the fragrances l've tried l think this is closest in feel to Jubilation 25; another thick, green, mossy floral chypre in a retro style. However, although l'm not a chypre lover, Jub 25 is one that l revisit from time to time, finding it intriguingly complex & interesting, & far longer-lasting. The Party, on the other hand, loses on all counts in that contest.
30th January, 2012
The Party in Manhattan left me rather disappointed, yes it left me after what was slightly more than 2 hours. I think I read someone claiming it was reformulated already? Anyway, the start is glorious (really!), it wowed me. In the end there was a strange accord going through the heart - is it the mandarine and bourbon carnation (WTH is that?)? In a nutshell, yes it reminded me of Mitsouko, but the peach in Mitsy is much more interesting to me. I once sampled Rochas Femme and Jubilation 25... I think it could be closest to these. No monster sillage, no longevity, no rich feel of an extrait... and the price tag if I can get Mitsouko extrait at the same price?
22nd May, 2011

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