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Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil (1987)
by Kiehl's


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Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group

About Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil

Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil is a masculine fragrance by Kiehl's. The scent was launched in 1987

Reviews of Kiehl's Pour Homme Essence Oil

Genre: Fougère

Kiehl’s Essence Oil Pour Homme starts off on a very lively, tart, lime-inflected citrus top note, then assembles tobacco, lavender, and bergamot into a very traditional barbershop tobacco fougère accord in the manner of Lauder for Men or Havana. The structure is simple, but well executed, and very pleasing to wear. The lavender is very smooth, rounded, and natural, the tobacco is enticingly sweet but not cloying, and the central fougère accord is so well blended that it reads as an integral unit rather than a collection of notes.

Essence Oil Pour Homme is potent, and a mere dab of the roll-on applicator will provide several hours of conspicuous sillage. The scent is linear, with clean vetiver and patchouli supporting the fougère accord in a lingering drydown. If you’re a traditionalist and want a quality masculine at a very reasonable price, give this Kiehl’s a try!
19th June, 2014
Another thumbs up! The juice in this unsuspecting little roll-on vial does not mess around. Kiehl's Pour Homme Oil is one serious manscent. Long lasting, compact, almost ruthless in its pointed presentation of the classic macho fougere accord.

It moves confidently and hits all the right notes: citrus, piney woods, a big ol' balsamic tobacco note, and all manner of potent spices. As others have said, it has strong ties with Aramis Havana, but without that brazen rum opening note. The resemblance is strong in the heart and base.

It is extremely potent and long-lasting, and does not meld into the skin like some other fougeres, such as Azzaro Pour Homme or Rive Gauche. It leaps off the skin and attracts attention to itself as its own entity, rather than as an extension of the wearer.
27th July, 2011
Smells a bit like Halston Z-14, if you like that sort of thing - I do. Not sweet at all.
As others have stated, a little goes a long way. It is an oil so it doesn't project like an alcohol based cologne upon application. After things heat up it comes alive. I have been using it casually - weekends mostly.
30th January, 2010
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United States
This fragrance is easy to underestimate because the packaging has no sex appeal at all: it's in a small, sample-sized vial (only .25 oz), and it comes in a boring little brown box that looks like a lipstick. It's also in a roll-on vial, not an atomiser. It sounds like a recipe for a marketing disaster, but good lord, this is one big-league powerhouse. I am not kidding.

Ignore the fact that it's only .25 oz. - you don't need any more than that because Kiehl’s Pour Homme is made up solely of pure perfume oils, so it’s even more concentrated than an "eau de parfum" or even a "parfum". Let me assure you – this stuff is STRONG.

It smells very much like the original formulation of Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui, only much woodier, with confierous woods, and macho-level patchouli. In fact, I would say that it’s a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to smell the original Oscar Pour Lui but can’t find a bottle. Just roll it on the back of your wrists and your throat, and you're good to go for at least 8, yes eight, hours. This scent is very spicy, manly and assertive.

Kiehls’ Pour Homme is bonafide powerhouse, without a doubt, and a great scent.
06th January, 2010
Fir needle, cistus, vetiver, patchouli
I think this is a very nice scent, very “brown” in tone. The fir needles are well done and have good duration. The vetiver-patchouli notes give an earthy tinge, and the patchouli increases and becomes leathery (but not obnoxious). The labdanum gives a slight buttery note. This reminds me of Equipage. There is a great shower/bath liquid in this scent as well.

09th October, 2009
Son of Oscar Pour Lui, cousin of Havana's basenotes. Linear but very masculine. Sillage/longevity monster.
10th April, 2009

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