Rose de Siwa / FK2 (2006)
    by MDCI

    Rose de Siwa / FK2 Fragrance notes

    Peony, Hawthorn, Moroccan rose, Turkish rose, Violet, Cedar, Musk, Vetiver

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    Rose de Siwa strikes me as the distaff version of Amouage's Lyric Man: both are musky rose florals with a similar high-quality musk drydown. (Perhaps they even have the same aromachemicals in the base - I don't know enough about the raw materials of perfumery to say for certain.) As always, MDCI uses very high-quality ingredients here, and despite its lightness this fragrance has some serious tenacity, lasting at least a day on my skin. Whether or not you like Rose de Siwa depends on how you feel about sweet musky florals, but if you like that sort of thing then you definitely have to try this.

    22 March, 2014

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    Singapore Singapore

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    When it comes to rose accords, I must admit to having a preference for fresh dewy roses. ROSE DE SIWA's rendition is lush but wears a little dense and sweet on my skin. It is nowhere near as powdery as I have come to expect particularly with violets in the mix. I do however appreciate the hint of greenery in the backdrop as it adds depth to the composition. While I find this MDCI pleasantly wearable, it is up against strong contenders bearing even less intimidating price tags.

    18 April, 2011

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    Slightly plasticy at first application. Quickly faded down into a softer powdery type rose fragrance with just a tinge of green. Drydown brought a bit of spice with musk with the rose balanced out by the other floral notes which seemed to move a bit more forward. I don't find the rose heavy handed - it's there but not obnoxious. Might be a good choice for someone who doesn't want a rose fragrance to be only about roses. Not overly long lasting.

    21st April, 2010

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    England England

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    SIWA is not, as you might imagine, a sinister organization devoted to the overthrow of decency but an Egyptian oasis of which M. Marchal has fond memories. Whatever. The scent is Turkish rose with the occasional backbite of sub-Nahéma lacquer. Irreproachable, i.e., null. How can someone be as accomplished as Francis K without accomplishing anything ?

    05 April, 2009

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    A strong fruity, powdery rose. Very pretty and long-lasting, but also a bore, like a beautiful young woman without a thought in her head. A disappointment from the makers of Enlevement au Serail and Promesse de l'Aube, both of which have far more complexity and character

    06 March, 2009

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    Rosy, rosy, rosy and ballerina pink, "Rose di Siwa" is the ultimate princess of rose scents; fussy-formal and "Queen of Hearts" Victorian rose garden. Tiny, delicate greenery encircles round, pink roses like painted lace; the rose is sweet, with a nectar feel taken on by the inclusion of pretty-pink lychee. Hawthorn cuts the syrupy-sweetness and adds a hint of powdery dryness. The rose evolves into a refined tea, with violet adding a hazy dash of melancholy to the mix. "Rose di Siwa" is totally for dreamy, hyper-feminine romantics. It's such a "Cinderella" of scent and so royally dignified--but in a cutesy, fairy-tale way. Very pretty.

    03 October, 2008

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