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1725 Casanova is a masculine fragrance by Histoires de Parfums.

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I have a hard time rating 1725, because I don't hate it, but I don't really like it much either. After a common enough citrus opening a lavender, licorice and star anise accord builds up an interesting expectation, then it all falls apart into a vanilla and amber bomb. It goes too sweet for my tastes and the soft sandalwood and cedar in the base give a uncomfortable powdery tone to the heart. I like the almond note, but can't tolerate the powder feel I get from this. Chanel Egoiste has some of this same effect for me. It's not so much the scent as the "feel" of the fragrance. Like something you want to shrug off. I don't love it, but don't hate it. But sure I'm not going to wear this again.
03rd November, 2017
Soft whispers, almost below the threshold of hearing. You cannot pinpoint their source, but you are drawn to them instinctively, a pull facilitated by tugging on strings deep in your mind, the autonomous part over which you have no control.

Casanova does not need to announce its presence with noise and movement, instead you are spellbound, as it lures you in, utterly in the grasp of its arcane knowledge, now forgotten by the rest of the world.

So soft, yet absolutely overpowering, like being fettered and taken away in chains of vanilla pudding, spiced with liquorice and lavender, decorated with the tiniest slice of citrus. Eat up, if you find the almond in the pudding, you get a prize!


Oh, you found it! Have your prize: a wonderful drydown of creamy woods, vanilla and a touch of amber.

A drydown you could fall into, forgetting all around you, amnesia by bliss.

That is how this Casanova seduces you; by surprise, not by true and tangible force, it lights up what is already inside you, kindles it, altering the balance of your self, to alter your course.

A deceitful lighthouse, pulling you in, instead of warning you of the treacherous reef right beneath the surface of the water, fueled not by oil or electricity, but by siren song.

Come closer.
06th August, 2017
For me, this opens hard with the licorice, lavender, star anise and a touch of vanilla. Real hard.

Then bam! It goes powdery.

I don't get much citrus, bergamot, grapefruit, etc.

This is another scent that I appreciate for its unambiguous masculinity.

And, this is my first experience with 1725. I think I like it.
17th February, 2017
Nice sweet fragrance with a light citrus start blends well into the dry down of sweet vanilla, cedar and amber to my nose. This is more along the lines of a Winter, Spring and Fall juice. Not sure how it would perform in the really hot months of the Summer. I like it but find it similar to Opium Pour Homme EDT in some respects and to Armand Basi In Blue. Also, this does have the "perfumy" essence that I do not like. For the price I would sample before you buy (like myself). Enjoy!
24th January, 2017
I bought this by mistake, and while it's nowhere near as interesting as the Histoires I wanted (1740) or the one I already have (1899), it's not bad.
It opens with a delicious citrus and bergamot, then pouf of powder that sticks around for awhile. The bergamot/citrus are nice, but they struggle under the powdery notes. Lavender is also understated but clear.
I get a friendly, soft drydown of vanilla and sandalwood, hints of amber. My favorite part of the drydown is the suggestion of almond: it comes and goes, and is the saving grace that makes this composition interesting to me.
Even still, I'm getting a bottle of 1740. The Marquis de Sade is calling my name.
29th December, 2016
Being number 7 in a series of 16 reviews on critically acclaimed and noteworthy scents.

1725C opens up like a dog's breakfast of sweetness and powder. Thankfully, it doesn't take long until, like a group of children brought to order by the school bell, the notes line up in proper order and start playing nicely.

Once they do, there is a seamless collection of woods evident accompanied by amber, vanilla, and especially lavender. The citrus departs quickly for me and I don't pick up any hint of anise... but it's not exactly missed. It's comforting, smooth, certainly inoffensive. To me it is redolent of older Guerlains, as well as the more affordable Tom Fords, particularly Noir in EDT and EDP form. Compared to Tom Ford's Noir EDT, though, which I have a bottle of, 1725C is superior in its ability to fill in the edges with its aromatic adornments. Like Noir, it doesn't leave much to the imagination, but there is more going on and in a more integrated, pleasing way. I can therefore echo the suggestions of other reviewers by saying that, if you find the Guerlain label too establishment, and Tom Ford too noughties, this could be a great option.

The Funwithfrags family were consistent and voluble in their admiration of this fragrance. I'm with them. If you're an admirer of the kinds of things I've mentioned above, this should be a must-try. And the prices are not outrageous either. This is a possible future purchase for me.
14th September, 2016

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