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    It's a rich smelling citrus and powder blend that dries down to what smells like an expensive talcum powder.

    24 February, 2014

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    Excellent opening of subdued citrus and delicate licorice. It is delicate but its delicacy doesn’t come from weak presention or lack of masculinity: there is beautifully refined subtlety within a firm olfactory presence. It is a remarkable achievement. The lavender all too soon takes over and presents a similar level of subtlety as the opening but with a heart of lavender and anise replacing the citrus dominance of the opening… not quite as remarkable – I’m not a huge fan of lavender but this one is just fine with me.

    The lavender/anise lasts for a respectable period before moving into the base, which is an accomplished sandalwood / vanilla-almond, cedar and almond. The base is even better than the top two levels… it retains the same delicate intensity but with a fuller accord of wood and sweet. Two woods – sandalwood and cedar – and two sweets – vanilla and amber. The base accord comes across to me with the sandalwood / almond-scented-vanilla dominating…I can barely smell the cedar and I get absolutely no amber.

    Before I tested 1725, in looking at the pyramid list I assumed that it would be a gourmet scent. It isn’t a gourmet… it’s an uncommonly subtle, quietly solid, beautifully proportioned fougere – about the most refined and sophisticated one I have encountered. Awesome.

    31st January, 2014

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    Colin Maillard
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    This strongly reminds me another perfume which sadly I can not remember. I fear it was not even a perfume, but rather a bath/shower gel I must have used at some point in my life. However, I mainly smell a lot of lavender, vanilla and almond here, so it is definitely sweet and spicy. It goes better on the drydown - at first it is *too much* sweet to me. Globally I find this safe and easy to forget.


    24 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    Smart scent of subtle sweetness.

    The previous review says it's not a macho scent - that's absolutely right in the sense that 18th century masculinity has some feminine attributes (frills, powder etc.) - and why not admit it?
    (It certainly smells good on both men and women.)
    Most of all, I get the citrus-vanilla-anise-almond combination, but (luckily) I would not call it a gourmand - it's far too elegant for that (maybe the lavender did this?).
    Historical inspiration realised in a modern way? I don't think so - this is not a "modern" fragrance, and I guess that's why I like it.
    You can amplify longevity if you spray it on fabric.

    So good.

    27 November, 2013

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    Invasion Barbare's drier twin

    If Invasion Barbare gets a 10/10 score, then I would give this 9/10.

    Very similar (in vibe and actual scent) to IB, but drier.

    It also differs, in that it seems a tad more powdery, "diffuse," and lacks the perfectly 'pointed head' that makes IB a total masterpiece.

    Recommended for those who do OR don't own IB.

    Pros: A perfect classic masculine barbershop EDP
    Cons: none

    08 June, 2013

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    A beautiful barbershop-type fougere, but with all hard edges smoothed over. Delicate and refined, in contrast to the more macho exponents of the genre. This effect is primarily achieved through skillful use of vanilla, which adds a certain youthful eyelid-fluttering seductiveness without descending into juvenilia. Longevity is good with a generous application. One of my favourites from HdP, alongside 1828. If you aren't hairy-chested enough for Rive Gauche, or find Caron Pour Un Homme too sweet, do try this.

    17 July, 2012

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