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1725 Casanova is a masculine fragrance by Histoires de Parfums.

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1725 has a bright and brisk citrus opening. It is hard to pick out individually the bergamot or the grapefruit; all are well-blended. This citrusy phase is fleeting. Soon the lavender note presents itself as the composition settles on skin. The lavender is of very good quality and is supported by star anise and licorice. It may have a vague barbershop shop vibe, if any at all. The lavender, backed by the citrus, lends a hint of freshness to the composition. The vanilla note comes out much later, well into the heart phase. This is also where the sweetness develops, but that is quite measured. I am sometimes reminded of Caron pour un Homme. But for some reason the Caron comes off as a much more sparkling composition. I do not find the base powdery; rather it is soft, and somewhat dignified.

Unfortunately this fragrance is just a solid composition, but lacks any spark. It is not dull, but not remotely enchanting either. I much prefer 1899 or 1740 among the masculines from this house. Projection and longevity were average.
11th May, 2015
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United Kingdom
The opening is a fresh blend of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot, followed by a lavender-centred drydown. Then a vanilla emerges that appears a bit too generic on my skin. The base changes into a wood-based impression, mainly consisting of sandalwood and cedar, again a tad dull.

On my skin the performance is not great; sillage and projection are moderate and longevity five hours. 2.5/5
09th April, 2015
1725 is absolutely beautiful. Not too sweet. Not too spicy. Just right. I would love a bit more projection and longevity, but this is one of my all time favorites.
07th October, 2014
Opinion: 1725 is a very nice scent, a classic fougere that gives us sweet, floral, spicy and woody scent. Very masculine, due to the lavender note, it´s elegant, classy and charming. The opening is citrusy sweet (licorice?), very agreeable, but after the lavender comes in. As you guys know, I´m not a great fan of lavender, but fortunately, it´s not too prominent here. The base notes are also very nice, giving a sweet woody scent. The combination and quality of this fragrance are both very good. Although having a good performance, the fragrance itself is never offensive, being smooth but present.

Yes, one have the similarity with Invasion Barbare, although the latter is way better, in my opinion. And guys, do not forget I´m not a fan of lavender based scents, not because I don´t like the scent itself, but because of the barber shop/mature man type of scent character. I´m 35 but I simply don´t see myself wearing this type of scents, although I see (smell) great quality in these fragrances (mostly in Invasion Barbare).

Type/Gender: Masculine.

This is clearly a manly scent.

Season and Purpose: This is a good fragrance for Spring, Summer (not the hottest days) and Fall. Almost a all year round fragrance.

This scent is quite agreeable and safe, so I´d say it´s good for work, formal occasions and possibly for some upper class events. Personally I wouldn´t use it for dates, night out or casual situations.

Achilles heel: Barber shop vibe/mature man (over 50s) type of scent (personal taste case).

Regarding Performance:

- Longevity: 12-13h
- Sillage: About moderate
- Projection: ~3h

Scent: 9.27
Longevity: 9.10
Sillage: 7.90
Projection: 7.65
Uniqueness: 8
Versatility: 8.15
--- Overall: 8.36

Would I buy it? Probably not.

Really good fragrance overall, classic fougére quality, safe, but not my cup of tea due to the "barber shop"/mature man vibe. Plus, $200 for 120 ml is not a cheap price. So, probably a no go or purchase.
21st August, 2014
Genre: Fougère

Citrus and lavender top notes suggest a conventional fougère is in the offing, but in the event, a plush, almondy heliotrope and anise accord wells up in place of the expected coumarin, and 1725 plays out like a batch of Après l’Ondée that stumbled through a lavender patch and came out smelling more assertive and androgynous for the trouble. The heliotrope and anise on a powdery foundation bring to mind Boucheron’s elegant Jaïpur Homme, but 1725 is a leaner, less elaborate scent, and may appeal to those who find the Boucheron’s oriental trappings too sweet or spicy.

As 1725 develops, the heliotrope outlasts the anise, and the drydown settles into a very soft, caressing, but not overly sweet, powdery vanillic amber accord. While the olfactory texture is downy and plush throughout, 1725 is more than adequately potent and projects effectively for several hours’ wear. Taken altogether this is a very well-crafted and gratifying fragrance. I recommend it especially to men who admire Après l’Ondée, but feel self-conscious wearing the Guerlain.
25th June, 2014 (last edited: 26th June, 2014)
I never thought I’d ever have occasion to write the following words ‘superbly executed anisic fougere’. For one, most anise notes leave me cold if not reaching for the paracetamol, for another, I find the fougere category probably the most unadventurous in perfumery. But this little wonder managed to convert me. Perhaps it’s because the licorice and star anise unite so sympathetically with an earthy, almost peaty vanilla and lovely dry wood tones. It’s the anchoring influence of these deeper notes that also grounds the lavender-citrus fougere chord and makes it sound anew. The entire thing is seamless. One of those perfumes you can wear without thinking too much about them; just don’t expect some fantastic voyage.
16th April, 2014

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