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Blanc Violette is a feminine perfume by Histoires de Parfums.

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United Kingdom
Bergamot and iris, then ylang-ylang, a woodsy musky vanilla drydown - synthetic-generic on my skin. Decent sillage and projection and five hours of generic-synthetic - boredom. Not for me. 1.5/5
05th February, 2015
This violet has the dubious distinction of being soft and shrill at the same time. All things violetty have been thrown at this perfume – including the green of its leaves (supported by a touch of anise) – but to little avail. There is a roughness to the composition which is surely unintentional, making it more suited to a product like washing up liquid. It’s powdery like a violet scent should be, but somewhat lumpy about it.
10th October, 2012
Finally, Grey Flannel for Her.
07th February, 2012
Violet overload for others perhaps, but violet heaven for me. BLANC VIOLETTE lives up to its name as a less-than-complex soliflore, with a complete reversal of the violet and iris combo I first encountered in Iris by L'Occitane, showcasing instead the violet with iris (and ylang-ylang) in supporting roles. While this is a lovely scent similar in feel to L'artisan Parfumeurs, in my opinion, a stronger iris presence would have added a more nuanced depth, elevating this fragrance from 'good' to 'excellent'.
26th November, 2009

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