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Vert Pivoine
by Histoires de Parfums


Vert Pivoine information

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HouseHistoires de Parfums

About Vert Pivoine

Vert Pivoine is a feminine perfume by Histoires de Parfums.

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Reviews of Vert Pivoine

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Pepper and flowers, yes, but very generic. Neither the floral opening is convincing, nor the drydown; very nonspecific floral. At best a thin rose is present, as is a bit of an unconvincing token peony impression. A synthetic sweetish musk does not save the day on my skin; it remains a negative impression on me. Moderate sillage with adequate projection and four hours of longevity. 1.5/5
05th February, 2015
Light-wearing, pleasant, but failed attempt at a peony scent (this is more a watery rose and pepper), which doesn’t inspire me to discuss it at length. It seems to have a kind of muzak value of setting a background mood – probably nice to wear to go out walking in fields or to fall asleep to. Decent staying power while remaining airy – even the woods are powdery. The pepperiness fades in the later stages and a soft and uncomplicated rose is left.
03rd May, 2014
In my humble opinion, this line has three stand out creations: Colette, Casanova, and this one, Vert Pivoine.

I am rarely captured by simple floral scents, but this one is just right. A very mature, clean and meticulous, clear, peppery-floral scent, which smells to me like it would fit better alongside Delrae's prim and gorgeous line-up than here alongside the other, more plush and daring Histoire scents.

Extremely wearable and oddly versatile; I'd never feel too girlish or too flouncy in this one. Its sophistication is really astounding.

I get a bit of a poppy vibe off this one; if it were called "Poppy Fields", I might like it better than I do, trying to 'find' the likeness to the ephemeral peony reality.

Nonetheless, one of the few-on-earth clear, linear florals I wil ever drop 180USD on. To me, it's that good.
14th July, 2010
VERT PIVOINE or 'peony green' in English. It opens with a confident mimosa before settling into something leafy-green but no less floral, a touch of vanilla giving it a slight powdery texture. Rather Kenzo-like in structure. I don't have the faintest idea to how a peony should smell but if this is it, then I'm sold. Just apply this potent juice lightly.
26th November, 2009
In Stalking the Perfect Peony I find this a winner. On me the peony has a comfortable "bottom" that's rounded and almost powdery, full bodied without the usual rose. I get a bit of a spark but I wouldn't call it peppery and the woodiness is warm too.

The marvels of body chemistry!
02nd July, 2009
Yet another failure at recreating the wonderful, luscious scent of peonies. Like most peony scents, it smells more like an ordinary rose fragrance, with added geranium (I really hate geranium and especially the rose/geranium combo!) and some other, quite harsh and sharp, "green floral" type notes. I'm sad and still looking for a peony perfume that works...
23rd May, 2009

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