Noir Patchouli
    by Histoires de Parfums

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    Noir Patchouli Fragrance Notes

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    Noir Patchouli is a unisex fragrance by Histoires de Parfums.

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    Genre: Chypre

    A bracing, herbaceous, yet deeply earthy patchouli resting upon a mossy-leathery chypre foundation. If you love patchouli but don’t want to smell like the local head shop, this and Nicolaï’s Patchouli Intense are probably two of your best bets. Outstanding quality and a beguiling animalic chypre drydown.

    15 July, 2014 (Last Edited: 16 July, 2014)

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    I was turned onto Noir Patchouli by my friend Steve at ScentBar who knows that I love Aromatics Elixir. With no other intro than a laugh and a smile he said, “You have to try this.” As I smelled it and he saw the recognition light me up, he just said, “Right?!”

    Absolutely right.

    I’ve always had a question. Why has no one copied Aromatics Elixir? Why has no one tried to imitate it? Aromatics Elixir is a huge patchouli rose-chypre. It’s a tribute to patchouli, but you would never mistake it for something that you would find in a head shop. It juuuusst barely reins in the patchouli. Bernard Chant went as far down the patch path as he could go when he composed Aromatics Elixir. Fortunatley, he didn’t balance patchouli with lighter notes. He matched it with thick balsams, woody notes and a dark, dense rose. One of the few things he didn’t add was syrup, so contemporary perfume wearers will need to find a new Rosetta stone to translate it to fruitchouli-speak.

    Noir Patchouli is a great homage to the old gal. It doesn't have the rose or the moss, but it is the same loving take on patchouli. Bernard Chant recognized that patchouli doesn't need to be cut or cajoled. It simply needs the right context and proper lighting. In the same way that Bernard Chant let patchouli speak its own mind, Gérald Ghislain of Histoires de Parfums hands the mic over to patchouli. Noir Patchouli is as deliberate as Aromatics Elixir, but it replaces AE's forcefulness with partial transparency. Where AE is earthy, Noir Patchouli is smoky. Noir Patchouli is almost as heavy as AE, but it’s not nearly so dense. AE has an bitterness that reads as herbal. Noir Patchouli comes off like a spirit, not quite whiskey, not quite brandy. This liquor-like tone is what brings the smokiness, the camphorous sweetness together.

    Noir Patchouli comes off as very composed and self-assured. Or maybe that’s how simply how I feel when I smell it.

    If Noir Patchouli had come out earlier, it would have been the perfect solution for the wearers of Givenchy Gentleman who were fucked when a car-wreck of a reformulation deprived them of their fix. Noir Patchouli holds its own in a competition among niche patchoulis. In fact, it beats most of them. It has a straightforwardness that ‘clean’ patch lovers would like, but the gravitas that most patch enthusiasts seek.

    If you’re looking for a real twisted scene, get together with some fumie friends and try back to back to back samplings of Aromatics Elixir, Aramis A900, Aromatics Elixir Perfumer’s Reserve and Noir Patchouli. If you get out of the room alive you’ll have some stories to tell.


    18 June, 2014

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    Poland Poland

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    Another fragrance from the house of Histoires de Parfums. This time it is not inspired by any personality, but belongs to the trio called "the irreverents" (along with Vert Pivoine and Blanc Violette).

    Noir Patchouli is one of those few fragrances tell you with their names what are you going to smell when you use it... Because Noir Patchouli is a... Black (dark?) Patchouli. Right from the beginning you're welcomed by an intensive aroma of patchouli. That's a very straight-forward phase. Patchouli get's darkened by a leather accord which blends with patchouli so well, that it's difficult to separate those two notes. Few minutes later I got to smell some bouquet of floral notes. Florals in Noir Patchouli are noticeable, despite the fact that they have a weaker style. They stand out a little from the patchouli-leather combination, almost like they didn't fit in here. After some time fragrance gets spicier with cardamom, coriander and musk. Spices are a good addition to this creation - they break almost linear structure of this eau de parfum, which is created by this duet of leather and patchouli. Two, or less hours after putting Noir Patchouli on this perfume advances. Leaher is still here and so is patchouli, but everything has gotten dirtier, earthier, more mineral and animalic. Can you guess what is it? If you answered - vetiver - yup, you're right! The notes pyramid says that some juniper berries are bound to be there, but I don't get a slightliest hint of it.

    Noir Patchouli is a dark, mysterious and provotative fragrance. It's rather heavy at the beginning but it quiets down after some time, so if you're planning to wear it somewhere formal - don't you dare to spray it less than 1 hour before going out. As it comes to my opinion, I would say that Noir Patchouli is a great choice for a night-time wear.

    09 May, 2012

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    Noir Patchouli by Histoire de Parfums - Upon application, one is treated to a forceful rush of a patchouli accord. The earthy and herbaceous splendor of patchouli is married with the the warm, subtle nuttiness of coriander as well as the somewhat woody sweetness and spiciness of cardamon. This strong opening percolates a bit before drifting to the heart. Here, in the middle, the musky earthiness of patchouli definitely tones down, and is encircled with a floral accord, bringing nuances of sweet rose, spicy jasmine and sweetly fragrant lily to mind. A lively and woody black pepper erupts almost like an incense, while the lightly terpenic and pine-like aspects of jupiter berries present for recognition. A nascent undertone of raw leather carries the brew to the waiting base. Here, the balsamic, grassy and woody patchouli partners with the rawness of the leather, which has come into its own and vies for supremacy. A green and slightly smoky earthiness from vetiver infuses the dual, while a white musk imparts a faintly soapy and powdery feel. And, vanilla, with its aromatic, woody sweetness, wafts about. A comforting drydown ensues. Far from being a dark composition, this well-constructed fragrance is nuanced enough to carry its rather commonplace ingredients and stand above others in its genre. Being a unisex scent, it has average projection and longevity.

    07 May, 2012

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    Finally i got a vial of this wonderful woody  patchouli, another beast coming straight from the night obscure. Vintage. This is a dark sophisticated patchouli that finally owns all the velvety boldness of the more starring of the notes in the olfactory universe: monsieur The Patchouli. The first blast is soon a dusty, luxurious, incredibly complex and spicy rooty/earthy aroma that is multifaceted by the circulation of the flowers and that is a bit enhanced in its rootiness by the support from the juniper berries that plays the role that the mint played in the Patchouli Noir by Il Profvmo, another favourite of mine. In this central and durable phase, the more satisfying to me, the patchouli is articulated, changeful, realistic, exotic and decadent. In a couple of hours the smell starts to become more mossy, floral, animalic/leathery, slightly potpourry and classically chypre in structure, eliciting a sort of luxurious V&A First's mossy/ animalic/ vanillic vibe. A complex kind of woodsiness starts to arouse its kaleidoscopic effect on the side of balsams, floral nuances, musk and a touch of rounding leather. The dry down is indeed mossy, leathery and woody with just the fair touch of earthiness from the vetiver. The outcome is incredibly complex, rounded by the leathery accord and bold, modern and decadent at once cause the well appointed complexity is never stuffy or particularly retro. Histoires de Parfums issued with this element one of the best dark patchoulies of the olfactory panorama on the side of Mazzolari Patchouli and Lui, Patchouli Noir Il Profvmo, Luxe Patchouli Comme des Garcons, the old Reminiscence one, Etro, Patchouly Indonesiano F. SS.
    Annunziata and few others. I have anyway to add that the patchouli is not the absolute protagonist in here, it is more notable in the first part of the development while is the second phase a more complex classic/leathery structure places the note of patchouli in the middle of a more multifaceted luxurious orchestra. Unisex but leaning towards the feminine side, in my humble opinion.

    29 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 03 December, 2013)

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    A heavy dose of patchouli and leather is what I'm picking up in the opening. The leather in this smells like new leather shoes and goes well with the patchouli. This is a dark fragrance though I am now picking up the florals which have started to overpower the new shoes leather accord.

    These florals smell like Pot Pourri and have started to overpower the patchouli and leather accord after the opening goodness. (bring back the leather and patchouli).

    After a good while a white musk accord starts too take over from the floral pot pourri and you get a little bit of the leather and patchouli back, too little though.

    I love the opening of this fragrance as the patchouli and new shoes leather accord give you a dark and mysterious promise of things to come. Then the show is spoiled
    in the midnotes with that floral pot pourri which drowns everything out. Its downhill from there for me which is a damn shame as this fragrance held so much potential
    from its opening accord.

    To sum up a missed opportunity where the great opening is spoiled by floral pot porri notes. I get severals hours longevity from this one.

    18 February, 2012 (Last Edited: 04 March, 2012)

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