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GenderShared / Unisex
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PerfumerPierre Montale

About Mukhallat

Mukhallat is a shared / unisex perfume by Montale. The fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Montale

Reviews of Mukhallat

Almost red the colour of the liquid, soapy (vaguely rubbery) the general texture, berrish-almondy-musky-chyprey (finally somewhat viney) the general olfactory aura, animalic (civet I suppose) the initial dissonant (vaguely fecal) "background" lingering behind a musky/berrish/liquorous top welcome. This Montale's experiment is basically a musky balmy alchemy with fruity-floral "implications". It seems to detect a subtle whiff of (not listed) tuberose surrounded by a standout almondy spicy muskiness (overall vaguely conjuring a far more gorgeous and natural Acampora Blu, anyway the effect is probably ostensible and illusory). It seems to detect exotic ylang-ylang in connection with fruity/floral notes and musk overall finally morphing towards a syrupy ambery-resinous dry down. Montale Mukhallat possesses a basic neutral-barbershop soapiness typical of many conceptually "arabian" exotic juices despite the structure slides finally towards a sort of candied-rubbery-"caramellous" territory which is (if not a structural collapse) a lack of articulation and texture endurance. The dry down is somewhat linear, oily-like and spicy-musky with a steady "red fruitiness from the forest". This (yet surely decent but un-temperamental) fragrance is not destined to "hang out" in my humble opinion.
P.S: Finally I have to say that fortunately the aroma tends to dry its "syrup" and to morph towards a lighter (almost powdery) "demure" soapiness.
04th February, 2015
Mukhallat is a sweet syrupy bomb on a resinous-ambery vanillic base, with perhaps something floral too I detect something like ylang but I may be wrong. Creamy, milky, caramelised, sweet like jam, totally synthetic (but fruits have to be), somehow not that cloying as it may appear. I think that what makes it work is a darker and drier frame which "tones down" the overall fruity sweetness, a "diffused" note which is something halfway ambery, animalic, boozy, a bit sour. don't know what it may be due to (benzoin? The bitter-rooty side of almond?), but it manages to restrain the sweetness of basically all the other notes, and as I said, makes the scent "work" decently in terms of personality and depth. Don't get me wrong, anyway: this does not make it a masterpiece only a bit more bearable than (most of) other sweet gourmands.

26th July, 2014
A thoroughly stewed offering from Montale wherein a bunch of synthetic sweeties are cooked to an unyielding, rubbery density which adds nothing to the experience. The kindest thing one can say about it is that it smells a bit like the perfumed erasers of my childhood rubber exuding odours of chemical strawberry and banana. Sometimes poorly handled ylang has this kind of plasticated fruit whiff, but I rather suspect Mukhallat achieves its hideousness without the help of any naturals.
05th January, 2014
this is typical oriental combination of musk vanilla, with fruity character, the opening is harsh metalic, very metalic vibe, that comes from synthetics...but after 30 minutes it settles down into nice strawbery creamy scent, i go neutral becasue there are no other strawbery scents to compare it with :)
21st March, 2013
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United Kingdom
The first three hours bring a rather medicinal, germoline sort of scent, it smells almost hospital-like. Underneath this medicinal smell, I can smell a sweet, rosy-almond scent, but it's only after about five hours that the medical scent disappears and a smooth, sweet semi-gourmand comes out. This is NOT worth the wait though, I have plenty of other scents that I would rather wear!
29th August, 2011
this was an unholy mixture of POTL's Luctor et Emergo and Dior's Hypnotic Poison on my skin (both do not agree with my chemistry) plus syrup.. and it nearly required an exorcism to get it off my skin. It haunted me the next day after a bath! If you enjoy this super sweet almond confection the good news is that it has amazing longevity and sillage. I love many Montales but not this one!
23rd January, 2011

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