Twilight - The Lovely Collection (2009)
by Sarah Jessica Parker


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 20 votes)

People and companies

HouseSarah Jessica Parker
PerfumerLaurent Le Guernec
PerfumerClement Gavarry
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Twilight - The Lovely Collection

Twilight - The Lovely Collection is a feminine perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Clement Gavarry and Laurent Le Guernec

Twilight - The Lovely Collection fragrance notes

Reviews of Twilight - The Lovely Collection

I am really kind of shocked that a lot of people are saying this perfume has little to no lasting power! I'm thinking that lasting power really must have something to do with body chemistry and the Ph balance of your skin too. (Along with how the notes smell on your skin.) I found that on me this fragrance is really STRONG and it lasts and lasts for HOURS! Actually, to tell you the truth I find that many fragrances are like that on me and I can often still smell them even after I try to wash them off.
when I say this fragrance is strong I don't mean that in a bad way though. I feel like it's too strong to wear every day, or to wear to work, but at the same time I really love the way it smells. It comes across as a really nice fragrance on me, which I unfortunately can't say about either Endless or Dawn. Dawn was okay, but Endless just smells bad on me.
This one is really good though, and I would definitely recommend it.
17th August, 2011
I think that this is one of my favorite (if not THE FAVORITE) musk scents in my collection .It is very like Lovely but softened and with some vanilla /powdered or malted milk in the scent mix.I agree with the others that say there is just a whiff of incense teaseing my nose in the base.
15th August, 2011
Twilight is my favourite fragrance out of the three in the Lovely Collection. Surprisingly, many people preferred Endless and Dawn.

I liked Twilight, because unlike the other two scents, this fragrance was bursting with vitality and character. The opening is a nice blend of citruses and spicyness from the pink pepper and galbanum notes. These top notes alone are daring and unique.

The heart of this fragrance isn't as unique, yet the jasmine and peony, although safe choices, are highly effective and pleasantly combined.

I like the choice of the incense note in the drydown which gives Twilight a smokey and powdery like quality.

Unfortunately the lasting power is weak, but despite that this fragrance is still the best choice out of the three.

27th April, 2011
Reading the descriptions of the notes and some of the reviews of this perfume, which mentioned amber, incense and sandalwood, I became very curious about it. I wondered if this was finally Sarah Jessica's fabled 'own scent', created by layering Bonne Bell Musk , Egyptian Musk oil and CdG Avignon to create a potent, spicy animalic whole which sounds glorious.

From reading Chandler Burr's book, "A Perfect Scent", it's apparent that good old SJP actually does give a damn about the perfumes she creates and had long-term plans to create something that was darker, edgier and not at all like Lovely (though I believe that Lovely is a modern masterpiece and my generation's White Linen). I can't wait to smell it when she does and hoped this was my chance.

Then I spritzed. Sniffed - hmm, kind of weak, meh. Bit watery, rather like Covet in its lack of anything. And then, poof, it disappeared. Topnotes to zero within a minute. I walked away from the counter very disappointed. Repeated sniffing over the next 10 minutes gave no joy - it had gone completely.

An hour later I was browsing in a bookshop. Lifting my hand to brush hair from my face, I caught a waft of something musky and rather fabulous - Twilight was back and this time it was mucky. Musk and woods and perhaps a tiny smidge of spicy/incense but I struggled to catch it. I swear there was some patchouli in there and the musks are definitely not the laundry-fresh variety! I'm going to buy a bottle, because while the topnotes are non existent this is a great dirty musk base and I can see me layering it a lot.
21st April, 2010
A mass market amber fragrance that is 'middle of the road' but get this: the price is cheap, and it's available at Kohl's. So if your'e looking for a decent amber that won't run you broke, twilight is nice enough.
12th May, 2009 (last edited: 17th June, 2009)
As a fan of the original Lovely and of jasmine, I thought I'd keep an open mind on this. Sadly, Twilight is one of the more dull fragrances I've tried in a while. It was hard to sort out any notes in the top and middle, although I do get some amber and sandalwood in the base. Simple, somewhat linear, simple, and ultimately a snoozefest. On the other hand, I suppose it could have been worse.
17th April, 2009

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