Bleu (2003)
    by Paul & Joe

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    Bleu is a women's fragrance by Paul & Joe. The scent was launched in 2003

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    I have known Shalimar since the sixties. My last affair with Guerlain was Samsara and it was a mesalliance. Obviously my skin was cheap trade to Sammy.
    'Bleu' then, moth to a flame. Had to try. Housework and gardening forced me into the shower early in the evening. Fresh as a daisy Bleu got it's second outing with me in PJs. I pushed 'The Lincoln Lawyer' into the machine and got absorbed in the movie. About three quarters of the way through and with the heat of the projector in the room I felt a woman push past me. She reeked of Samsara and having completely forgotten that I had put anything on I started looking for the apparition.
    I started thinking of the classic scene from 'The Uninvited' where the french doors fly open and the scent of Mimosa floods the room. Of course it was me. 'Who you gonna call?' Basenoters everywhere-Did Pierre Bourdon find the Shamilar shrine or did he find Guerlainade?

    21st May, 2012

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    England England

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    The Shalimar similarity is alarming. I have, in the past, taken to wearing Shalimar, but always sense I am wearing history - both in a good and a bad way. Paul & Joe Bleu could almost be a re-issue of Shalimar with the history taken away. A Shalimar for the modern world. No time related concerns, no old lady overtones, just a great fragrance. It seems obvious to me that Bourdon was thinking of Shalimar when he made this, but it in no way seems like a rip off, a copy cat, or an imposter. It seems delightfully original and unusual. I don't know how that can be, but it's how it seems to me. Dare I say, I prefer this to the Guerlain great one assumes it is modelled on!

    26th April, 2011

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    Canada Canada

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    I tested this fragrance about a year ago and found I was haunted by it. I tested it a few more times, not sure. Then I finally brought home the bottle. I like the Coriander, Cardamon, and Ylang Ylang. This lasts and lasts. The whole spicy "mess" sits on a slightly airy/slightly oud-y base. It's a delcious swirl of comfort...but I find the modern airiness a bit unsettling. I'll be honest and admit the very first perfume I bought for myself 20 years ago was indeed Shalimar. I feel this needs to go one shade or two darker to be truly magnetic. It's somewhat cheerful! I find in effect it reminds me of Kenzo Flower Oriental (violet and oud).

    01st May, 2010

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    This is a must-try for lovers of 'Shalimar', as it is an obvious homage. Where it differs, though, is in its relevance; 'Bleu' has a totally modern character, with a predominantly vanillic drydown, fruity zest, and a fairly accessible, not-too-civety, yet-still-"animal" sensuality.
    And while I cannot wear 'Shalimar', as I find it too conspicuous and overplayed, I could feel quite lovely and 'special' in 'Bleu'.
    I'd imagine it would be perfect for intimate occasions, and romantic evenings.


    23rd January, 2010 (Last Edited: 12th February, 2010)

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    United States United States

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    I bought this purely based on the notes--I like so many of them. I was disappointed, however, in the fragrance, which is very similar to Shalimar. Lesson learned--always try a fragrance before buying!

    19th October, 2009

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