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    Cedarwood, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Lemon, Grapefruit, Neroli, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Cade

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    This fragrance is a blend of B's Inhale and Exhale

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    Ignore the fact that it's sold at Lush and costs only $30. This is another bargain-priced fragrance that can compete with far more expensive ones.

    Breath of God is a fragrance of paradoxes: smoky yet fresh, dirty yet clean. It's hard to describe, but easy to wear. If there's a Lush store or counter near you, make a stop by to sniff it.

    14 November, 2013

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    Hellish start but a heavenly ride

    It's been a while since a fragrance intrigues me. With a name as audacious as Breath of God, it could only be an irreverent take on perfumery. I wasn't far off base as it turns out. The opening is tarry, dark and smoky, thanks in part to a good dose of cade - it's like standing next to a pit of boiling tar. But the next phase was unexpected - a petroleum vibe with floral slightly fruity nuances joining in the smoke. The smoke gradually recedes, the scent becoming an airier combination of sweet resins and creamy woods, and acquires a texture somewhat reminiscent of smooth well worn nubuck leather.

    Was I impressed yet? You bet I was. And thankful too. This was a ride that started from hell but ended up in high heaven.

    Pros: Intriguingly attractive
    Cons: Opening can be rough on beginners"

    29 September, 2013

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    Vetiver of Gods.


    Neroli, lemon, melon, jasmine, rose, vetivert, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.

    I encountered "Breath of God" (BOG) at a Lush store at a local mall - the Lush store was located next to a Sephora store and bombarded by teen fashionistas but that didn't prevent me from venturing inside and getting my hands on this bottle of captivating dark vetiver juice.

    BOG has interesting top notes - imagine the diesel fumes of Knize 10 mixed with citrus-melon notes cut and softened by floral notes with the volume of this combination of these supposedly "ghastly" notes turned all the way down so that the top notes accord comes off as breezy blast of driving through the Smoky Mountains 5 miles behind a tanker. There is a woody undercurrent of cedar which leads to a smooth, slightly rooty vetiver base which blossoms after sometime on skin. Imagine a more unique and better cultured version of Vetiver Extraordinaire. BOG might just make some believe that yes, there is a God.

    27 July, 2013

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    Rollercoaster of love?

    This is quite a ride, this fragrance. I read a comment about it that made a Harry Potter Hogwart's reference, and I get that. For me, think the perfumed sheets after a Middle Earth love fest between a dark wizard and a fairy. Ok, I get that there is probably nothing intelligible about that, but it make sense to me wearing it.

    I get a lot of bonfire, almost like a peated single malt. Bog and sweat. It is sexy one minute, and almost too much sicky sweet another.

    Do I like it? I am not sure, I can say I appreciate its intensity and uniqueness. I can see myself wearing this only every once in a while. Quality parts, but what of the whole?

    10th July, 2013

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    Gorilla Perfume’s Breath of God gets the sweet/savory balance that has become one of the go-to references on see-it-not-taste-it TV food competition shows.  The sweet/salty comment has become part of our expertise-without-in-fact-experience vocabulary. It’s a function of our pop quest for unearned authenticity that is the logical outcome of distressed denim.  Other such food show comments have to do with  ‘a little more acidity’,  better mouth feel, or the benefits of sous vide preparation. Reality TV has left us spring-loaded with such vocabulary. We really are fucking ridiculous.


    But Breath of God gets kudos. Prada Candy, with it's talk of benzoin, would convince us that it is a salted caramel, and therefore stakes a claim to salty/sweet sophistication.  Breath of God reaches for more and gives us an oyster and melon raw bar, completing the triangle with mint. It's ingenious, and makes a refreshing sense.


    The drawback is that although the accord is appealing and distinctive, the execution is murky. Similar to other Gorilla fragrances (also Tokyo Milk fragrances) there is an unfortunate blurring of notes. A bit more separation would give a more dynamic quality. Breath of God suffers from the aromatherapy conundrum.  Just as in mixing essential oils, it's easy to have a blurring rather than a synergy.  A solution might be to use it as scenting for personal care products.  Another Lush/Gorilla product, Dirty, is better in Lush's hair paste than as a stand-alone perfume.


    Lush doesn't compete with Tom Ford, by Killian, or Guerlain. It's more like the Etat Libre d’Orange alternative to the Body Shop.  Breath of God could use what my grandmother called ‘a friendly hand’ to spruce up its composition, but it is a brilliant perfume in its inventiveness.  It is attractive and distinctive. It's memorable. It wears well and doesn't fall apart.  It would be easy to dismiss it as quirky if you don't look closely.  Give it a bit of consideration, and it'll change your point of view.


    from scent

    16 May, 2013

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    Disgusting! Absolutely vile!!

    Firstly, I will say, that this review is based off of one small wearing. However, Breath of God, is definitley the type of fragrance that you only need to wear once to know if you will love it or hate it.

    I poured a small amount from my decant onto my skin. I was met with a fresh cantaloupe type smell, mixed with a rusty paint bucket. Yes, it smells as if a freshly sliced juicy melon, fell into a rusty bucket of paint. Fishy and metallic accords throughout the dry down. I washed it off my skin at about the 20 minute mark.

    I may revisit this fragrance at another date, granted I can muster up enough courage to do so. I will give credit where it's due, this stuff is very artistic, and very daring; while also, unwearable.

    12 January, 2013

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