Breath of God (2007)
by Gorilla Perfume [Lush] (originally by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful)


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseGorilla Perfume [Lush]
Originally byB Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful
PerfumerSimon Constantine
Parent CompanyLush

About Breath of God

This fragrance is a blend of B's Inhale and Exhale

Reviews of Breath of God

Breath of God is much more of a simple fragrance than expected. It's versatile, well-performing, long lasting, quiet but detectable for the one who's wearing it. Thank god that it is NOT the purely-natural-hand-destilled-hippie-stuff Lush claims it to be: I for myself love it the most because of its (perverse) overdose of dry laundry-musks and quality synthie(?)-cedar. A modern, well-groomed, barbershop attitude. There's a strong melon note embedded and an overall ozonic, minty atmosphere - not to be compared with any generic acqua-EdT around; not even a bit. There's strong Ylang-Ylang and a purple Patchouli-earthiness that renders BoG somewhere in the smoky-banana spectrum, but again without any stickyness or creamyness. This is really edgy and charmingly unpolished but also a gentle, pleasing one. BoG is strong stuff. Nice to see the scent did not change during all these years! The black 30ml and the cheap-looking (medieval fair style) 50ml glass bottle are precisely the same perfume. Too bad it costs a fortune: 81 Euros for a small 50ml ... a Tauer is not THAT far away of this but surely a better choice.
08th March, 2016
Definitely not recommended as a blind buy. The reviews are correct that this is a divisive, complex, love-or-hate fragrance.

To date, this is possibly the most bombastic opening I have experienced. It is seriously strong upon first spray, with the often-cited 'smoky' quality overriding much else of what is contained beneath that very dominant note. I tested this on my wrist and could not get within 1-2 feet at first, feeling the same sensation as when your nostrils get too close to bonfire-smoke. However, once it levels off it is possible to detect the vetiver and woods within, though - to my nose - it still feels very muddled. It also feels "lived-in" and not in a good way, smelling rather like someone else is already wearing it. It doesn't smell of any discernable body odour, but nevertheless does carry a "second-hand" feel (perhaps a borrowed book or room carrying this scent with it).
It eventually levels off to a pleasantly floral, gentle potpourri skin scent, but it almost feels like these characteristics should have emerged earlier on, with the heavy vetiver-smoke being reigned in a little from the beginning. I'm not sure I detect the citrus notes that others seem to gather, but I'll admit I'm still "in training" when it comes to fragrances.

I would be cautious with the trigger on this. You only need around 2 sprays (and from 20-30 cm, I'd say), though it sits low on the skin after a few hours. Not a scent for the office, being better suited to anything outdoors.
24th January, 2016
Lush Breath of God is a modern natural take on the aromatic/minty barber-shop theme. I adore this sharply fruity cool "laundry" fragrance. The general "a la Comme des Garcons" atmosphere is vaguely medicinal (along the first stage), minty, misty (peppery-smoky-incensey), opaque (a spicy rose enhances a sort of laundry opacity) and hallmarked by a weird fruity/floral/hesperidic spark of colour which cuts the "film noir-like" general ambience. The "infamous" fruitiness is actually provided by a spicy accord of tangerine/neroli, lime, nutmeg (may be cloves) and grapefruit connected with several floral elements (a noir jasmine too??). Breath of God is a "toiletries kind" fresh connection of mint, earthy woods, (bay leaves too??), smoke, fruits and fluidy fresh frankincense. The latter is freshly fluidy, smokey and vaguely leathery. The peppery presence is central throughout together with hesperides (lime, bergamot), forest resins and soap (wax, amber??). The soapy dry down is woodsy (woody-mossy), tobacco veined, weirdly spicy, still dusty and surprisingly balmy-leathery. In this final (misty-smoky-leathery) phase the aroma smells like an ideal "date" between Gucci Pour Homme (or Durbano Black Tourmaline with its final dusty leathery wave), C&S Cuba (with its fresh laundry exoticism provided by ylang-ylang and incensey tobacco) and the freshly barber-shop Cuba Paris Cuba Black. Recommended if you wave on this genre.
04th April, 2015
dark, smoky, noir.. but, alas, a cheap mix of Black Tourmaline /Encre Noir, moderate projection and duration...
18th March, 2015
Although this fragrance was intriguing with its bold opening, the dry down did not relent its olfactory assault and it quickly became a "scrubber." Even after trying to wash it off I had to endure scorning comments from friends and family who had to endure residual wafts throughout the day. My brother-in-law summed it up best after having asked me what the name of the fragrance was... I told him it was Breath of God and he replied, "you mean, the Morning Breath of God..." Bingo!
13th March, 2015
I have worn this quite a few times. Seems different every single time I wear it. I've had it go from smoky, incence, spicy to almost a bubblegum smell. Never had anything like it. I've noticed if I'm active it smells one way, if warm another, if cold even another. Sure not to get bored with this one. I have found when wearing I get the same co-workers asking, "What are you wearing?", like it is the first time they have smelled it. Rather funny when I tell them it's the same scent. I do get compliemnts either way and rather enjoy the way it changes.
26th January, 2015

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