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Olibanum is a shared / unisex perfume by Profumum.

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Five hours in and Olibanum is still going strong. It's very pleasant for me but very linear. At first I got a lot of cedar and smoke now more pure olibanum and smoke over cedar. That is basically the development. Can't quite tell about the sillage. Better than skin scent but probably only a foot away from me in a close cloud. Given the price I might prefer Bois d'Encens by Armani Prive but this is still very nice.
16th September, 2015
A cold breeze coming from the deepest parts of an old ancient forest. the place where everlasting dragons live!
This fragrance is all about resinous,oily and dirty myrrh, bitter herbal and slightly smoky incense and some bright woods always in the background.
The opening is a bitter resinous smell with slightly fresh citrusy smell that create a gentle cold breeze among all these darker notes.
I can smell myrrh with it's dirty, oily and resinous aroma while some bitter smoky incense and whispers of the woods following him just a few steps back.
The semi fresh and kind of citrusy feeling last for only 5-10 minutes and then it's gone!
In the mid the resinous myrrh settles down just a bit and incense become stronger and a little smokier.
The soft woody smell still is in the background and I can feel slightly sweet smell beside other notes.
Almost no changes to the end. only the scent gets smoother.
This fragrance for me is richer and bolder version of "CDG Zagorsk". so if you like that you will definitely like this one.
Projection is average and after around 2 hours is completely close to the skin. longevity is very variable!
I've got from 6 hours to 15 hours with different testings!
Why it's like that? I don't know!
21st May, 2014 (last edited: 07th December, 2014)
Incense shouldn't smell like sandy tobacco.
22nd April, 2013
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United States
After sampling this, I bought myself a bottle. This stuff is absolutely what I've been looking for. Strong frankincense and the orange blossom complements nicely. Very smoky and woody as mentioned in other reviews. Lasts forever (at least on me), particularly if sprayed on clothing. Yes, it's expensive but it should last a while. I'm not sure this will be a warm weather fragrance as it's quite powerful but for fall/winter wear, it's the best. Smells fantastic- a very enthusiastic thumbs up
22nd January, 2013
Olibanum by Profumum - Upon application, one is treated to a medicinally resinous myrrh, at once cooling and green, but sharply sour, with a slightly moist, mushroom-like mustiness. And, a somewhat dark, orange blossom infuses its sweet fruity, earthy and indolic aspects. This dank, green melange meanders to the middle, where a pure olibanum, reminiscent of an infusing frankincense during the celebration of a High Mass, envelops the bitter greenness with its alluring splendor. A faint, rustic tabacco undercurrent, like a freshly-opened pack of cigarettes, drifts in and out. Transitioning to the comforting base, a smooth and creamy sandalwood lifts the frankincense, while a slightly terpene, conifer nuance presents. A sublime drydown ensues. An exalted scent to be sure, this masculine composition is an all-season fragrance, with average projection and good longevity.
23rd March, 2012
I agree with the reviewers that this is a unisex comfort frankincense scent that rides close to the skin. Perhaps SirSlarty put it best when he described it as 'heady' and 'a fragrance for an introvert'.

Well, you might wear it while praying or going to Mass in a Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Church.
You might also get away with it at a High Anglican service, though it would have been a dicey thing during the reign of James the First.
(Forget Cromwell, you'd have been burnt at the stake)

I was prepared not to like this, since I'm a sucker, or a snob (or both) for pure Frankincense E.O. of which there are still many good ones at a reasonable price, even if doomsayers predict that frankincense will soon become as endangered and as outrageously expensive as Mysore Sandalwood, but while the opening is not as as sharp as an E.O., This smooth blend is really magnificent.

Honestly, if I keep wearing this I might have to renounce all allegiance to the forces of evil--or at least to 'dramatic " scents.

I do wish the longevity would be longer, though.
04th March, 2012

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