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Maestrale is a masculine fragrance by Profumi di Pantelleria.

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A very nice fresh/floral/powdery/sweet fragrance that from initial blast reminded me of a very popular fragrance!
At the opening I can smell almost a little bit of everything.
It's a little fresh and citrusy followed by a light powdery floral scent and a little bit of spices specially cardamom and some sweet notes in the background.
The scent has almost an inky vibe!
Which fragrance has this specs?!
The opening remind me of famous "Creed Silver Mountain Water" in many ways. not exactly like it but right after sniffing it reminded me of that.
After a couple of minutes this fragrance changed his way from "SMW".
The mid of this fragrance has a nice sweet vanilla, almost coconuty smell with a little bit of powdery floral note and some spice in the background.
Projection is weak and mostly close to the skin but longevity is great. at least 10 hours and sometimes even more.
30th January, 2014
I disagree this is a decidedly dry fragrance. Maestrale by Profumi di Pantelleria is a sort of salty/sweet, damp/oceanic but finally almost (even if not properly) creamy pencil shaving kind of smell with its supreme cedarwood/vetiver dominant olfactory connection, finally enriched and mellowed by the ambrette seeds influence with its simil figgy effect. Obviously the aroma is not a simplistic pencil shaving kind but is in my opinion a complex and multifacted aroma. The scent indeed is rich, epic and glorious, so full of exotic nuances evocative of historical oceanic crossings. I usually love the exotic combination of rum, rhubarb and spices. At the beginning you feel an intoxicating blast of citrus, sparkling/prickly spices and a boozy wet flow coming from the association of rum, rhubarb and ginger before the soapy/cedary pencil shaving perfum turns out projecting several floral nuances. The outcome is aromatic for sure and with diverse sophisticated floral accents which, just when the dry down is completely set, are due to come out in the air (at least to me). A really attractive fragrance with its own personality and its evocative temperament. Another winner on the side of the amazing mineral/stuffy/mouldy Profumi di Pantelleria Approdo.
30th October, 2012 (last edited: 28th March, 2015)
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Imagine a virile, musclebound god rising out of the waves; a modern day Poseidon, Odysseus lashed to the mast. This is an amazing scent evocative of the salty ocean, wet driftwood, and sunwarmed skin. This is amazingly beachy, but not in a tropical, suntan lotion, Pina Colada sort of way. As the name suggests, this is the Mediterranean after a storm, incredibly oceanic but with a sexy human skin scent coming through. The driftwood is, of course, cedar, and the shore is lined with seagrasses beautifully represented by the vetiver in the basenotes. Along with Sel de Vetiver, this a fantastic rendition of Mediterranean beaches, flora and fauna. Wearing this is a great way to bring the outdoors indoors, the coastline inland, the summer into winter and to bring out the mythological god in all of us.
10th September, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Maestrale goes on skin with just the faintest whiff of bergamot before a gorgeous combination of slightly salty rhubarb, rum, coriander and cedar emerges and takes center stage. Cedar is really the star here, but the rhubarb, dry rum and spices are used as balance to play off the sharp cedar. The boozy spiced cedar remains the focus through the heart, now also joined by vetiver emerging from the base that adds a bit of sparkle and effervescence. A musk mallow note softens the composition to a nice pleasant disposition in the dry-down. Projection is minimal and longevity is excellent.

Maestrale reminds me quite a bit of one of my favorite scents that gets little love here or elsewhere called Bursch by Acqua di Biella. The notes like cedar, rum and rhubarb and vetiver are quite similar, so I guess I should not be too surprised. Unlike with Bursch, Maestrale uses a more sharp vetiver in its base to add sparkle to the cedar, while the amberette (musk mallow) going the polar opposite in the dry-down creating a nice juxtaposition. I guess Maestrale comes off as less dry, spicier and more balanced than Bursch when smelling them side-by-side. Truth be told they are starting to develop quite differently, with Maestrale keeping my attention slightly better; both are excellent to be sure. Maestrale is an invigorating combination of cedar with spicy elements that earns an "excellent" rating of 4 stars out of 5.
22nd August, 2012
This one is really magical. It reminds me of pencil shavings!
01st February, 2011
So much cedar it burns. Very dry and bitter and very linear. I love cedar but this is too much of a good thing. A little vetiver in the bottom moistens it up a bit but makes the rest smell very dank. No sir I don't like this.
09th October, 2009

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