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Wood Violet (2008)
by Sonoma Scent Studio


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSonoma Scent Studio
PerfumerLaurie Erickson

About Wood Violet

Wood Violet is a feminine perfume by Sonoma Scent Studio. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Laurie Erickson

Wood Violet fragrance notes

Reviews of Wood Violet

On me this scent translates as pure sandalwood, and nothing else. It goes on with a hint of sweet violet and plum then quickly morphs into sandalwood. Like Voile de Violette, I get nothing but the base and only part of that.
27th May, 2015 (last edited: 28th May, 2015)
This smells strikingly similar to Serge Lutens Bois de Violette. To me it is a plummet, sweet violet with hints of spices and woods. I've like the SL but it has poor longevity(like 1-2 hours) This lasts a good deal longer, about 4 hours before drydown. I like sweet violet. I find it cheerful and uplifting and good for any season. To me, this fragrance is more complex and "natural" feeling than the SL. The difference is that this frag has a sharpness and pungency that the SL lacks. I find this aspect somewhat difficult at times and even vaguely uncomfortable in the earlier part of its wear. But I think it's this aspect ths t makes it more long-lasting Whitmore projection than the SL. On the whole, I like this fragrance but not sure yet if I would committ to a full bottle.

26th April, 2015
After a while, it becomes possible to notice a number of crossovers in the scents from this line, and this one seems to be a synthesis of a few. It opens with some notes that resemble the floral / leafy components in To Dream and Nostalgie, but it also carries some likeness to the sweet labdanum that pops up quite often in othersóonly there is no labdanum in this. What this suggests is that the house labdanum deploys an ancillary component that's also complimentary to other blends.

Anyhow, Wood Violet opens quite plummy with a bit of an effervescent wine effect. Itís rich and heady, and the initial blast might be perceived as a tad too syrupy although itís not nearly as diabetic as other plummy violets. Thereís a dryness to this that seems to come from orris or a rooty, stemmy kind of note. The base is a soft musky wood thatís also similar to others from the brand, but it doesnít stand out in this particular composition. This is, after all, really all about the violet.

And violet it isóa soft purple, tinted with flecks of maroon and a touch of spices to add interest. The violet itself is quite big, but the scent is fairly restrained to the point where during my first wear I thought it had vanished. Itís quite long lasting, but once the initial jammy notes have vacated, it starts to feel a little less special. I think itís the cedar (or maybe nutmeg?), but thereís a slight singed note that appears in a number of scent from the line, and I detect it here as well. Itís not prominent enough to be an issue, and Iím sure it grants the scent some grit, but it renders the fragrance a tad dry whereas Iíd imagine it being a little more sweet.

It does the powder / lipstick thing at points, but the aforementioned texture keeps it from going too far down this path. Itís definitely not my favorite, but like all the scents from Laurie, itís impeccably pieced together and should be on the radar for any and all violet fans looking for a new favorite.
22nd April, 2014
Violets and I generally don't get along very well and unfortunately Wood Violet makes no exception. With that said, I still appreciate how it skips the usual thick sweetness associated with this note. The fragrance opts for a tart and plush fruitiness and it's surrounded by an overall leafy green vibe that makes it more tolerable for me. Problem comes with the unbearable powderyness that kicks in during the middle phase and lasts till the very final stages of the woody-musky drydown.

If you like the genre, you might want to give it a chance but for my personal tastes this is a no-go. Sorry.
28th December, 2013
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United States
I'm not detecting violets, but perhaps a hint of rose and a puckeringly dry, tannic wood which smells antique and imbued with oils.
22nd January, 2013
Violet candy and japanese plummy wood incense. Refined, smoky. The color murasaki comes to mind, the japanese novel of the same name. Check out the sections on incense making and incense guessing games! What a find.
10th December, 2012

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