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Bergamotto Marino (2006)
by Gianfranco Ferré


Bergamotto Marino information

Year of Launch2006
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 88 votes)

People and companies

HouseGianfranco Ferré
PerfumerPierre Bourdon
PackagingSerge Mansau
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchICR > ITF Cosmetics

About Bergamotto Marino

Bergamotto Marino is a shared / unisex perfume by Gianfranco Ferré. The scent was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Pierre Bourdon. The bottle was designed by Serge Mansau

Reviews of Bergamotto Marino

Clean and fresh in a green/watery kind of way. Sneaky good projection, others will notice you. Longevity was in the 4-5 hour range.
01st January, 2017
Ferre Bergamotto Marino is a more than pleasant citric-aromatic juice supported by salty-floral nuances and muskiness. Neroli, jasmine, musk, marine molecules and lime are prominent elements under my mediocre nose and I get a "resemblance in style" to scents a la Mugler Cologne and (most of all) Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli. Opening is strong on neroli and jasmine but lime starts "rising up" immediately so bracing and salty. The ozonic presence is tempered (and balanced) by muskiness and floral nuances. The core of this juice elicits delicate floral notes (I get lily of the valley), enhanced in sophistication by a notable musky-green support. Dry down is balmier and muskier with its pleasant soapy substance (I detect blackcurrant in this phase). I think to detect petitgrain on my skin. Bergamotto Marino is clearly a "cologne" a la Askett&English in style (I get an ideal connection with Absolute and Essential for instance) but its duration on skin is more than stout. A nice solution for sultry summer battles without missing the basic dose of gentlemanly classic elegance.
29th March, 2016
Unfortunately, I get more of the floral notes than the citrus/marine notes I had hoped for with this one. However, it is well blended and smells more natural than most for the price. As others have mentioned it certainly feels substantial for an eau de cologne. On my skin, I just get less ocean and more floral, which is not my preference. This is a bit of a disappointment as the note breakdown suggests otherwise, but the florals are the predominate notes. If you like a tempered floral scent or a unisex floral and want something subtle/classy for the summer, but with presence it would be a good buy.

ETA: The dry down is better/less floral. I'm on the fence with this one based on my own personal taste, but I think it is a quality scent. I'm still saying if you don't like florals don't go here.
21st November, 2015
Great summer scent at a great price. Clean long lived citrus open with legs to take you though the day!
22nd October, 2015
Tart and sharp bergamotte note quickly faded. Confused, I did a google translate of "Bergamotto Marino" and it told me this means "Gone With The Wind" in Italian. It all makes sense. 1 out of 5 because the bait and switch top loaded open is great. Pass.
08th May, 2015
I see why this one gets such good reviews, it's just so pleasant. It opens up with some bergamot and a bit of "marine" notes but not enough to smell like a chemical bath. The perfumer exercised a steady, gentle hand when blending this fragrance. Actually I was surprised by how natural this ends up smelling considering the price and the use of jasmine. The bergamot mostly evaporates away fairly quickly on me and I'm left with a lingering whisper of those watery notes and a very mild, calm jasmine. The jasmine progresses kind of like A La Nuit just in the way that it calms down and gets a touch of clean musk at the end, but divide the potency of ALN's jasmine by about fifty. The tiny hint of ambergris that starts coming out after a while is just fantastic mixed with the jasmine/"marine" accord. Somehow, as floral as this is, it never feels like I'm wearing perfume and never feels too feminine. It's safely unisex for all but the most staunchly anti-floral fragrance enthusiasts out there. The longevity is better than I expected for an EDC, and the sillage is mild but I don't care much about that, I mostly wear fragrances for me. It won't be unnoticeable, it just won't scream across the room and slap anyone who doesn't have a cold. Just a nice, quiet, passing whiff of relaxed goodness. Well worth twice the price.
20th February, 2015

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