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Esprit de Cuir
by Auguste


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About Esprit de Cuir

Esprit de Cuir is a feminine perfume by Auguste.

Reviews of Esprit de Cuir

This fragrance wears close to the skin.
it's a unique subtle scent ...
Rich and complex..
that lingers and fades and then appears
bringing a smile on my face ..
like a forgotten memory...of someone or someplace

Because a perfume speaks to the heart,
not to the mind.

Homais, in "Madame Bovary", says "Perfume is to stupefy the senses and to bring on ecstasies".

this scent does that.... Quietly & Privately
I recently procured a sample from
This fragrance is soooo out of my price league...
245.00 for 40ml
but one can dream a little ...
Thanks to a sample vial.

Oranges and Carnations hit my nose first
followed by a clever mix of floral (Jasmine) and Birch wood notes...
A wonderful rich leather scent as a base.

Soft and deep, mysterious and sophisticated.

I've got to have this!!!
08th October, 2011

Harsh words follow.............
This is indeed a leather fragrance but something about it makes my skin crawl and feel unclean . It's musty and not in a good 'Vol de Nuit way' musty . There doesn't appear to be any civet but in the beginning, this has a sharpish aroma of something that perhaps died in an old leather boot that was stored in a cupboard and forgotten .The sharpish must smell does not leave ....
I love leather fragrances but this is creepy leather - bad dirty. Nothing remotely close to the Creeds, Guerlains and Carons. Some vanilla does come through after a while but nothing , bar nothing will save you from smelling like you crawled out of the morgue unless you scrub it off. Think' dried cadaver skin' donated to medical science or The Evil Dead ...
Not possible to give this 0 stars .......but you can pretend I did.

15th July, 2010
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United States
Quite simply the most incredibly rich, smooth and downright gorgeous leather fragrance I've ever tried. You will pay through the nose for this ($6/ml), but it is a parfum, and the slightest dab lasted for 8+ hours on my skin. On initial application, the fragrance definitely has some citrus undertones, and as it slowly develops the undertones become slightly more spicy, and eventually slightly vanillic. It's these undertones that provide so much depth to the leather itself.

This bottle may have just leapfrogged over so many on my 'I want to buy' list.

Notes (per LuckyScent): Citron, Geranium, Galbanium, Jasmin, Clove, Birch, Opoponax, Tonka Bean absolute, Oak Moss absolute
03rd January, 2009

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