Green Tea and Jasmine
    by L'Occitane

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    Green Tea and Jasmine information

    Green Tea and Jasmine is a unisex fragrance by L'Occitane.

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    United States United States

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    Another green tea that doesn't smell like green tea, and has an artificial citrus edge.

    I've had incredible loose leaf chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese green tea, from great sources. Jasmine tea is one of my favorites. I've sampled a lot of varieties, brands, and batches, and yes, this does resemble jasmine tea — the cheap, awful kind, where an artificial jasmine scent is added to a stale, weak tea. There's alway an extra clanging "fake fruit" note to that tea, and there's that note with this fragrance.

    05th April, 2013

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    Sweden Sweden

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    This smells exactly like the expensive Jasmin green tea. I'm not a tea drinker usually. But I LOVE expensive jasmine green tea. And this smells just like that!

    26th May, 2010

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    L'Occitane frags are usually fairly reliable and rarely is one disappointed with them and I was pleased when I first heard that they were exanding their green tea line. This one with jasmine sounded like it might be the most interesting, given that there are already lots of tea scents with mint accords. Only problem is, after owning it for nearly a year, I'm still not quite sure what I think about it. It opens with that strong and wonderfully fresh tea note as found in the original green tea and then the jasmine, eventually, comes out, albeit quite a ways down in the mix. I get some fruity hints as well but also, and this is where I remain undecided, I'm convinced the whole thing then gives way to what I can only describe as a public toilet after it's had a deep clean, and it's this part of the frag that hangs and hangs and doesn't change. It wavers between pleasant and…well, clean public toilety. Still undecided.

    19th March, 2010

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    United States United States

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    This is a charming scent and for about the first hour almost a photo-realistic representation of jasmine green tea, which I find delicious and delightful.

    Starting in the second hour the scent slides from jasmine green tea into fresh tobacco leaf, still green, but a little darker and herbal, not as flowery.

    The scent is neither overtly masculine or feminine. It projects lightness and refreshment.

    The strength and longevity is somewhere between eau de toilette and flower water.

    This brings up my main complaint about it-- charming though it is, it's overpriced by about 50%.

    L'Occitane seems to have a tight grip on their distribution (good for them, not so good for impoverished scent fiends) so there seems to be little chance of getting GT&J for less than retail.. and the scent, although pleasant, is simply not worth the asking price.

    Especially when light scent sprays like Heritage Products Flower Waters are available.

    17th February, 2010

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    Brazil Brazil

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    I bought Green Tea and Jasmine because of the jasmine, of course. Mad about jasmine. Not mad about green tea. The jasmine is there, but is overridden by the green tea, which is a pity. Well, I really think it has too much green tea. It is a nice fragrance, although very fast vanishing. The first bottle went in two months. I got another one, and that is practical evidence that I actually enjoyed it. I spread it liberally after the shower, and when I arrive at work it is there, but very lightly - and unfortunately, much more tea than jasmine. On and on, its delicate, makes me happy and I intend to go on wearing it on a daily basis. It is not a great scent, but deserves a thumbs up.

    15th March, 2009

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    This is a lovely combination of green tea and jasmine like the name implies. Though it is lovely is also a bit faint and shortlived. Overall it is just not me.

    15th March, 2009

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