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Feromone Donna is a feminine perfume by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.

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Exhaustive enthusiastic previous review by the learned purplebird7. Feromone Donna by La Via del Profumo is an indolic floral absolute sambac jasmine/tuberose combo combined in to a warm organic amber/vanilla-civet-moss vaguely honeyed accord absolutely sensual and feminine. The floral aroma is neither complex nor properly heavy (on the contrary I detect a light floral weight on the skin) but it lingers obsessively around you unfolding a dynamic, bold and sexy woman in career-like aura pretty erotic and attractive. The civet presence is disguised and namely absolutely well calibrated, I mean accessorial to the floral indolic "buttermilk" and invisible in the way you will not catch at all any fecal spark or beastly undertone (at least on my skin and over the one of my girlfriend). I love to feel Feromone Donna over my mate and it renders charme and intellectual attractiveness over her. The dry down is faintly vanillic and musky in a way the aroma holds on to lingers light and subtle in the air with an attractive power that is not properly visceral in to an animalic way but subtle, airy and ghostly. Along the way infact the floral intensity seems almost disappearing under your nose but not for the others around you. Just it seems of not detecting anymore a realistic jasmine/tuberose but a perfumey honeyed ambery soft amalgam with musky accents (yes almost edible without to slide towards the buttery gourmand territories). In my opinion the erotic potion is due to be combined with something else in a way it can fit over another aroma as an enriching "molecular" floral pheromonal complementing accord.
05th July, 2014 (last edited: 30th April, 2016)
I'm not a floral girl, but I fell in love with florals after I tried this. Fascinating, attractive indolic jasmine and tuberose blended with smooth vanilla. A subtle civet and ambergris base creates a human-like warmth that is welcoming and satisfying. It reminds me of the smell of warm skin in the sun, a hay field, and flowers all at once. I would like to save up my money and buy this in a double-strength version. This one teases me by fading too soon. This is an addictive fragrance. I cannot stop wanting to smell it. Pheromone for Women (Feromone Donna) is not just a scent for women, it is the scent of women -- of everything that is good about how a woman smells.
11th November, 2013
the first thing I notice is the strong jasmine accord (I assume it's an accord since jasmine isn't listed in the notes), which is beautiful. as it dries down some, I noticed a rich almost buttery (for lack of a better word) scent under lying it and this extra dimension is what really did it for me, I couldn't stop smelling my wrist! it's an interesting experience, because the scent seems almost edible to me but without being gourmand in the slightest, if that makes any sense. I like it enough that I ordered some more earlier today :)
02nd May, 2011

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