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Maya (2008)
by Scents of Time


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Year of Launch2008
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HouseScents of Time
PerfumerJorge Lee

About Maya

Maya is a feminine perfume by Scents of Time. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jorge Lee

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Reviews of Maya

Mayan Chocolate & Incense...

Maya is a creation from the Scents of Time range by David Pybus the so called "Indiana Jones" of the fragrance industry. Part-chemist, part-perfumer, part-archaeologist, he has recreated smells from ancient time using modern technology and bottled them in a perfume.

Maya is a wonderfully dry, green chocolate incense. It is meant to evoke the origin of chocolate as an intoxicating drink used by the indigenous peoples of Mexico (the Aztecs & Mayans). It also evokes their religious rituals, where copal incense was burned during ceremonies and during times of human sacrifice.

I think it's a wonderful concept, and the smell for me is something quite unique. Yes you have chocolate and vanilla, but this isn't a sweet chocolate, this is dry, green, bitter cacao and raw vanilla, mixed with dry, heady incense. There is also a prominent sambac jasmine note, and the dry-down is very nice on this one.

Unfortunately, production is discontinued and this is quite hard to find, as this independent perfume company could not compete with the heavier designer brands and had to shut down. But overall, I love this green, bitter cacao & incense combination... and it's a combination I'd love to see more often in perfumes. Wonderful stuff!
23rd October, 2014
Maya is a subtle oriental/gourmand which starts out with cocoa. I don't perceive any of the copal resin, being the incense offered to the gods at sacred Mayan sites - and I wish I did. After awhile there are some mildly floral aspects with vanilla evident, joining the cocoa still there. Maya is pleasant, but I doubt that the ancient Mayans ever smelled like this; perhaps I don't quite grasp what Scents of Time is trying to accomplish with their recreations. There is little sillage and modest longevity. I am giving it a thumbs up because I think people who enjoy subtle gourmand scents will like this, and it seems pleasantly unisex to me.
25th April, 2010
Tonight, testing Scents of Time Maya. So far, the top notes hit me with a dark chocolate and jasmine. No copal incense, with which I am very familiar, not in the top. The heart notes are showing up already, I get the vanilla... jasmine...still dark chocolate. Perhaps the copal is the "dark" to the chocolate, as it is definitely not presenting its resinous pungence/sweetness. We will see how the base develops. The top/heart notes are intoxicating though.

Sillage is moderate and definitely night-blooming jasmine with traces of the chocolate, at least in the heart.

Closer to the skin the vanilla and jasmine are fighting for domination of the chocolate. I think the heart notes are just now emerging, to be honest.

More on this scent as it develops.

Into the heart notes now and it smells almost fruity...sweeter than the top notes, nearly candy-like. (actually somewhat cloying and unpleasant, one element of the heart on my skin smells like that nose-hair-singeing restroom deodorizer... sharply fruit-candylike.) ... Hoping this passes. Further from the skin it is more pleasant fruity/jasmine ... and hints of the chocolate.

(still more later.)

Still a little to sweet candy for me, the less desirable notes have quelled somewhat. In the sillage which is still moderate I am getting the chocolate and jasmine and really do smell copal now. Vanilla is in the background but that "vanilla extract sweetness" may be the reason for the near-cloying heart.

Close to the skin this is overpowering, but it is pleasant just wafting up.

Drydown... I don't think we're there yet.

Ah... I've been trying to figure out what the drydown, which seems to be settling in, reminds me of. It's Mole! To be more specific, Mole Poblano. As I know it, anyway.

Not bad, Not sure I would like this scent all day. (may come back and revise.)
12th March, 2010
There's something in the sniff of the atomizer that I'm addicted to, but on my wife's skin it opens with a stark blast of chocolate with a powdery dose of really soft jasmine under a base of warm vanilla. The chocolate quickly subsides and leaves the powderiness to exude and unfortunately leaves both of us wanting more out of the experience. This is really wonderful in certain regards, but there are two perfumes that rise above this in my opinion; Cadjmere by Parfumerie Generale and Iris Taizo PG14 by Parfumerie Generale. They don't have jasmine, so I'm interested in finding an appropriate jasmine layer scent.
06th March, 2010
Maya is an amazing, delicious fragrance and now its available in USA at You can even order a sample before you buy it. There is a holiday promotion going on right now, so its a good chance to try it. I personally love this perfume!!!! Its actually smells like raw Mexican chocolate with a hint of vanilla and copal incense, all blended perfectly. Its smells wonderful, kind of sweet and not candy-like chocolate, but exotic sophisticated and not overpowering, Every where i go people always complement me on this fragrance.
29th November, 2009

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