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Ferruccio Black
by Tonino Lamborghini


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AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseTonino Lamborghini
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchVapro International

About Ferruccio Black

Ferruccio Black is a masculine fragrance by Tonino Lamborghini.

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Reviews of Ferruccio Black

I also have a sample of this cologne, and my sample card says, "Tonino." I recently contacted the Tonino Lamborghini company (November 2008) and asked about the cologne because I could not find it. Their customer service people were very friendly, however they told me that the old lineup, (Tonino, Ferruccio, Tonino Lamborghini, etc.) have been discontinued. They currently have three new fragrances: Forza, Mitico, and Feroce.

Having said that, I really love the Tonino Black scent. It has a real "pagan" smell to it. Probably the benzoin and the labdanum are what does it. The bergamot and lavender notes are more subtle to my nose, yet they add support to the overall scent. This cologne also has a musk note which is perhaps a bit overdone. If they brought up the bergamot, lavender and benzoin, and eliminated the musk, it would be perfect for me. Personally, I'm just not a big fan of musk because it reminds me of my laundry basket. Anyway, the Tonino Lamborghini company really had something going here: Tonino Black was really nice.
23rd November, 2008
Didn't last long on me, two hours tops. Pronounced lavender based oriental, very musky and sweet vanilla. I almost felt like I was wearing a feminine oriental at times, like Tabu! Truly unique.
20th November, 2008

Not at all like the Hummer types of fragrances. Notably dry opening—I don’t get the bergamot / lemon opening at all. My nose immediately goes to the lavender, sage, and styrax middle and here is where the dryness explodes: A resinous, herbal, and lavender accord that is aromatically raw and quite a bit ungentle; the schizophrenic lavender exhibits an aromatic personality in this scent and it is one of the more impressive lavender accords I’ve experienced. It reminds me of the opening lavender in Pour Un Homme, but in this fragrance, it stays that way—it doesn’t peter out into a sissy skin scent. Also somewhat like Pour Un Homme because of it’s vanilla / aromatic lavender accord, but the opening of Tonino is nothing like PUH: This rasping styrax / lavender/ sage accord is so edgy and compelling, and that makes it different from the Caron classic. The dry down continues adding labdanum and the sweetness of vanilla and tonka to the aromatic lavender. The sweetness doesn’t stand a chance: The raw and resinous lavender accord maintains its dominance. I love it, and I don’t often say that about lavender fragrances. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long enough. This is for certain one “Black” fragrance that deserves the name “Black.”

I really want to purchase this one, but I am having little luck finding it... The picture of the sample of Black that I pulled off the net says “Ferruccio—Tonino Lamborghini Eau de toilette,” but my actual sample says “Tonino—Tonino Lamborghini Eau de toilette.” I wish I could find more information on this fragrance because I love it. It’s highly unusual and brutally masculine, and I own nothing like this particular gem.

12th November, 2008

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