Sel Marin
    by Heeley

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    Sel Marin Fragrance Notes

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    Sel Marin is a unisex fragrance by Heeley.

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    I found this fragrance pretty interesting. Itís more like an environment than a noticeable scent. Of course you can smell the aquatic salty note and thereís the licorice somewhere in the middle, but itís all very subdued and atmospheric. I increased the number of sprays from my sample, but just got a little more sea breeze, but then after about 8 hours I was overwhelmed with a nauseating salty-sea-syrup smell and had to scrub it off.

    I think this is worth trying, and for folks living away from the ocean itíd probably be a nice transport. But since I live near the ocean, itís a little redundant and too simple for me.

    23 July, 2014

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    Genre: Aquatic

    Sel Marin is essentially the crispy-clean licorice and vetiver accord from Heeleyís outstanding Cuir Pleine Fleur: Cuir Pleine Fleur without the Cuir. Shorn of the warm birch tar and soft leather, this accord is buoyant, breezy, and transparent. Garnished as it is in Sel Marin with just the lightest sprinkling of cucumber aquatic notes, it is brilliantly suggestive of a warm summer day on the dunes, complete with tufts of beach grass and a light ocean breeze. Projection and sillage are both moderate, but adequate. Iím particularly pleased that the aquatic notes remain reserved and quiet, since in most cases they project too much for my liking and leave me smelling like the victim of a chemical spill.

    Fragrance critic Luca Turin is spot-on when he describes Sel Marin as a close cousin of Diptyqueís great and tragically discontinued Virgilio. Virgilio has none of Sel Marinís aquatic notes, and the Heeley is less green and less floral than the Diptyque, but the featured salty licorice accord in both is very, very close indeed. When one door closes, another one opens. Now I know what to buy should I ever use up my beloved bottle of Virgilio.

    02 July, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Superb. I always hate (I really mean it: hate) "salty", "sea", "iodine" fragrances. Most of the times it's either a blast of calone, or you end up in smelling like a fisherman. This instead is just perfect, brilliant. Elegant, light, clear, transparent and linear as you can expect from Heeley. I like the fact it takes a boring and overrated accord (the salty/iodine note) and takes it, like... "indoor", like watching the sea from a window, so there is a diagonal accord of leather and "cold" green notes that somehow makes the scent less close to a predictable "natural" world, making it smell more like if you are sitting on a white, comfortable, cozy sofa, wearing a crisp clean shirt, just looking at the sea, windows open. An intriguing texture of "indoor" artificial soapy cleanliness with natural organic sea notes. Well done!


    08 March, 2014 (Last Edited: 26 April, 2014)

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    Fantastic fragrance for a warm climate or warm weather. Reminds me of Creed's Erolfa, but I think the quality of the notes are better in Sel Marin. Where Erolfa's can come off as a bit more aquatic in nature, Sel Marin tempers it with a really enjoyable lemon note with a touch of saltiness. The blending of the notes are what makes this fragrances. You can distinguish them, but nothing dominates. Great fragrance.

    04 March, 2014

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    I have found the scent which has tormented my memories for thirty odd years. Unlike all the other marine based fragrances I have ever tried, this contains not a trace of that sickly sweet watermelon calone note. No sharp blends of lavender and lime at work here, this is, in short, a work of complete genius, as transparent as Meditteranean sea water. Close your eyes and inhale. Like a salt exotic offshore breeze, though this fragrance, you can smell the hot sand running through your fingers, Spanish lemon groves, bleached driftwood with dry seaweed clinging to it. This beautiful creation is so evocative of dried sea mosses, an offshore breeze, salt on the skin, soft muskiness in the salty drydown, I know nothing else like it.
    I love everything about driftwood, the feel of it, the look of it, the smell of it, the salt it leaves on your fingers. There is a faint trace of those gorgeous vetiver/cedar colognes the Greek men just love to wear, but not enough to disturb the tranquility. When I wear this, I am alone on the sandy beach at Vourvourou, looking out to the small ocean smoothed islets in the clear turquoise ocean. I can hear the gentle hiss of the smallest waves pushing through wet sand, The forest behind me, the sun on my skin.
    Along with L'Amandiere, this has become one of my all time favourites - ever. Mr Heeley, please, never change this fragrance. Slight update... wearing this in English Autum Cold, damp weather changes it to something even better. More vetiver, more mannish, still enough salt freshness to keep it beautifully transparent, but more, blasted by icy sea spray on the scottish coast then sunning yourself in the Med... well... WOW! Who'da thunk it?

    15 February, 2014

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    Actually I was expecting something very salty and aquatic out of this but it's not.
    This is a really nice, high quality and classy summer scent that surprised me from first sniff.
    The opening is fresh citrusy scent with a little salty feeling.
    The citrusy note is a little sweet and almost juicy and that seagrass/salt smell is smooth and OK. it's not so sharp and extremely salty like "Bond No'9 Wall Street" for example.
    The scent changed to a very light and bright woody scent with those semi sweet fresh citrusy note surrounding it and just a little salty feeling.
    The scent is not something different and unique but it's very well balanced and classy.
    If you like a well made and classy fresh/salty/fruity fragrance like "Creed Millesime Imperial" I highly recommend to check this one out.
    Almost the same idea but with different smell.
    Projection is moderate (not so good or great) but longevity is really good. 7 to 10 hours which is really impressive for this kind of fragrance.

    24 December, 2013

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