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Iris de Nuit (2000)
by Heeley


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Year of Launch2000
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Iris de Nuit

Iris de Nuit is a shared / unisex perfume by Heeley. The scent was launched in 2000

Iris de Nuit fragrance notes

Reviews of Iris de Nuit

Clean Orris...

So Iris de Nuit by James Heeley is a fragrance composed around orris root, the root of the iris flower. Personally, I love iris. My signature perfume has an iris/orris root note and I love how it smells clean and earthy at the same time! Here we have a clean, slightly earthy orris note paired with powdery violet and clean vegetable musk (ambrette seed). A very clean musk. There is also a carrot seed note which I think must be similar to (although I haven't tried it - Hermès - Hiris, which has the same note). Either way, I like this one... and as I was wearing it today I received a compliment! Which rarely happens! To me this reminds me of very clean laundry sheets, and earthy powder (hard to describe actually)! A lovely fragrance. Especially as I am a huge fan of iris/orris root. For me personally I have already found my perfect iris fragrance, which does not smell like this one. So for me I don't think I would buy but if you like a "clean" but interesting smell you could try it out.
17th December, 2014
Genre: Floral

Heeley’s iris scent is a lovely one, as close in its dark rooty ambience as any I’ve smelled to Maurice Roucel’s iconic Iris Silver Mist for Serge Lutens. Iris de Nuit shares with Iris Silver Mist both a hint of anise and a certain doughy, almost foody character lacking in most other iris scents I know. It is, however, at once milder and more natural smelling than the Lutens, and so I find it easier to wear.

On the downside, sillage and projection are both moderate at best, and I have to apply a lot of Iris de Nuit before I start noticing it. Whether olfactory fatigue contributes here or not I cannot tell. The rooty, yet oddly translucent iris accord persists in a linear fashion, fading, rather than altering, into its soft, musky-woody drydown. Iris de Nuit is neither very powdery nor very floral, and I believe it could be worn with ease by either men or women. Though not among the strongest, I do think it one of the finest iris-centered scents available.
17th June, 2014
Iris de Nuit is in my opinion one of the best contemporary iris on the market, together with L'homme de coeur by Divine, with which it shares a similar approach to the material. A transparent, cold, sharp, perfectly shaped and restrained yet dense and substantial iris note, angular and straightforward, with a few else around: a light hay note on the base (something making Iris de Nuit quite close to Cuir Pleine Fleur), carrot, light green notes. The main iris note is deprived of any "buttery" waxy rootiness – it has a slight carroty-rooty smell, but it's dry and light. It strikes me how this manages to smell almost "rural" thanks to carrot and hay, still completely "contemporary" in its sophisticated, almost abstract meaning. Great job with notes and composition here. Really elegant, pleasant, versatile and totally unique. The drydown comprises also a light ambery note, although it's overall quite linear and does not change much (this may be the only slight "con"). For me, one of the best Heeley's around together with Cuir Pleine Fleur.

24th January, 2014 (last edited: 14th July, 2014)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Smells very much like one of the Prada offerings..
A soft and subtle iris with good sillage and projection..
Kind of plastic smelling imo in the opening with a very mellow cedar and amber drydown. Very tamed..
Well composed but not my cup of tea..
16th December, 2013
Light, airy, fresh

First off, my general impression is one of ethereal lightness and airiness. While Heeley's Ophelia suggest wateriness, this fragrance suggests the scented air of damp early morning.

A green, slightly herby, and sweet opening that in a few hours is followed by a very lovely cedar note. Violet and orris predominate. I don't sense much development in this scent. It's smooth and subtle and wears rather close to the skin on me. I sprayed liberally but it never overpowers the nose. I'll report later on longevity. A lovely day or night scent, leaning toward the feminine rather than unisex to my nose. Lovely and delicate.

Longevity is good, to my surprise, for such a fragile-seeming scent; 6 hours and going strong. After a half-day's wearing, I'm going to retract my earlier statement about wearing close to the skin; I'll give it a moderate rating for sillage.

Footnote: I have sampled one other Heeley scent, and if Iris de Nuit is anything like Ophelia, I think you can count on the longevity to be 10+ hours. Gorgeous!

Pros: Fresh green herbiness and sweet florals
Cons: None"

20th September, 2013
Reading other reviews I am struck yet again how differently individuals experience the same fragrance, some loving it: some hating it.

I wanted to try IdN because I fell so completely in love with Chanel's 28 la Pausa even though it was quite fugitive on me, and thought that another iris (especially from a perfumer with a good reputation like James Heeley) might be equally gorgeous - and equally fugitive.

I tried IdN and was knocked endways by its power - yes, honestly; one spritz on the back of my hand seemed to fill the room and continued to do so for several hours. At first I couldn't smell much iris; plenty of violet, ambrette & carrot seed but the iris seemed a bit shy. Eventually I had one of those gosh-aren't-I-stupid moments - like when you spend hours looking for something and find it sitting on your desk all along, just where it should be - and realised that the iris had been there all along, quietly elegant and simply beautiful. A bit like Audrey Hepburn - sitting in the background of a scene and saying nothing, yet stealing the whole show.
25th March, 2013

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