Iris de Nuit (2000)
    by Heeley

    • Launched: 2000
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Iris de Nuit Fragrance Notes

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    Colin Maillard's avatar
    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    The way iris is used here strongly reminds me of Divine "L'homme de coeur", same green/fresh twist that reliefs the "heavier" and darker side of iris. The two fragrances smell in fact very similar to me. Really clean, fresh, grey, almost "icy" scent. Elegant and much well-done, carrying Heeley's signature simplicity and linearity.


    24 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

    Tony T's avatar
    Tony T
    United States United States

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    Smells very much like one of the Prada offerings..
    A soft and subtle iris with good sillage and projection..
    Kind of plastic smelling imo in the opening with a very mellow cedar and amber drydown. Very tamed..
    Well composed but not my cup of tea..

    16 December, 2013

    dlane1953's avatar
    United States United States

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    Light, airy, fresh

    First off, my general impression is one of ethereal lightness and airiness. While Heeley's Ophelia suggest wateriness, this fragrance suggests the scented air of damp early morning.

    A green, slightly herby, and sweet opening that in a few hours is followed by a very lovely cedar note. Violet and orris predominate. I don't sense much development in this scent. It's smooth and subtle and wears rather close to the skin on me. I sprayed liberally but it never overpowers the nose. I'll report later on longevity. A lovely day or night scent, leaning toward the feminine rather than unisex to my nose. Lovely and delicate.

    Longevity is good, to my surprise, for such a fragile-seeming scent; 6 hours and going strong. After a half-day's wearing, I'm going to retract my earlier statement about wearing close to the skin; I'll give it a moderate rating for sillage.

    Footnote: I have sampled one other Heeley scent, and if Iris de Nuit is anything like Ophelia, I think you can count on the longevity to be 10+ hours. Gorgeous!

    Pros: Fresh green herbiness and sweet florals
    Cons: None"

    20th September, 2013

    Nile_Etland's avatar

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    Reading other reviews I am struck yet again how differently individuals experience the same fragrance, some loving it: some hating it.

    I wanted to try IdN because I fell so completely in love with Chanel's 28 la Pausa even though it was quite fugitive on me, and thought that another iris (especially from a perfumer with a good reputation like James Heeley) might be equally gorgeous - and equally fugitive.

    I tried IdN and was knocked endways by its power - yes, honestly; one spritz on the back of my hand seemed to fill the room and continued to do so for several hours. At first I couldn't smell much iris; plenty of violet, ambrette & carrot seed but the iris seemed a bit shy. Eventually I had one of those gosh-aren't-I-stupid moments - like when you spend hours looking for something and find it sitting on your desk all along, just where it should be - and realised that the iris had been there all along, quietly elegant and simply beautiful. A bit like Audrey Hepburn - sitting in the background of a scene and saying nothing, yet stealing the whole show.

    25 March, 2013

    sin_is_in's avatar
    Germany Germany

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    If only there were more carrot and herbal notes in here! Basically a dry iris with lots of synthetic and a touch of aquatic notes. Ultimately it's not refreshing, smells cheap and gives me a headache.

    28 July, 2012

    gimmegreen's avatar
    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Doll plastic with carrots. One could go on about the purity of intent, the skilful blending of vegetal and earthy tones, but I won't. For me, the simplicity verges on banal. For understatement to succeed it needs some small spark of wit, otherwise it fades, like this scent, into the background.

    06 June, 2012

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