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Musk is a shared / unisex perfume by Etro.

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United Kingdom
Fresh verbena with some bergamot, pleasantly fresh, turning floral in the drydown, mainly lily-of-the-valley on my skin. Then wood notes develop, and the white musk takes over that gives this scent its name. The white musk is light and summery. Overall a nice scent, but a tad unoriginal and at times even a bit generic. Adequate sillage and projection with four hours longevity on my skin. Not one of Etro's finest but pleasant. 2.5/5
23rd November, 2014
I'm undecided between neutral and thumbs down, as, at least, Musk has done a great service to me: it embodies perfectly ALL that I loathe in a fragrance.
The clean, laundry and ironing spray notes; the safe and banal lack of every development; the glaring artificiality, devoid of every grace or subtlety.
I can't imagine someone into perfumes spending so much money for a scent you could find everywhere in functional fragrances...
A great disappointment from a house that has offered stunning and unconventional fragrances!
27th December, 2012
Etro are known for the flamboyant designs, crazy paisley and Italian flair. Given that CV, Musk is a pretty standard offering. Linear white musk and some wood (maybe sandalwood or guaiac wood) are pretty much the whole show. Lasts only a few hours like a good EdC but unfortunately, it's an EdT (Homer Simpson says, D'oh). That said, there's an allure here to simplicity and harmony. It's fun and light, too. If you can find a substantial discount, then get it. Otherwise, it's not worth the full fare.
17th July, 2011
Nice woody scent with a green-musky (intense, almost woody/lemony) undertone. Thisis not the usual sumptuous Etro's fragrance, nothing decadent or baroque. It exudes a sort of traditional english edge nevertheless, a kind of ethereal and clean (a bit moody) temperament. Yes, this is vaguely laundry and airy. It starts with a green citrus blast which is a bit floral, tart and aromatic. In a while the woods start to settle down and i smell gaiac and sandalwood as real protagonists with their woody perfumed mildness while dry cedar sets stableness and a touch of pencil shaving effect. The woods are "diluted in the water" and the final insertion of musk aims to provide a touch of softness, density and feel of forest to the blend. The musk is anyway detectable since the beginning with its virile, intense and almost carnal feel while i suppose minimal hints of vetiver swirl around in the blend (which smells as an ideal encounter between Muschio Bianco Acca Kappa, 7 de Loewe and Encre Noir). The outcome is a gentle woodsy scent with a musky/woody projection. A nice fragrance for cheerful spring days outdoor.
07th April, 2011 (last edited: 07th April, 2013)
Reviewing Etro Musk is a little being asked to weigh the letter G simply pointless. Coyness can be quite an attractive quality, but when it never moves beyond the reticent to reveal something interesting, it becomes tiresome. Etro Musk peers too long over its folding fan, and I quickly find myself looking for a better date.

The light blend of sandalwood and musk is pretty, but it is neither sufficiently beguiling nor long-lived enough to warrant a regular wearing. Etro can and should do better than this.
27th August, 2010
Clean laundry, fresh out of the dryer after having used a pleasant fabric softener: That's Etro's Musk. Is that good, is it bad? Whatever: It's clean, it's pleasant, and sometimes that's enough. But just sometimes, though. Nice! I can imagine a young guy in high school or in college going for this, and the girls really going for the guys wearing this.
15th May, 2010

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