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Kolnisch Juchten
by Parfums Regence


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About Kolnisch Juchten

Kolnisch Juchten is a masculine fragrance by Parfums Regence.

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To me this is mostly about dry powdery frankincense and a smokey coal-tar-creosote/petroleum-esque leather interpretation. Was it talc that shot out the sprayer? It is so dry.

Linear, close to the skin and average longevity.

Quirky in a goth sense and not very versatile unless you're into that, I'd think. Upon my last wearing, Pictures of You came on the radio. Perfect scent pairing, I thought. Just perfect.

Nothing to get all worked up over, however if you like and find uses for scents like, say, Patchouli 24 or HdP Petroleum then steppin' off the beaten path for this one might just be worth the effort.

edit - careful climbin' that telephone pole Eugene, there's nuthin' but those railroad ties to break your splintered fall!
21st August, 2016 (last edited: 19th November, 2019)
I'm a huge fan of Kolnisch Juchten.

In terms of both smell and historical importance, I'd place it in with Creed's Royal English Leather and Knize Ten. It's that same basic idea of powdery flowers and a pinch of that old faux pineapple over leather. However, while Creed and Knize base their leather on the fuzzy beige suede smell of Methyl Ionone, Kolnisch is based on birch tar, so it's considerably darker. There are times where it smells like gas fumes, and times where it smells like an old band-aid. It smells kind of burnt and kind of like a charred forest and kind of like a scary abandoned old tannery. And then it smells like salty licorice. It's rough and difficult, but always balanced by the powdery flowers and I think it's genius.
07th January, 2013
Well, I need to admit that I am not a fan of leather scents. However, this is such a legendary, almost mythic scent that I had to try it. I just sniffed it on paper. It is a huge smokey-leather scent. I have heard it described as suggesting spicy and fatty sausages grilling and slightly burnt on an outdoor wood fire. Very high-calorie and animalic! Well, that is exactly what I encountered. I'm glad to have encountered it -- it definitely is one of the most unique scents I have smelled. By the way, Parfums Regence makes a whole slew of scents, not just this one. I sampled their Lavender and Vert scents at Jaquelines as well... nothing special in either of those. Lavender was a reasonable lavender, Vert was a soapy-green scent, a bit heavy.
25th November, 2011
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United States
A very good but overrated dark oriental scent that is worshipped on Basenotes simply because it's hard to find. Kolnisch Juchten is much more of an oriental than a leather fragrance because the smoky, oily, petroleum-like smell so characteristic of leathers is only present during the first half hour of the scent, after which it evolves into a rather basic sweet patchouli-based oriental that doesn't break any new ground. I like this primarily for its dark smell.

I find it hard to believe that this is a fragrance hundreds of years old. It smells like a modern niche fragrance to me, sort of like a tame, non-raunchy Mazzolari Lui. I suspect that if Kolnisch Juchten were made by Coty or sold at Macy's, all the niche fragrance snobs would be criticising it, saying how poorly balanced it is and how it smells like barbecue sauce. As it is, due to its rarity Kolnisch Juchten is a fragrance that the average perfume consumer won't be able to buy, so of course everyone gushes about what a masterpiece this is. The truth, however, is that it's just a very good fragrance, not a great one.


03rd April, 2011 (last edited: 12th May, 2011)
Oh geeze. This is absolutely the guys have said - birchtar and oiled leather of the club chair variety with a waft of roses? Can that be powder.... ? VERY tao...light and dark, soft and strong...aggressive and retiring...and did I mention the leather?

Girls you gotta try Andre and be sweet. He's a pussycat.
17th August, 2009
Thick and rich dark, animalic, sticky leather, tar, patchouli and incense notes. This stuff is so butch it makes Robin William's chest hair look like Patrick Stewart's head. The list of ingredients would suggest that this would be overpowering but it's rather average in that aspect but average is a good thing when considering something so dark. Mazzolari Lui too much for you but need something equally as masculine? Try this supposed 300 year old formula.
16th May, 2009

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