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Ivy League
by Domenico Caraceni


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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Ivy League

Ivy League is a shared / unisex perfume by Domenico Caraceni.

Reviews of Ivy League

A pleasant light green/aquatic (or better aqueous) with a vetiver/chamomile backbone, with floral accents (rose, jasmine, mimosa??), moderate mildness and a balanced grassy tartness/bitterness in the background. A soft lemony/herbal/chamomile dominant vibe is heady at the beginning. The initial citrus/green blast is soon replaced on the road by a floral/chamomile development really unfolding and airy while a pleasant citric final vetiver/ambergris takes the stage with its light fruity/floral herbaceous vibe. I don't smell a particular musky feel but just a final light ambery smoothness that is not mannerist but even masculine and uncompromising. Domenico Caraceni Ivy League is really distinguished and woodsy as a dreamy pond in the middle of the forest. A mature fragrance for a charismatic, indipendent and sensible man.
30th October, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
Given a name synonymous with an elite group of institutions bearing proud traditions of sporting and scholarly excellence, Domenico Caraceni's IVY LEAGUE certainly has a lot to live up to. I expected a fragrance that is youthfully 'preppy' yet conveys a sense of tradition. With these in mind, I proceeded with the skin tests.

Ivy League opens briskly on my skin with bitter citrus, gradually softening to a sparkling blend of light white florals that retains enough of its green soapy profile to keep its sillage preppy-fresh and away from 'mature women' territory. There is also the occasional hint of earthy vetiver roots reminiscent of Dior's Eau Sauvage - faint at first but gaining prominence as the florals recede. Projection and sillage are tastefully moderate, with just a touch of sweetness in the earthy musk drydown.

While I do wish for the citrus soap element to last longer, in terms of concept, Ivy League delivers. Yes, the opening may come across somewhat detergent-like to some but the fragrance development itselfs is as exhilarating as a road trip with your college buddies. In fact, I think Ivy League would have made an excellent addition to the Polo family; Ralph Lauren would kill to have this formula!
07th August, 2010

Another of those clean, refreshing citrus / florals… Ivy League is nicely made, pleasant, and highly wearable. The citrus opening is beautifully dry to the point of feeling somewhat effervescently sour – it’s very nice… quite captivating The chamomile provides a slightly unusual twist to the opening while assuring that the citrus stays light and airy and bubbly. When the florals move in, they keep the clear and clean feeling that was established by the citrus top… that citrus accord stays well into the heart notes. For a drydown I get mostly vetiver and amber with a lesser musk note in the background. With the vetiver dominance, and because the amber and musk are not very sweet, the fragrance continues its tart, light persona, staying fresh until the end. Ivy League is a pleasant fragrance composed of excellent quality materials, excellent movements, good sillage and longevity and just the exactly right amount of quirkiness.

05th April, 2010
This one was pretty linear on me.....fresh, clean citrus, somewhat green. The citrus in the top notes really sticks around on my skin overpowering the other notes for nearly the duration. Not a bad thing, because it's smooth. Thumbs up, but not really my style.
30th September, 2009
Green, floral, bright and musky. It comes across rather synthetic smelling, particularly in the green notes to me. I can’t say that it smells bad, but nothing I would purchase or wear myself.
31st August, 2009
A very green and somewhat synthetic fragrance, Ivy League is a touch disappointing after trying and buying the flagship giant Domenico Caraceni 1913. One might think of freshly mowed grass and some light mixed field florals with this and be somewhat content. The only problem is that it smells like a DuPont illusion of a fresh fragrance. The old motto, "Better living through chemistry" comes to mind. For a similar but altogether more natural and convincing take on the same subject look for Profumum's Victrix, which is twice the price and probably worth it. As it is, this is not an ordinary fragrance. Think clean and green, and you're pretty much there-- but is that really associated with anything Ivy League? Oh, yes, I have walked on the Harvard Yard, and seen the lawn in front of old Nassau, and at Yale, I know some of the great colleges, but this doesn't remind me of them. It reminds me of how much better Victrix is. Actually, this review is moot since the fragrances seems to be out of production.
13th June, 2009 (last edited: 06th October, 2015)

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