S de Scherrer (2006)
    by Jean-Louis Scherrer

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    Shifty Bat
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    A lighter bodied Hypnotic Poison featuring rose and a hint of pepper. There is also a watery lily-like tone to the top notes adding a pink watercolor effect to the opening presentation, but this departs within the first hour. Most of S's life is a vanilla-patchouli accord that is reminiscent of almonds and makeup (those familiar with the likes of Hypnotic Poison, Lalique Pour Homme -Lion- and 1725 Casanova will recognize this). Half of the fragrance's construction peters out rapidly but the base is an all day affair and it is good.

    02 March, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    Jean-Louis Scherrer fragrances are not very common here in Australia, so when I stumbled across this fragrance in an exclusive boutique, I was intrigued to see what his fragrances were like.

    S de Scherrer is very unique, but pleasant and pretty at the same time. I'm not usually a fan of chypres, however in this case, S de Scherrer has encouraged me to try more.

    The fragrance opens quite strongly. To my nose it's mostly a peppery-floral scent with a slight touch of sweetness. The overall quality of the scent, especially when worn on the skin, is quite creamy and warm.

    In lots of ways, S de Scherrer is a seductive fragrance. From the very first sniff, the scent is absolutely captivating. It's rather a shame that this fragrance hasn't become that well-known.

    The drydown is beautiful. Rich, powdery vanilla on an earthy patchouli base. This blend rounds the scent off nicely.

    The bottle design is a litte odd, but certainly likable. However, I don't think it matches the scent very well. S de Scherrer needs an elegant, minimalistic bottle, somewhat similar to the Chanel bottles.

    The lasting strength of S de Scherrer is fabulous. The scent also maintains the same amount of sillage from the beginning until the end. It's quite hard to put this beautiful fragrance into words, so I suggest that anyone who feels like this might be the fragrance for them, should get out there and test it as soon as possible.

    30th June, 2011

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    S de Scherrer is a beautiful & elegant floral oriental fragrance.

    Quite a subtle scent. It's not too sweet, & is very fresh. It also lasts a long time on my skin. I can detect the pepper - it works really well with the other notes in this fragrance. The Vanilla is not "creamy" like in a lot of fragrances, but it pulls all the other scents together well.

    S de Scherrer is a scent that can easily be worn on a night out with the girls, a romentic night out, or even the office. S de Scherrer is a also a scent which can be worn in Autumn/Winter OR Spring/Summer. It's very versatile.

    This fragrance is very hard to get now. I will enjoy every last drop!

    Highly recommended.

    18 November, 2009

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    To me this smells alot like Hypnotic Poison. S de Scherrer is an oriental/ vanilla fragrance that smells lovely on my skin. It is warm and sensual. I do not get any floral notes at all. S de Scherrer does differ a little from Hypontic Poison (HP has a distinctive playdough note and S de Scheffer does not). I absoutely love this fragrance. If you like Hypnotic Poison, definately give this one a try.

    13 May, 2009

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    Interesting little rose, vanilla and musk scent. A little bit of each world: florals, fruits, oriental, sweet and some pepper on top. Not overbearing but incredibly light. Not bad but there's probably better vnaillic rose scents out there.

    19 April, 2009

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    I hope this fragrance gets some attention, frankly. Of the strongly vanillic, sweet, woody floral scents out there right now, I think this one is the most sophisticated, if not the most.

    It has a great, mature presence, with a wonderful modern elegance, that is very very ladylike. The notes are very well balanced and really create a solid, recognizable scent. I would wear it to the opera, for a romantic evening and not during the day. It's really luscious. It's like a magenta moire gown, with a crystal choker, and white gloves.
    I realize that Hanae Mori's Butterfly has no vanilla whatsoever and this one is a vanilla fragrance, but I consider them quite similar (like a nighttime version), in character, and very much in the drydown and longevity.

    The bottle is so ridiculous, I think it killed the fragrance. Seriously. It has a sort of compartment on the side, which holds a cheap gold plastic blob. A tragic attempt at "contempo" by a stodgy and unhip firm. If it had been launched by Dior, it would be a runaway success. It's so much better than Addict or Jadore, for example.

    If you are a fan of Juicy Couture, Butterfly, Black XS, etc., try this one, I bet you'll like it more!

    12 April, 2009

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