Burberry the Beat for Men (2008)
    by Burberry

    Burberry the Beat for Men Fragrance Notes

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    too much pepper. smells synthetic

    28 January, 2014

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    I like the female version of The Beat but this is just a bland mess combining pepper with the synthetic violet note you find in all the sport flankers like Dior homme sport or aqua Fahrenheit with a really cheap and nasty wood note that is about as uninspiring as you can get.

    Pros: Mainstream
    Cons: Cheap woods"

    11th August, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Weak projection and longevity

    The scent is nothing special, it smells like strange old leather. Leather is usually signified as manly and rugged but this wasn't anything like that. To me it wasn't appealing even during the dry down, and I never enjoyed it even after several wearings. Burberrys other fragrances like London, Brit, and even Touch are far better.

    27 July, 2013

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    Good stuff

    I really like this. I'm surprised not many detected Geranium in this one. It's all over the heart and base. I can also smell the violet in the heart, which is really pleasant. As for the pepper: it's all over the composition, from start to finish. The base is nice but the heart is to die for , when the violet comes in. Longevity is between 6-8 hours. A keeper for me.

    27 July, 2013

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    Wonderful Green leathery Perfection

    This is the best green leathery musk fragrance out there. Its clean. The leather is not powdery or bitter like in some fragrances. This deserves more attention and is a hidden gem. I would award 5/5 stars, but I gave 4/5 due to the pepper note that is not needed in this fragrance. It is very linear, in that you're going to be taken through stages of dry down. I like how it is. It shows what its all about from the beginning. Its very smooth and addictive. A must have if you love smooth, green, and leathery fragrances!

    Pros: The best green leather musk out there
    Cons: The pepper note

    31st May, 2013

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    Germany Germany

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    I must admit I bought this (without even having ever heard of Burberry) because it was on sale. It was 50 ml for less than 20 euros. I never looked back. It is amazing... it's dominant pepper notes may trouble some people (which I understand, since it's very strong) but I happen to love it.

    When I finished the bottle, I had to get another one immediately. It's amazing.

    31st March, 2013

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