Omnia Green Jade (2008)
    by Bulgari

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    Lovely, friendly, fresh - and very subtle

    I love the subtleness of this green tea floral fragrance. It is sweet without being cloying, a lovely balance of floral, fresh, and green (I had a hard time picking out the notes because they blend so seamlessly together). This perfume won't make you stand out from the crowd, but it has a warmth that many "fresh" fragrances lack, which is why I say it is "friendly." It could go with just about any outfit and mood. I tend to prefer the tea notes to be stronger, but I just love this scent.

    30th May, 2013

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    this is just completely boring. It's as unmemorable as the rest of the Bulgari Omnias. At first I wasn't sure how much more I would need to put on to smell something and then when I finally shook it down I could smell what seemed like something very similar to Omnia Crystalline. Not sure what's going on here.

    23 March, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    I usually detest floral aquatics. They always seem too acidic or too sythetic to my nose. Omnia Green Jade was a nice change, something that if I was given it as a gift, I would definitely wear it every now and then.

    Somewhat similar to other fresh, green scents on the market, like Miss Dior Cherie L'eau and Versace Versense, Omnia Green Jade embraces the new, modernistic and very popular Summer scents of today. Although it is nowhere near unique, I do like this fragrance.

    Simplistic in its nature, it's nothing out of the ordinary, but it is rather pleasant. Fresh and 'cucumbery' in some ways, it seems like more of a clean, musky and green Spring scent rather than a scent for Summer. Although I have mentioned above that it isn't as synthetic as other floral aquatics, I will mention that there is a subtle green chemical note hidden in the heart, that can be unpleasant when inhaling deeply.

    I was only beginning to enjoy this fragrance when it began to fade rather quickly, showing poor signs of longevity. I am somewhat disappointed in the whole Omnia series for this reason alone.

    22 March, 2012

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    Wow, this is beautiful and sits very firmly in the subtle Bulgari style; tea, light floral, citrus and slightly nutty, musky drydown.

    It's really quite lovely, unisexual (despite being aimed at women) and I think it's the best from Bulgari since the original Pour Homme (which it bears a heavy resemblance to in my opinion).

    Comes in a drop-dead-gorgeous, heart shaped bottle that reminds me of a lighter (as well as the regular designer bottle). A triumph.

    14 February, 2011 (Last Edited: 15 February, 2011)

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    A transparent green tea floral. Starts off with mild citrus and dries down into a woodsy musk with hints of white florals... and a little nutty as well.

    07 November, 2009

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    Bulgari Omnia Green Jade

    Notes: Spring Water, Green Mandarin, White Peony, Nasturtium, Pear Tree Flower, Jasmine Petals, Fresh Pistachio, White Woods, Musk (from

    Omnia Green Jade is done in the typical restrained style that most other Bulgari fragrances (except Black) seem to have. To my nose, tea is the central accord, and is obvious from the start. There is also a doughy, powdery, almond-vanilla, rubbery note that I have smelled in various sweet oriental fragrances. The tea is what anchors the composition as its sharp leather-tobacco edge cuts through the shapeless dough note. Soft Iso E Super woods hum along in the base. OGJ is extremely light and fleeting. It makes me think of a toned-down Kenzo Amour with tea added. Perhaps it shares more kinship to Black that I am willing to admit, since I also find OGJ a bit like Black but without any of the character. I find that Black puts my teeth on edge every time I smell it, so I can't say that a de-fanged version is all bad.

    04 October, 2009

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