Pretty (2009)
    by Elizabeth Arden

    Pretty Fragrance notes

    Mandarin, Orange blossom, Peach nectar, Petalia, Star jasmine, Pink iris, White peony, Fluffy musk, Jacaranda wood, Creamy amber

    Pretty information

    A floral scent that 'celebrates the ritual of getting ready to go out'

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    Australia Australia

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    I have always been fond of Elizabeth Arden fragrances despite them being very common and aimed at the more mature consumers. Red Door, Provocative Woman and 5th Avenue, are only some of the many fragrances from this house that I adore and that my mother wears well.

    When Elizabeth Arden created Pretty it was obvious that they were intending to crack the younger market. However, with that being said, I would've liked to have seen the company create something unique and refreshing.

    Pretty is not a terrible scent, and it is likely that many people will buy this fragrance, but I for one will not be buying this.

    When I first smelt this, it reminded me of another fragrance that I couldn't seem to put my finger on. The reviewer below me suggested that it smelt like Miss Dior Cherie which I somewhat agree with. Perhaps it is a mixture of Miss Dior Cherie with hints of Can Can by Paris Hilton. The scent is indeed sugary sweet and flowery. The middle and base notes of this fragrance are certainly more likable than the top notes, where the peach and mandarin orange notes were far too prominent and strong.

    I feel as if I'm slightly out of the intended age group for this fragrance as it is a little too innocent and girly for my liking. Teens will probably snap this fragrance up like hotcakes as soon as the price goes down.

    Overall, the scent is wearable and the lasting power is quite good, but to me Pretty smells like it's trying too hard to emulate other fruity florals on the market today. When a fragrance smells too much like something else it's always a bad sign with me.

    27 April, 2011

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    Mexico Mexico

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    just ... mehh....

    could be the scent of a high school girl

    15 November, 2009

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    I am totally crazed over this perfume, i love the scent i have been wearing it the last few months and i adore the scent its not strong its light and makes me feel pretty , my husband loves when i wear Pretty! I am very picky about what perfume i buy as i cant stand when i smell women wearing strong prefume what i notice about pretty is that it wears well as the day goes on it smells fresh and nice
    did you ever smell these women who wear lets give an example white diamonds which smells like puke and i cant stand when i am in an elevator with anyone who wears white diamonds they smell dirty........Pretty is the perfume for me i recommend this perfume for women who like to have a fresh smell through out day or night and not smell like a dirty douche ( sprry can't explain it any better)

    17 October, 2009

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    It smells boring and like a million other pink floral scents. Pleasant and harmless, but boring.

    08 August, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I wanted to like this one, but found it to be a synthetic mess. BTW, what the heck is 'fluffy musk'?

    19 July, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Very pretty, aptly named. Very light though, don't think I would buy it since you can't smell it after a few minutes.
    Beautiful bottle, I might buy it just to look at that every day. There are times, I guess, when you want to spritz on something
    with abandon, enjoy it, and then not worry about offending somebody at work.

    03 March, 2009

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