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Oxford Street (2009)
by Hugh Parsons


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHugh Parsons

About Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a masculine fragrance by Hugh Parsons. The scent was launched in 2009

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Reviews of Oxford Street

I don't really like this one. (though it's not bad)
A spicy rose scent, similar to Déclaration d'un soir and Habit Rouge Sport.
Too spicy to my taste.
27th May, 2015
I'm slightly above neutral on this, but only slightly. It is an OK scent, certainly not problematic apart from a slight sweetness.
Essentially, it is a citrus - spice - soft powder sort of scent. The spices give a clean, somewhat barbershop vibe. If you don't over-apply, the spices are gentle and the wood is light. There is a definite note of oudh, here it is sometimes exactly like wet cardboard, other times it gives an interesting and slightly bitter medicinal note. The patchouli (if the scent is lightly applied) is not a problem, not heavy, and gives a mild earthy-rooty brown note. The vetiver and the herbs could have more prominence, in my opinion.
The spices are nice enough to warrant a cautious endorsement from me.
03rd December, 2012
Excellent and elegant fragrance, almost impossible to find and worth the effort. It is subtle, a tad sweet, with a touch of that "pencil shavings" affect that some alluded to on these boards; but blended so well that the wood and the warmth and the sweetness work together into a harmonious medley. Decidedly masculine with a "good grooming products" vibe , it might be a touch old world but again it is so subtle that it is hard to say. It would make an excellent smell for shaving cream or a body powder as well as an EdeP. If it has a drawback it is that Hugh Parsons Oxford Street doesn't project very much but stays close to the skin for most of the day. I do love the linger that it has on a shirt or scarf. I know very little as to who this "Hugh Parsons" was. I have seen references to ties with that label created perhaps by the eponymous Hugh Edward Lancelot Parsons many years gone now apparently, but whoever he was he must have been an inspiring character, because someone of terrific talent and strange devotion has carried on in his name, and has developed and somehow produced several fragrances that have done him a great tribute, and this is one of them. Just delightful, that's what it is. Too bad the world (and especially the USA) seems to have passed this and 99 Regent St. and Traditional Blue by. It is a pity a great purveyor like the Scent Bar in California hasn't picked this up. I suggested it to Franco, but I guess he didn't fancy these fragrances; too bad. The only places to get Oxford St. is either at "First in Fragrances" in Germany, or on Amazon, where I acquired it.
26th October, 2012 (last edited: 31st October, 2012)
Love this scent it truly reflects the glowing crimson bottle it is contained in. The citrus top is lightly dusted with anais which fades into a deep semi sweet resinous feelin of cinnamon and saffron. The base bring a deep almost medicine feeling of oud wood providing a oily rich cherry cough syrup warmth. The scent lingers a long time with just the correct amount of sillage. Love this to pieces. Wear it in good health in the autumn months.
11th August, 2012
I bought this scent overseas in 2010 as quite frankly, the woman I was with went crazy when smelling it. It is very "powerhousish" spicey out of the chute. If you are a fan of say JHL by Aramis or Witness by Jacques Bogart there is a good chance you'll like this frag. It is a scent for a mature man and not some shavetail whippersnapper, for sure.
18th June, 2012
I agree with the Pigeon Murderer's review in the sense i share its point of view about the weird temperament of the smell, about the olfactory apparent dichotomy between the listed notes and the effective smell and about the main characteristic of the scent its self and i'm refering to the smell of shampoo, hydratant creams or bath foam. I detect the tangerine, the grapefruit and may be the airy-gassy influence of cumin, star anis and truffles, the smell is less spicy than expected from the listed elements and the agarwood is detectable just in the sense we can catch something detergent or medicinal (better laundry i would say) from the top to the bottom. The final smell is not offensive or particularly unpleasant  but is just a sort of musky aromatic body balsam, bath foam or gel. Barely decent but i had expected something more elegant and with more texture and class from the brand.
09th February, 2012

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