My Glow (2009)
    by Jennifer Lopez

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    Australia Australia

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    My Glow is in a similar vein to the original Glow, however I find this fragrance less soapy and more floral.

    Initially I found this fragrance rather synthetic which turned me off it at first. However, as it settled on the skin, it became a delicate and clean blend of floral scented soap and musk. I understand that this fragrance is intended to be something that won't irritate a newborn's sensitive nose, however I find this fragrance quite strong in some instances. Nothing like a natural skin-scent by any means.

    Every now and then I can smell a definite nail polish remover smell, which is quite off-putting and sharp. Most of the time My Glow smells clean, refreshing and milky, but sometimes it's horrid. The bottle isn't as nice as it is in the picture shown here. In reality it looks rather cheap, with the rather large plastic angel an unnecessary part of the design.

    Although My Glow is quite boring, it is relatively well-done. Certainly not as synthetic as some celebrity fragrances on the market today. Surprisingly this is one Jennifer Lopez fragrance which is difficult to find in the stores, so some searching may be required if you wish to get your hands on a bottle.

    The sillage is quite soft and delicate, especially towards the drydown. Yet every now and then My Glow radiates a powerful powdery burst which can only be described as sharp. The lasting strength is moderate, around six hours.

    A nice, clean fragrance for those that don't like anything too bold or flowery, but not something I would rush out to buy if I was a mother with a newborn baby in the crib.

    14 April, 2012

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    I have an interesting, maybe ironic, association with this scent. I sprayed it on right before my first day of substitute teaching in a kindergarten classroom. It was a new purchase and I just felt like wearing it. I had been having trouble smelling the scent like many of you have, but it was a rainy humid day too which really helped the scent project on my skin for some reason. I had a good day with the kindergarteners and a good first day teaching. Now, every time I wear this scent, i think of that class and it seems that I can only find i am in the mood to wear it when it is rainy and humid...or when i am around children...

    16 June, 2011

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Utterly boring aquatic floral.

    22 January, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Musky floral with aquatic undertones. The juice smells so impoverished I thought maybe they had spent more on the bottle. Nah.

    29 December, 2009

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