Brooklyn (2009)
    by Bond No. 9

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    Brooklyn starts off strong, with a thick layer of black pepper over a slug of Iso E Super, supported by Christmas tree pine, dark leather, sweetened with grapefruit and and just a pinch of (to quote jimmyfresno) "the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine 'accord'". The smell on skin is a vaguely sweet peppery woody leather, but thanks to the Iso E Super, the real fireworks are in the smoky spicy sillage.

    The problem with Brooklyn is that, given time, it just sort of thins out, while a rubbing alcohol smell replaces the leather. Eventually, the base is disappointing, just a smudge of "marine" chemicals. Usually Bond doesn't cheap out on the basenotes, so I'm not sure why they let this one go so tepid.

    Anyway, I love the first couple of hours, and the base, though lame, isn't as nostril-searing as many cheap "aquatic" bases, so it's a thumbs up, if only barely.

    29 December, 2013

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    This smells like a old basement bar in Brooklyn. Hot and leathery scent. If you are a fan of Wilson leather store this is your scent.

    Cons: Price..... UGH "

    02 August, 2013

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    Brooklyn by Bond no 9.

    Your typical fresh grapefruit fragrance with a slightly woody background, with a splash of gin a little twist of a metallic vetiver note. While it starts off shaky and synthetic, it improves during the dry down, so be sure not to judge this by your first impression. However, even at it's base, it's still a fragrance that doesn't really innovate in a meaningful way or supplement what my collection already doesn't have.

    If this were a designer fragrance, this would be among the better summer scents, but for the price (considering the other fragrances of the Bond no 9. line, as well as other niche fragrance in general) this is lacking. Personally, it is something I would gladly wear until my decant runs out, but I would never buy it again. As for you, if you can heighten your budget and lower your standards, this fragrance might be enjoyable for you.

    29 May, 2013

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    Justin Case

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    To me, this is about cyprerss and cedarwood. The opening is strongly cedar/pine-like, which put a nice big grin on my face. It does remain woodsy overall, but it loses the strength of the initial burst of wood, which is too bad.

    Still a strong coniferous contender. Definitely give it a try.

    05 May, 2013

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    New Zealand New Zealand

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    I'm going against the grain here and you won't find a bigger Bond No 9 fan out there than me. The cardamom was an immediate turn off in the opening. I disagree about how this is an all season fragrance because no one would want to smell like this in the summer and this does not have the projection/longevity required in the winter (on my skin). If this was in my collection I would never wear it nor would I want to so I'm giving this a negative rating

    15 February, 2013

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    I have none of the baggage regarding Bond as some reviewers, e.g. the number of fragrances they release each year, etc. But I am starting to believe that their formulas are ripoff tweeks of popular perfume notes.

    Brooklyn, oh Brooklyn. What an overdose of a note not listed: synthetic Pink Peppercorn, iso e Super, and the line's favorite chemical, Calone acquatic marine "accord." . Astmatic, bronchospasm-inducing Pink Peppercorn. One tiny half spritz on my wrist and I recognized it and had to wash it off. It is the very note that causes my lungs to close when a colleague wears it. My spouse is now coughing 3 rooms away, I swear to god.

    01st July, 2012

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