1881 Intense (2008)
    by Cerruti

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    1881 Intense information

    1881 Intense is a men's fragrance by Cerruti. The scent was launched in 2008

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    Andrewthecologneguy's avatar

    Nigeria Nigeria

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    I was expecting an intense version of 1881, that is what the bottle says, but it is in fact not an intense version but a reserved version, thus I would rename this 1881 Reserve.

    In fragrance nomenclature, I picture Reserve as a version that highlights the key notes of the original, while diminishing negative notes (if any). This is exactly what 1881 Intense is, a more distinguished and refined version of 1881, thicker, denser, less perfumy and just more without being shouty.

    One becomes anosmic to this within a few hours, which is why some reviewers say the projection/sillage is not as good. It is...it fills the room for all but the wearer. I LOVE 1881 and love this version just as much. I wish I could find the Acqua Forte version, curious to see what the difference is.

    26th December, 2013

    daysgoneby's avatar

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Surprisingly good. Unmistakably masculine. Sillage rather ineffective after a while, with 3hrs needing a top up. I've only ever had very positive comments, and all from the girls. One young lass, on entering the room stated "Ooo, it smells really nice in here, it smells of.......... MEN!" I think it does the job rather well, now that i'm 50 and Aramis, Anteus and Monsieur Rochas are a tad too tobacco or leathery, this has some citrus cologne notes that balance out perfectly without the femininity of Eau Sauvage or the timber forest blasts from Guerlain Vetiver, either of which i happily wear on the right occasion.

    13th November, 2011

    Darvant's avatar

    Italy Italy

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    In my opinion this version tends to stress the mossy, ambery and leathery features of the original formula and turns out infact sexier, smoother (or better denser) and darker than the original. The opening is slightly less bitter and citrusy while is strengthened the presence of conifers and aromatic greens as fir, mint and cypress. The fragrance is boise' and slightly more resinous than the previous release with a less floral presence. The projection is stronger for sure. This is a distinguished office's fragrance very bracing and cool.

    09th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 07th February, 2012)

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    Australia Australia

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    This is a lovely fresh scent that actually reminds me of Antaeus. Like a weaker version- this is really pleasant and a scent that is great for the office or day wear. Musky and a bit of leather.

    The only negative for me is that longevity and sillage is not great. I get around 4 hours and I wish it was better in these areas.

    Thumbs up apart from the negatives!

    08th March, 2011

    cheadle's avatar

    Nigeria Nigeria

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    I love1881 even though I felt it did not project very much, but came to appreciate that it was much more effective that way; silent and assured.

    Now its offspring '1881 intense' is a totally different story, even with a few sprays the projection is instantaneous it retains some of the character of 1881 but amplified big time (hold it, I said Some not ALL of its character this IS A DIFFERENT fragrance). Its not 1881 on streroids but an authoritative gentleman's scent. That means even if you never tried 1881 but you love classic fragrances for men then you will not be disappointed with this, it is a updated interpretation of the UNMISTAKEABLY MASCULINE fragrance it does not pretend.

    24th June, 2010

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