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Green Oakmoss
by Soivohle (Liz Zorn)


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GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseSoivohle (Liz Zorn)
PerfumerLiz Zorn

About Green Oakmoss

A deep full bodied green with a touch of tuberose and carnation, soft spices, and animalic undertones. The green mossy note is present throughout the evolution of this parfum.

Reviews of Green Oakmoss

This has a dominant leathery aromatic presence that brings to mind old-school masculines. The opening is a mix of bitter, grassy green notes softened with a buttery, resin effect. There are some spicy florals, too ó a sort of hot geranium. The oakmoss, sadly, is hidden (I love oakmoss and often wear it solo), and what you get instead is a supple leather of the purse variety (as opposed to, say, a biker jacket). Even though it does come over like an Ď80s aesthetic, it retains a crafty feel, but itís not something Iím personally drawn to. Performance is a tad on the low side too, Iím afraid, with most of the key notes vacating too fast.
04th May, 2015
Ouch! This was a learning experience for me. What did I learn?
1. When I hear oakmoss, I usually equate it with "fougere". But of course a chypre can also contain oakmoss. And I like both styles per se. But they are different.
2. Tuberose is a deal-breaker for me. It is very prominent here, and I don't care for it.

Starts a bit green, quite minty, and fairly spicy (clove). This phase smells like an organic toothpaste.
Then the tuberose kicks in. It is often described as heavy and honey-like, and I do get a fair amount of somewhat dense sweetness here. Also, I find tuberose to be fleshy, metallic, a bit minty, and at times morphing into a toasted sesame seeds/smoky note.
The scent is a bit soft, a bit sweet, a bit spicy. Not particularly green, not crisp, not really oak-mossy. Where are the woods? Where is the vetiver? Indeed, where is the OAKMOSS... a somewhat surprising omission given the name.
A somewhat sweet musky drydown.
Seriously engaged long tuberose note in the dry down, unfortunately.
Well, if you love tuberose then you'll love this! However, I don't.
18th January, 2015 (last edited: 19th January, 2015)
There is a unbelievable richness to this fragrance. The opening is rather intense and not quite comfortable, but within 20 minutes I am in awe of Green Oakmoss' beauty. It has a spiritual quality to it.
I get hay, alfalfa and a suggestion of wildflowers in this. Also, a bit of an anise or oud like note that I really cannot identify.
Longevity is pretty good. For me, 5 hours is a lot.
Radiantly beautiful.
26th October, 2014 (last edited: 28th March, 2016)
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United States
I don't have the vocabulary yet to describe this scent. I received a sample along with an order I'd placed with Liz Zorn. I tried out the sample, expecting an icky Oakmoss aroma (I find that oak moss smells a lot like the Aqua Net hair spray my older sisters used to use so much of to keep their 80's bangs up)
And this is nothing like that! It's rather wonderful. It's like walking ina deep wooded area covered in green moss, while following a beautiful fairy. Love this scent. Ordered a bottle.
26th October, 2011
A cool refreshing green woods scent. This doesn't smell of oakmoss to me but it is woodsy with an ethereal and potent green scent that does have light mossy touches. It is a gentle green chypre that has a distinct vetiver presence along with woods. I like this green woods scent considerably. Green Oakmoss is a unique fragrance, as are all of Liz Zorn creations and I've not smelled anything else quite like it. The closest comparable fragrance on the market is a slight similarity to Aventus from Creed, but with the pinneapple note removed leaving only green chypre woods. This one goes straight onto my buy list!

The listed notes are: citrus, clove, tuberose, rose geranium, oakmoss accord, leather, animal musk, vetiver, patchouli, labdanum, and woods.
13th May, 2011
A lovely rich ,mossy ,earthy rendition. A gorgoeus unisex chypre. A blend of synthetics and natural materials, this is an aromatic delight to wear.
It's slightly floral with a little tuberose, earthy with the moss and a little spicey. I do wonder if there is any oakmoss in here .Still a beauty ,refreshingly green .
22nd April, 2010

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