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Davidoff Adventure Amazonia (2009)
by Davidoff


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Davidoff Adventure Amazonia

Davidoff Adventure Amazonia is a masculine fragrance by Davidoff. The scent was launched in 2009

Davidoff Adventure Amazonia fragrance notes

Reviews of Davidoff Adventure Amazonia

AA opens up with similar background notes to the original Adventure, including mate leaves & whatever is included in the uninformative ‘spices’ label. The top notes are also different than Adventure in that they are also fruitier. It’s a nice enough mixture. This is closer to the original Adventure than Eau Fraiche.

AA is like the others in this particular line in that it has absolutely no longevity whatsoever – a couple of hours max. The slightest breeze will blow this right off of you.

Personally I prefer the original Adventure in this line. However this is a close second, going by scent alone. I probably wouldn’t buy this again, unless it sold for very little because of its poor longevity.
18th December, 2012
Smells great but this is weaker than original Adventure. It's more an EDC than EDT. There are better options there for summer.
17th November, 2012 (last edited: 04th January, 2013)
umhhhhhhhhhhh! Delicious, drying on my skin cream note is extremely addictive ...... but I would like to continue so forever ..... where are you? where are you ??..... what a shame that so little hard, maybe three hours max ...... what a shame .....
anyway, thumbs up to Amazon, again, is incredibly addictive its note of sweet cream, sweet,
is a must ..... if only for a sniffed!
12th May, 2010
I have a sneaking suspicion that this in fact water straight out of the Amazon. Brown and almost completely odourless, it is even more anonymous than the dreadful Adventure. Ephemeral traces of sandalwood and vague fruits are not really the stuff of legend. Davidoff have produced an almost odourless fragrance with minimal longevity. They have called it a limited edition merely to raise our spirits.
01st August, 2009
Delightful. Instead of a warming spice like the original, this feels cooler somewhat. Very fruity on top. Dries down into the same Adventure drydown of sandalwood and other woods. Too bad they didn't "fix" the longevity problem. But I loved it at first sniff!
13th April, 2009
I had the chance to try this today. Very interesting...the opening had a close similarity to Mugler Cologne, in its greeness that is...then the original Adventure shows up, weaker though. RCavs mentioned in his review of Adventure that it was very similar to the original Burberry London...I agree comletely, and Adventure Amazonia does as well, albeit lighter and a bit greener. In its dry down state it brings to mind Paul Smith London...RCavs said the regular Adventure could be called L'Eau de Burberry, and I agree. in the same spirit, Adventure Amazonia could be called L'Eau du Paul Smith London.

Overall the change from regular to Amazonia is only in the opening and mid notes where a certainly greener, rain foresty mistyness is added.
19th February, 2009

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