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Acqua Azzurra For Men (2008)
by Gianfranco Ferré


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 12 votes)

People and companies

HouseGianfranco Ferré
PerfumerMark Buxton
Parent CompanyAngelini > ITF Cosmetics
Parent Company at launchICR > ITF Cosmetics

About Acqua Azzurra For Men

Acqua Azzurra For Men is a masculine fragrance by Gianfranco Ferré. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Mark Buxton

Acqua Azzurra For Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Acqua Azzurra For Men


I love Blue Musk and Ferre For Men and Rose Princesse if you compare ACQUA AZZURRA with these Colognes probably you find A considerable different as This is definitely less Aromatic and Interesting.

The notes are disharmonic.Nice opening with green smell bergamot,The Middle notes is Soft but the base is regrettable because i find it poor.Yes not last long Like more watery colognes. It remindes me of a Light Spring day.

For me is A ordinary Example of Aromatic Aquatic category because i prefer more noticeable colognes but is ideal for who like smelling like water or they are looking for a average cologne in HOT weather.


24th May, 2015
A common, poor, unnoticed aroma that lasts about 1 hour on my skin. So far this is the worst fragrance I've ever had. It reminds me of Christian Lacroix's Nuit pour homme, which is an awful and cheap fragrance. Don't waste your money on this guy, seriously.
31st March, 2013
This one did not work for me. I smell only a common aquatic theme - nothing innovative. Lasting power, sillage and projection are low/weak. Big disappointment.
02nd November, 2012 (last edited: 04th January, 2013)
Opening is a citrus, water accord. The note pyramid says orange blossom and bergamot. Sounds fine to me. The rose is always in the background of this fragrance, even with the opening notes.

Middle notes I can smell the rose and violet and a bit of ginger. It’s very well done and not too strong or feminine. Pleasant mixture.

I like AA. It’s a nice aquatic that is put together well. And it’s not overly pricey. I bought the miniature bottle and am enjoying it rather well. It’s nothing that’s going to shock you or blow your socks off, but it’s a fine fragrance.
05th March, 2012
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
I love most Ferre colognes and wear Ferre for Man almost daily. Upon trying a sample of this, Acqua Azzurra, I am surprisingly unimpressed and underwhelmed. This reminds me of so many bland "cool" fragrances for men, cheap ones! The sort elderly men slap on when they go to church or out to the local "steak n taters" restaurant! Cool, aquamarine, citrusy (distinct note of synthetic lime). This is a hodge-podge fragrance that would be familiar to anyone as any number of cheap, inoffensive EDTs. Like all Ferre products, it has a fairly long wear-at least 8 to 10 hours, but I doubt most people who'd like the fragrance would pay premium price for a scent you can purchase from any discount store.
04th November, 2011
Pleasant aquatic. I agree with Nihilist, this reminds a bit Green Irish Tweed and smells like a sort of ozonic formula of the Creed's one lacking the distinction of that. The link of bergamot, orange, greens, violet leaves and gaiac wood reminds the smell of the Creed's fragrance which ends more ambery, earthy and masculine than Acqua Azzurra which indeed deflects towards a more synthetic and marine kind of smell with its wave accord that, as SirSlarty clarifies, is a chemical marine accord (that we find in Cool Water, L'eau d'Issey, Polo Sport woman etc) that smells like a slightly salty but floral synthetic chord of melon, seaweeds and grapefruit. The metallic effect of the violet leaves is smoothed a bit by a lighter smell of rose that in absence of balsams carries a touch of softness to the juice. Sharp, sunny, balanced and orangy.
07th October, 2011 (last edited: 08th October, 2011)

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