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Jaguar Prestige (200)
by Jaguar


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Year of Launch200
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchLoreste

About Jaguar Prestige

Jaguar Prestige is a masculine fragrance by Jaguar. The scent was launched in 200

Reviews of Jaguar Prestige

Jaguar Prestige is just another ordinary masculine fragrance. Nothing special or peculiar about this, though the perfume is nice for casual everyday wear but it has got uncanny similarity to hundreds of perfumes available in the market of wood/spicy genre. Intimately beckham, dirty english and davidoff adventure are much better choices.
The longevity of Prestige is fair but it stays very close to the skin and i think its very bad because hardly anyone can notice it. Although it has been mentioned that there are so many notes in it from top to base but nothing stands tall and poor art of perfumery is seen in jaguar prestige i must say. The bottle is undoubtedly good. overall if i keep the price of it in mind then i think it is not a bad option either.
6.2 out of 10.
07th August, 2011
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United States
There's not much I can say about Jaguar Prestige other than it's a good solid woody spicy fragrance. Like other reviewers below have said, you've smelled a million other fragrances like this before. It's a very dry, very light wood fragrance with a little bit of citrus and spice to add some color, and that's about it. Imagine the smell of dry sawdust with a little cinnamon and grapefruit, and you've got Jaguar Prestige. The arid wood smell, however, dominates.

No, it's nothing even remotely original, but it's done well, costs very little, and smells good. It's a safe scent that won't offend anyone, but it's not too boring and you may even get some compliments wearing it. I like it, but I don't love it. Awesome flask-shaped bottle too that will look good on your dresser.

04th March, 2011
Like all other Jaguar fragrances, it is a good, solid perfume but too generic, there are thousands of perfumes out there that could be replaced by this and nobody would notice. IMO very similar to Ferragamo Incanto Essential , Cerutti Image.
I've owned all of Jaguar fragrances and I would not recognize them in a blind test, even if my life depended on it. It is very pleasant though and beats the hell of any of the so popular aquatics. I am between neutral and thumbs up, but for the price (inexpensive and does not smell cheap) I decided thumbs up.
16th January, 2011
Overall, it seems like a pretty solid masculine to me. I didn't get spiciness or window cleaner... just your basic woody lemony leathery lavendery patchouli. The formula is not the least bit original, and most folks reading this have probably smelled a dozen like it. There isn't any cardamum, as far as I can tell, and thankfully there's no detectable coriander, either. And does anyone really believe in 'birch leaf' anyway?

Oh, well. I got the 100 ml bottle for about 16 US cents per ml (you do the math!). I think this stuff is perfectly acceptable, and neither wimpy watery or ozone fresh. And the bottle is nice. Thumbs up for the discount store!
23rd January, 2010
A woodsy spicy scent that goes nowhere. Starts of cold and brisk citrus, goes into its spicy woodsy-ness and then fades into obscurity. The plethora of notes reads like V&R Antidote's. While that is sweet and powdery spicy, Jaguar Prestige is the stripped down version.

Nothing unique about it. in fact, some of the accords remind me of Puma Create Man and other squeaky, window cleaner type scents.I remember seeing this go for $100 when it was first released. What silliness is that?

I'm the unfortunate owner of a bottle.
06th November, 2009

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