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GenderShared / Unisex
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About Madera

Madera is a shared / unisex perfume by Omnia Profumo.

Reviews of Madera

Warm, creamy caramel and butterscotch, sprinkled with coconut Ė whatís not to like about this? This is incredibly delicious and it makes me think of the glazed caramel mud cake you can buy from the Cheesecake Shop here in Australia Ė so, so good.

I donít get any of the flowers in this, but thatís ok Ė Iím really enjoying the caramel/butterscotch note. Although I donít generally hold with the whole spring/summer/autumn/winter scent thing, I could see this being a great autumn or winter scent Ė itís so warm and cosy. Itís quite sweet and I suspect it could become a bit of a beast if over-applied in hot weather. Itís currently 32C with 52% humidity, and the tiny dab I put on my arm is plenty. Iím going to re-visit this when the weather cools. One of the better gourmands I have sampled. Definitely full-bottle worthy!

UPDATE: Two hours after I put this on, the flowers started to come through - very soft and pretty. I'm liking this more and more :)

UPDATE: I now have a full bottle of this, a Christmas present from my beautiful husband. Being able to spritz it on generously, rather than dab from the sample bottle - wow! Such a difference. After a few hours of wear, suddenly there were the flowers Ė not in-your-face, but rather gentle wafts of a lovely, delicate floral scent, with the caramel note lingering in the background. Stunning!
10th January, 2017 (last edited: 02nd January, 2018)
This is a beautiful, warm and inviting gourmand. It's an exciting lover that makes you decadent waffles in the morning.

This has notes of rich and creamy caramel, vanilla (softly mixed in with the caramel...not alcohol vanilla), creamed coconut and a touch of oily wax. Any floral notes are barely noticeable to me and seems that they are there to round everything out, keep it from being linear.

The wear time is quite long at about 8+ hours and sillage is moderate (a little past arm length).

This is lovely for a date night or a night you want to be wrapped in cozy goodness. I love it!
05th December, 2016
Far too sweet and syrupy. I felt like visiting a dentist after sampling this scent.
23rd January, 2010
As with the below review, this disappointed me (admittedly I had my expectations up). It wans't, to my nose, caramel-y or butterscotchy-y, it was just vanilla, and a tinny, synthetic, shallowish vanilla at that. Lasting power was average and throw was almost nil.

The frag this reminded me of is Lea St. Barth, which is a richer, better frag all around than Madera. However, if anyone has found Lea to be 'too much' maybe give this one a try? I'm unimpressed, but it's not an offensive scent. Just too samey and generic to me.
31st May, 2009

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