Valentino (new) (2008)
    by Valentino

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    I lurk around here at basenotes often but this is my first review .. . i think. I just purchased this on a blind buy looking for a floral that actually smells like a floral on my skin. This does. I usually gravitate toward soft orientals and unisex scents because my skin radiates spices, incense and unfortunately all things that smell like soil, mulch, grass. So "unique" florals just don't work. I don't describe notes well but I like that this has no traditional oriental notes (other than the rice) and no dirt notes. This is a simple floral that on my skin actually smells soft, pretty, romantic and feminine. . For me this is perfect.

    14 October, 2012

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    Gloss & Bubbly
    United States United States

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    The new Valentino is very pretty. A keeper if you grew up in the era (or "error", as I like to call it) of CK One and all those overdone oceanic and fresh scents. That is however, if you feel "ready to grow up" and want to try something floral, sophisticated, but not too sweet, nor traditionally floral. For me, it wasn't quite enough, not enough floral, not enough in the dry-down. But I have respect for this scent, even if I prefer something heavier. I have heard that Jada Pinkett-Smith wears this and layers it with something earthy, like Demeter's Dirt. Now there's an idea....

    06 December, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Reported notes in the new Valentino perfume are as follows: pomelo, pear blossom and magnolia; orange blossom, mimosa and violet leaf; rice vapour, heliotrope and vanilla-orchid.
    To me, it has a an ozonic opening followed by some tart-sweet florals as if it were preparing to become a "pink chypre." But then, a big, melon-and-cucumber note develops. It continues all the way to the end of the fragrance. (This particular aroma reminds me of the Calone marine note of an earlier decade.) So, in all, the new 2009 Valentino fragrance smells both fruity and aquatic and is not much to my liking.

    10th March, 2009

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