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Lyric Man (2008)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Lyric Man

Lyric Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2008

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United States
i get soap and rose water. a bar of rose soap from a hotel. generic fresh rose that's what i got first impression with just 1 wearing of lyric man..purchased rose noir cause it was more affordable and because of reviews stating that they smell almost apologies to lyric man, i found my actual lyric man sample in my stash and, beautiful.. lyric man is a very lightly powdered rose scent with a slight residue of soap.....rose noir is the soapy generic rose water soap...
21st January, 2019 (last edited: 09th February, 2019)
Powdery, subdued rose opening. Unisex labeling feels right rather than masculine, the rose and powder starts to push this into "old-lady" territory. And on that note, it also leans more mature than young.

Projection isn't overwhelming and there is an overall "cleanness" to the scent that makes me think this could be pretty versatile. Longevity is good, lasts all day.
02nd January, 2019
Amouage Lyric Man (2008) is an exceptionally challenging fragrance on many fronts, and has developed a love/hate reputation among colognoisseurs for several reasons. Primarily, Lyric Man is a fresh, green, soapy rose fragrance in the old Victorian tradition, but with ambergris and other animalics that would normally darken and dirty a composition from that period replaced with Middle Eastern favorites like sandalwood and myrrh for a drier finish that magnifies the clean, verdant notes on top. Relative unknown Daniel Visentin created this for Amouage, whom since opening by Prince Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said under request by Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, has always sought mainly prominent Western perfumers to interpret their hybridized ideas, so his idea must have been particularly strong. Most of the division over Lyric Man stems from its perceived lack of masculinity, especially compared to the much-heavier oriental rose of Amouage Lyric Woman (2008), which arguably is unisex. Most heteronormative guys buying blind based on reviews find Lyric Man to be jarringly light, floral, and feminine unless they love rose or have an expanded palette for perfumes across gender marketing lines, and Lyric Man has unsurprisingly found some favor with women. I think both versions of Lyric are unisex but clean and dirty sides of the same coin, and I can see why Amouage would take this direction as they're seeing the Western trend towards fresher masculines continuously dominate the market, but probably didn't put two plus two together to realize that Western rose guys prefer a dry rose like the later Cartier Déclaration d'Un Soir (2012) and Le Labo Thé Noir (2015), one that's barely implied like the even later Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Ultime (2016) or one folded into a fougère accord like the classic Caron Number 3/Le 3eme Homme (1985). Maybe Amouage was just a little early to the 21st century rose revival for men?

Lyric Man opens with a dry bergamot and tart lime, fresh, zesty, semi-ozonic in character as it wafts from skin. The featured rose on the box emerges right away, and it's a bright tea rose, not a heavy Turkish or sweet Damask rose as pictured or as might be expected in a Middle Eastern perfume for men, which typically utilize those varieties in their composition. Angelica and neroli flank this tea rose, offering a soapy white floral balance to the heady signature note, and the whole thing is very lightly dusted in galbanum, which brings in the leafy green factor of the tea rose nicely, making Lyric Man feel like a throwback to the sharp feminine chypres of the late 60's through early 80's. Ginger, nutmeg, and saffron "brown up" the middle in savory spice, but it doesn't detract much from the rose/neroli pair, serving only as olfactory adhesive which mulls the florals, making me think of a rose-flavored traditional eau de cologne with spice swapped in for herbs. Sandalwood, vanilla, musk, and myrrh dial in the semi-sweet aromatic factor even more, with pine being the one masculine anchor keeping the other base notes from making the dry down too sweet, offering up a Hollywood-sterilized view of the Victorian dandy. Sillage is tight but intense, not quite nuclear like some Amouage scents, but you will smell yourself all day with just 2 sprays so be please be careful. Fans of neroli who don't mind a rose/galbanum accord floating about may also find favor with Lyric Man, as that orange blossom is the most-prominent floral in the composition besides the rose. Lyric Man is a scent out of place, time, and apparently gender norms too, so no context provided for where to use it outside of extreme heat or cold, where such piercingly bright soapy florals shine the most.

I totally get the controversy surrounding Lyric Man, as its feminine counterpart is actually more butch than it, which doesn't bother ladies so much as feminine-marketed perfume has always come in a wider swath of styles than masculines, while stuff pitched at CISHET guys is generally a "clean citrus/aquatic/woody amber", a "vanilla/tonka/tobacco/spice" or occasionally a "sharp aromatic woody/leather/hesperides", with nary a bit of floral dalliance or soapiness. Older guys or vintage masculine fans are more than prepared for what Lyric Man has to offer (particularly with the lime opening), as these kinds of things were more-commonly worn in decades past, just smell Hammam Bouquet (1872) or even Zino Davidoff (1986) for reference. If anything, Lyric Man smells like a darker, less-green and slightly-soapier Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose (1973) with much better performance. Being a niche prestige brand pushing well past 3 digits, I do not encourage a blind buy here, but regardless of whether you're genderfluid or dyed-in-the-wool masculine/feminine, Lyric Man is a lovely antique rose perfume laced with a bit of modern clean. The only real negative I can find in Lyric Man is its slightly-linear development, but when the prominent floral on display is rose (my favorite), executed so well, with such good performance all around, it can be forgiven. A friend of mine opinioned that this scent is perfectly suitable to a gay man comfortable in his own skin, and may in fact be intended for such an audience. I almost couldn't agree more with him as I love the stuff, but knowing Amouage's country of origin and how rose perfumes of all kinds have been traditionally enjoyed by men for generations, I think this is just a Middle East-meets-West sort of happy little accident. Thumbs up, but be careful not to rush in on the hype.
23rd November, 2018
Interesting mix between rose, musk, incense and fresh notes. It smells misterious but also seductive.

I think when you first sniff this scent, it depends on your mood you have in that moment. Lyric for man is one of rare perfumes that attaches 100% to your state of mind.

Another good one from Amouage.
09th July, 2018
you can tell as soon as this hits your nose that it is a rose scent...I'm a sucker for topnotes , and I love that shimmer of lime/bergamot at the of my favorite parts of this fragrance....just wish it was a tad stronger and lasted just a little longer...the rose poses a paradox for me , it smells both rich and watery at the same time to my nose...the almost required touch of Amouage incense is there , but I find it to be very restrained...i like orange blossom and I can smell it as the fragrance moves into the mid, but for some strange reason in this combo it gives me a little bit of a plasticy feel/smell...maybe it's the way the herbs affect the overall accord...I'm one of those that does not believe a fragrance should be gender classed , but to put it another way , this fragrance does seem to lean more toward the yin side...a gentle rose scent that I can't see anyone finding offensive...polite and relaxing...if I were to season it , I would say perfect for enjoying a cool summer evening while sitting outside...If I close my eyes and take a nice sniff it brings me images of not red , but pink and maybe some yellow and white roses...I guess I can see why there is both love and hate for this fragrance...There are full bottles of some of my favorite Amouages in my wardrobe, but so far, I've only indulged in a small split of this...The watery , yet robust rose in this reminds me somewhat of the rose smell in me , as it dries down and then bottoms out , it's pretty much roses on top of freshly sanded sandalwood with a trace of fresh non-smoky incense...
26th June, 2018
An underwhelming stuffy rose fragrance, with woods, sweet musk and a touch of incense. A touch of lime at start is refreshing, and leads to the rose accord that's slightly soapy and a bit spicy. Thy dry down is smooth with the incense, rose and woods - but for some reason I find it claustrophobic.

This is not among my favourite rose fragrances by a long shot. I'm always uncomfortable in this, as it feels like wearing a shawl on a summer day.

Sillage and duration are good.

27th December, 2017

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