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Lyric Man (2008)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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Creative DirectorChristopher Chong

About Lyric Man

Lyric Man is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2008

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Reviews of Lyric Man

While being at a Dutch perfume store to smell some Lubins, a tall slick lady told me that the perfumes could be smelled in the jars that laid next to the bottle as if in fear that my clumsiness would demolish any bottle I happened to touch. The cool thing with this method is that you can smell the far drydown of perfumes that reach there after a "century" and even if owned aren’t usually allowed to dry to this extent. Moreover, you can spray some on paper and witness the top and middle ground. Thence I grabbed the small marble jar next to Lyric and put it to my nose. The smell was of a tremendously austere woody rose infused with transparent, slightly dry, cold smoke from high grade frankincense. It did really take me away.
While letting my Lubins to dry down I was badgered that as far as I remembered the scent was neither this calm nor so enigmatically authoritative. So, I went and sprayed some on paper to satisfy my curiosity. Before I put the strip to my nose the fragrance infused the whole space around me. Scarcely have I come upon a perfume with such a titanic radiance. The top notes are surprisingly sparkling with vivid lime and bitter angelica, a short of gin tonic prelude to open the appetite for the main course. The rose soon ascends and it is also, energetic, lively, and veers towards the musky and soapy-fresh with an out-of-the-shower feel. It is strong and dominates but the perfume isn't a solifore since the rose is nuanced and supported by the tranquil presence of woody notes. I took the strip home and let it there, getting whiffs once in a while.
Next morning, I re-approached the strip and noticed slight differences which I believe would be expedited on skin. The rose was still there but the woods were more evident and the incense smoke was cloaking the scent. So powerful is the suffusion of the woody notes that the fragrance while drying down starts resembling more of a woods perfume rather than a floral one.
After some hours the celestial accord I had experienced in the jar appeared. A dispassionately serene accord of woody rose with incense wafting around like the rings of Cronos. Such an introspective smell this was full of mystery and melancholy. A perfect trap, a genial and harmless forefront which quietly but steadily carries you away somewhere where silence reigns. Like remembering memories that seem vivid but are very distant. This must be the perfume of the void.
Simply breathtaking.
03rd October, 2017
Amazing fragrance.

Opens up a little too feminine but after 10 or 15 minutes it transforms into a much more unisex scent.

I get dark roses mixed with a fresh blast. It of course has Amouage's incense dna running through it. Only thing stopping me purchasing a full bottle is the fact that it is not overly versatile but will most probably keep a decant handy for the right occasion.
28th September, 2017
Like many of the Males here, I find the opening of LM has me thinking...this,is a beautiful perfume... for a Feminine woman or perhaps an effeminate man or even man who was wanting to express his Feminine side.

It then dries down to a slightly Generic, Genderless Soapy Rosey Wood.

Saved, in the end, by an absolutely gorgeous sliver of Frankincense in finish.

Would I purchase this for myself?

Probably not.

For my friend, who is Gay, Effeminate,Sexy, Strikingly Handsome (Both Physically and Spiritually)?

You bet.

15th September, 2017 (last edited: 18th September, 2017)
From first time i set my eyes on this fragrance , i tried direct on skin walked around the shop didn't think much of it walked out got to the footpath sniffed sample on skin immediately done u turn and went to buy a bottle , i found the scent so captivating and alluring had to own. And yes some people identify as feminine the rose is to much generally i find after dry down " Lyric " gets its stride, i can honestly say if your donning a Hugo Boss suit (black) Tie Shoes hole 9 yards and finish outfit with Lyric, who is going judge you dressed like this and or quote " feminine "

Projection 9.5/10
Overall 9.5/10
30th August, 2017
This is a rose dominant fragrance that leans very feminine to start and does dry into a nice soapy skin scent. Overall, it's a neutral due to the start being feminine. Longevity is nice with nice projection. Not my most favorite from the house. Worth a sample to try but do not blind buy.
29th June, 2017 (last edited: 18th October, 2017)
Oh dear - when I first sprayed this my thoughts were "is this a man's fragrance??". The rose is overwhelming and a strong geranium \ daffodil \ yellow flowers over powers all. It was almost a scrubber for me as it's beyond the typical "feminine" fragrance, this is truely a girly smell that no man could ever pull off. It's the very definition of feminine.

I have tried more than a few amouage fragrances and never been disappointed so I battled through to see what the dry down was like...and I'm more than suprised by how much I like it. 1 hour in and thankfully the floral notes have faded completely, the rose is still there but well hidden in the background. The dry citrus notes are out in full force and they are well balanced by the earthy incense and frankincense. The amouage note you know and love comes out and it contrasts extremely well with the citrus and hidden floral notes.

This is a perfect unisex fragrance - it is very similar to Silver Mountain Water but replace the Creed signature ambergris with the amouage signature frankincense, add a hint of rose, and they are practically the same fragrance. The only complaint I would make is it has a very strong "shower gel" feel to the fragrance, a sort of overpowering "24 hour fresh" note that shouts a little too loudly over the chorus.

Very well done - I bought a 30ml bottle and I would have to wear it a few more times to see if I would splash out on a full size bottle. If you have SMW then you don't need this. A definite word of advice though, don't go off first impressions, let this sit on your skin before you make a judgment. The longer it sits on your skin, the more masculine it seems to get.

Typical monster silage and lasting power just like the rest of the amouage range. The balance and overall classiness that the rest of the range has just isn't there in this offering and if you had the choice, I would suggest going for Reflection or Jubilation over this one.
13th May, 2017

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