Lyric Woman (2008)
    by Amouage

    Lyric Woman Fragrance Notes

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    United States United States

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    Nothing special

    It opens up with Cardamom Ylang Ylang, and Pine wood. Sort of sharp, some describe as sour. I don't get much rose, or it is blended in the other notes Incense and sandalwood make a dry-down appearance.

    19 July, 2013

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    Rose scents normally don't like me. They reveal my age faster than my under-eye wrinkles--transporting me into "little old lady" status far too soon. Regardless, I continue to sample them with hope and longing.

    Amouage Lyric is the sole example of a beautiful rose that works positively with my body chemistry. (Ormonde Jayne's Ta'if almost works) Although it starts off with an alarming screech on my skin, within ten minutes it begins to calm into a sensual, spicy, woody rose that is absolutely beautiful. Lyric isn't linear...the rose, woods, orris that dominate on my skin float in and out with the hint of spices that start out strong then settle in to a complementary role. Divine!

    Amouge scents are so luxurious and monied that, whether you like the scent or not, you can't help but appreciate the very obvious quality of the juice.

    31st March, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A nice dark fruity-sweet, lightly spiced, warm oriental. Luscious, easy to wear, easy to like. Reminiscent of 90's orientals to me with the big, fruity-sweet base note. I have nothing against it especially, except for it being enveloped with a fruity oriental ambiance that, while I have to say it is yummy, I nonetheless don't want in an oriental I wear. This is a big soft purple flounce of a flamenco dress. I can see its appeal, and why someone would fall in love with it, but it's not for me.

    23 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 January, 2013)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I can detect no SOUR note in the dry down of the scent , there is a fleeting moment of over ripeness in the final die down but it really is fleeting - I have only just discovered Amouage in general and can only marvel at the wonderful complexity of the composition of Lyric Woman a lovely dark floral scent with some dusty wood in the heart .
    I am in love with this and what is more, my husband remarked upon how lovely I smelled when we went out for dinner . It's taken me 20 years and thousands of pounds to find a scent that we both agree on and it seems like this could be the one . I have bought this and also Jubilee 25 because I bought a small coffret of Amouage's current scents on line .

    Finally, it seems , my job here is done !

    23 June, 2012

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    Germany Germany

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    At least I know now why Epic, Memoir and Lyric seem to have that same strange "sour" note in the dry down. Another reviewer helpfully pointed out that they were all created by Daniel Maurel. I am still at a loss though as to what this sour note actually is in terms of ingredient, just that I don't like it. It's not sour like citrus, more like something fermenting. Anyone who can shed light on this for me please do, I can't figure it out. Anyway, Lyric is actually my favourite of the three scents named above. It is lighter and less full on than both Memoir and Epic (and see my review on that too). I could bear Lyric and it quite grew on me, whereas I had to wash the other two off. Or at least try too. One thing I will say for Amouage, their scents do last. So, Lyric: nice enough, subtle, elegant, refined but a bit generic and absolutely no comparison to the lovely Dia or the absolutely stupendous and gorgeous Gold. I guess I just prefer the sweeter and more powdery Amouage scents. Strange, as I love love love En Avion by Caron and it is neither.

    24 May, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    Well, this is a true lyric – beautiful, reflective complexity. A rose that presents itself in the mind's eye as the colour of this perfume's bottle, warm cardamom and ginger, resins and powders, creamy sandalwood and the wonderful earthing pulse of moss. It is all of those things and yet I'm willing to bet that someone reading that description would still be surprised upon first encountering Lyric, it just strikes the nose as utterly novel. This one just shifts and shifts upon contemplation and projects beautifully without overpowering. It's like a 'difficult' album (a certain sourness in the mix does take some getting used to) that brings greater rewards with each listen.

    23 April, 2012

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