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Lyric Woman (2008)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Lyric Woman

Lyric Woman is a feminine perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Lyric Woman


From boottle to sensationes that gives...a drop of this scent makes you feel amazing,in this terrestrial world we have to's like an escape...oh,i love it...just try it!lovely is one word to describe the presentation of this perfume.AMOUAGE LYRIC WOMAN is very appealing to women as well but it drives men so insane trying to figure it out.a great feminine perfume worthy of anyone's desire.This is truly a signature scent.confident yet romantic ladies wear this scent to make a statement,and it matches them perfectly. Divine,Goregous,Warm,Spicy,Classy, Mysterious,Sensual,Sublime,Memorable,Potent and Expensive.

Like a high priestess of some ancient cult,this feminine potion of mystery is immersed in the smoky trail of incense via liturgical notes.But the lapping of floral(rose) notes and the dry opening provide the necessary balance,shifting it far off the ecclesiastical and into the boudoir. The final notes of powdery warmth radiate from the skin for hours on end.the scent reminds me of mature is perfect for a classy night.maybe one of those dinner and a movie dates.if you want to seduce a special someone's sense of smell,this is the perfume that will leave a lingering and lasting impression of you on whomever is fortunate enough to experience it!


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
The opening l can only describe as "perfumey", meaning that it smells like a very old-fashioned perfume in which the notes come at you all at once, & none of them can be directly perceived or appreciated. After a moment or two, there is a strong hit of cumin that dominates the other spices. Over the first hour, the spices settle & gradually the fragrance becomes more floral. When the rose arrives, though, it is almost smothered by a strangely fruity, powdery dustiness. lt's not sweet, but in fact almost savoury. As it progresses over the next few hours, l get moss, a little smoky incense, musk, & in the base a non-foody vanilla-tonka accord. The projection is moderate, & nine hours in it begins to fade.
l really wanted to love this one, but the drydown is just "ok" to me, & that opening very off-putting. lt's not the full-blown, wine-dark, red rose that l hoped for, & l guess l have to face up to never finding a rose that l love more than Une Rose.
31st March, 2015
Excellent composition in which the sweeter-spicier (in comparison with its masculine "Lyric" couterpart) and more exotic approach does not compromise a basic dominant soapy-gothic rosey approach. Cinnamon, resins and ylang-ylang (in particular) provide a more spicy and tasty-oriental opening, aromatic ginger and fluidy cardamom imprint a sharper (balancing) texture perfectly joined to an oily-rosey-incensey characterizing laundriness. The latter is supported by a basic ambery-resinous woody foundation while an honeyed-spicy (sweeter) jasmine flanks a dominant parallel soapy earthiness jumping from the somber starring rose-geranium accord (with its typical cold vegetal-lymphatic laundriness to be intended as a "Lyric" trademark and a central thread with its masculine Amouage's "Lyric" brother). Lyric Woman is a sinister geranium-rose spicy accord rooted over a moody resinous oriental base really sensual and impenetrable. Extremely resinous moody aroma, warm and musky-resinous-animalic. Effectively the Lyric Woman's texture is far more "massive" and oriental than the Lyric Man's typically "licentious" (sharper) "hammam-like" soapiness. Absolutely elusive, dark and mysterious scent. Forbidding.
P.S: along the dry down I detect a sort of salty sensual-resinous muskiness and a cold sharper opposite undertone provided by minty angelica as connected with ginger and several herbal elements swirling around.
15th March, 2015
While Lyric Man is everything I don't like about rose-centered perfumes, Lyric Woman is most definitely amongst my favorites in this genre. As a matter of fact, it also represents one of the reasons why I can't get as excited about the latest Amouage as I used to be when the house delivered mind-blowing compositions such as this one, Epic Woman, Gold, Ubar and several others in their back catalog.

A heavily spiced (cardamom and cinnamon) rose built around a massive oriental structure. Beautiful floral patterns together with incense and a moderately sweet tonka / sandalwood combo provide even more thickness to an already impotent composition while the whole fragrance is pervaded by an overall sense of decadence and a remarkable gothic vibe. Enveloping, intoxicating and absolutely genderless.


27th December, 2014
Not only roses .
Lyric woman is a beautiful sandalwood (tons of sandalwood), rose and spicy fragrance.
Reminds me a bit to Samsara vintage by Guerlain but Lyric is still better!
The drydown is very beautiful; soft, creamy, slightly sweet. Incense and tonkabean play a marvellous duet on my skin.

Colour of the bottle is just right for this scent.
Lyric woman and man are the best pair of line Amouage!
06th December, 2014
This is such a gorgeous fragrance.
Very EXOTIC... smooth, rich, inviting and classy... but, that price tag kinda ruins it.

I bought a 5ml vial for $39NZD (incl shipping to get it down this way) and I only got 3 wears out of it. I was so disappointed when I ran out and I can't justify parting with $460.00NZD.... ouch.
10th October, 2014

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