Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man (2009)
    by Byredo

    Sunday Cologne / Fantastic Man Fragrance Notes

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    Laidback Sunny Sunday

    Laidback easy sunday morning out of the shower fresh and vibrant notes give you a good feeling all through the morning/day.

    Everyone knows that feeling when you are free off in the weekend being in your element around the house feeling happy the way you are... no more no less... just be.
    Its an uplifting mood fragrance.
    If you like clean fresh 'n vibrant cologne type scents this one is a really good choice!
    Its pricy so i think i get an alternative but well done Byredo i love this house

    Pros: Uplifting, sunny, fresh and light with a twist

    26 August, 2013

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Thought I discovered a new thing, silly me, but as Dorian Gray below already mentioned, this is very similar to a Terre d'Hermes / Montale Red Vetiver, with a lot of lemon on top.

    I can't see myself buying a bottle, but it is a nice fragrance.

    04 April, 2012

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    Dorian Gray
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I do really like this, but along with Montale's Red Vetiver, I find it too similar to Terre d'Hermes to justify owning a bottle. That said, I bought it anyway! Its a more citrusy Terre designed as a trad cologne ( with 10x the staying power I hasten to add ) while R V is a bit deeper and richer

    01st March, 2011

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    Germany Germany

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    Fantastic Man is a modern take on the old fashioned blueprint of a manís cologne. There is no great evolution beyond the opening, merely a slight diminishment of the original theme,accompanied by some subtle garnishes. A mighty bergamot presence in the opening, later becomes a citric seam,lightly spiced but respectfully refreshing. The green theme is persued with the inclusion of green lavender, but it is more a distraction than a real contribution. Aside from the light reduction in potency, later phases adopt an aridity and earthiness, venting a warm aura of refinement. The quality of the ingredients are obvious, and it is a fragrance to luxuriate in. It effortlessly straddles the categories of formality and informality, and despite its prohibitive price, remains one to consider for all occasions.

    30th November, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Trying this for the first time today as a sample. Definitely a beautiful fragrance. My wife likes it much. She says it smells "cedary" with an opening strong note of citrus. Very appealing in the beginning. I sprayed liberally, but the tenacity is a bit weak on me. Hardly smellable now five hours later. Because of this, I won't be buying any.

    04 November, 2009

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    Germany Germany

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    I discovered this in Munich last week and it was actually recommended to me by the salesperson - usually not a good sign, but this time she was spot on - apparently this is exactly the fragrance I had been looking for. It's classic yet memorable, fresh yet warm and even though it says "Cologne" on the bottle, it has quite a lot of staying power (which is unusual for my skin). I adore the clean and no-nonsense quality of the scent, which is uplifting and sophisticated. This fragrance doesn't go for a cheap thrill (wouldn't be appropriate at this kind of price) but convinces with sophistication and style. It is rather pricy, but exclusivity rarely comes cheap. -- Very very nice indeed!

    03 August, 2009

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