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Bal d'Afrique (2009)
by Byredo


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJerome Epinette

About Bal d'Afrique

Bal d'Afrique is a feminine perfume by Byredo. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

Bal d'Afrique fragrance notes

Reviews of Bal d'Afrique

Fruity and kind of too sweet for me. The ladies might like this one. Just not my style. Projection and longevity are average. 6.5/10

Update: Had a change of heart with Bal D'Afrique. Wore this a few times within the past few weeks. The vetiver in this fragrance sneeks up on you. I still believe the ladies will love wearing this. Starts out pretty sweet, but calms down with sweetness in about 20 minutes or so. The citrus and vetiver in this make it perfect for warmer weather.7.5/10
27th December, 2015 (last edited: 25th April, 2016)
A really well done fragrance by Byredo. Excellent sillage and longevity, however, a tad sweet and feminine for me until the dry down; however, it takes a while to get there. Would highly recommend anyone sampling this to see if it works for you.
22nd April, 2015
To me Bal d’Afrique is immediately about assiduously cared for skin. From initial associations of sun tan lotions with a hint of coconut oil, I plump for a more non-specific impression of skin caressed by unguents and soothing oils which later on reveals its musky character. This is skin one wants to touch and be touched by, and it gives Bal d’Afrique a warm, inviting personality.
Upon this floats a melange of lightly handled notes – the blackcurrant-like buchu, honeyed neroli and jasmine given a fruity aspect by citrus, the greenish, almost herbal scent of marigold.
Others have commented on a similarity to Hermes’ Vetiver Tonka and I too perceive it in an almost cocoa-like depth to this creation, but the fruity, musky tones are all its own and make it sufficiently different. The later stages get woodier, a grown up cedar-vetiver accord that remains creamy rather than sharp.
A perfume of gentle sensuality, with a certain elusive quality (the notes keep shifting), I find Bal d’Afrique confidently understated.
17th April, 2015
Too variable for me to be willing to spend time or money on. Sometimes it hints at a lusciousness and sensuality that is attractive; other times it has borderline offnotes and doesn't hang together. But there is always a dark berry note I don't find especially pleasing as it always stands out and doesn't quite meld. I think I'm reacting to that berry note, which is one I'm fairly allergic to. It pretty much destroys any fragrance it's in for me. It's not listed, but then, how many notes are?
06th April, 2015
This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. At first spray I smell lots of citrus, vetiver and orange flower. Dried down to a soft and comforting musky, black currant (just the right amount) and violet. These ingredients together are magical. To me Bal D'Afrique smells clean and it's just a happy scent. It lasts a very long time on me.
28th March, 2015
Wow. I went into Skins looking for yet another Citrus and ended up with this on a random try. Very fresh and fruity to start with, turns into a delicious cocktail-y scnet after half an hour or so.Very long-lasting, though sweet and fruity, I cannot help but get a lot of blackcurrant there. No blackcurrant in the frangrance components at all. Probably the Neroli? Not much to do with balls or Africa, but nice enough nevertheless to get out the VISA and spend 96 EURO on it.
21st August, 2014

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