Tabac Aurea (2009)
    by Sonoma Scent Studio

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    Tabac Aurea Fragrance notes

    Cedar, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Leather, Vetiver, Patchouli, Clove, Tonka bean, Labdanum absolute, Amber, Vanilla, Musk

    Tabac Aurea information

    Tabac Aurea is a unisex fragrance by Sonoma Scent Studio. The scent was launched in 2009

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    England England

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    This is a straight-up, dry, unsmoked tobacco, with a leathery undertone. After an hour or so, it's a little softer & smokier, but there's no sweetness at all until around four hours in. Even then, the sweetness is very slight, & not at all powdery. Overall, a fairly linear tobacco fragrance, recommended if you're looking for a non-sweet version, & it lasts a good eleven hours on me. For myself, l would prefer a little more sweetness. l haven't yet tried Tobacco Vanille, but perhaps that will deliver more of what l'm looking for.

    04 April, 2014

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    This is a handsome tobacco scent in which, despite being a relatively complex composition, the focus is primarily on the tobacco. It opens very strong, and youíre hit with the semi-sweet labdanum thatís one of the lineís signature moves. Itís flanked by a somewhat tame and supple leather akin to that of Cuir Ottoman, and there are some notes that feel almost fruity at the outset. However, itís never a cacophony, and the labdanum, leather, and supplementary components all serve a relatively equal function in exalting the tobacco note, which is clearly the star of this show.

    The tobacco note is quite dryósimilar to the tobacco notes recently featured in Puredistance Black and Tom Fordís Tobacco Oud, but Tabac Aurea outdoes both of those scents by offering up a fragrance thatís more characterful and distinctive. The note leans toward leafyómore like the scent of tobacco before itís packed into the chamber of a pipe. There is a vanilla aspect at work, but itís so illusive that youíd risk pulling a muscle to detect it. Whereas a scent like Tobacco Vanille is comically inept in its attempts as subtlety, the sweet notes here are ethereal and suggestive rather than in-your-face. Furthermore, thereís a distinct woodiness to the blend, yet it doesnít come across like a bad attempt of incorporating the pipe itself into the scent, rather, the wood is once more operating to exalt and uplift the tobacco. These subordinate notes are handled with such thoughtful vigilance, that they become virtually undetectable, yet they emerge over time, lending the scent an fully fleshed-out dimensionality.

    While tobacco scents are not my genre, there are a handful that Iíll allow into the fold. Slumberhouseís Jeke is one of them, but thatís quite a bit more taxing than this, nor is it a straightforward tobacco scent. This is a no frills affair, but frankly, itís one of the best from the tobacco genre that Iíve ever smelled. The level of precision and attention to detail is jaw-dropping, yet itís not a scent thatís going to bowl anyone over through a revolutionary or experimental approach. Itís simply one of the most focused, balanced, and nuanced tobacco scents available. If Jekeís too much, and a picture-perfect pipe tobacco is what you seek, then this is the one to look toward. Not only is it one of the lineís greatest contributions, itís simply one of the greatest tobacco scents available.

    A quick note: Tabac Aurea and Fireside Intense seem like theyíd have some real parallels, and they do, but Tabac Aurea is less about smoke, but instead, it mimics the slightly sweet dryness of tobacco. Fireside Intense is more about a smoldering leaves effect with a smokier approach. Both have a subtle sweetness (Tabac Aurea is slightly vanillic, Fireside Intense takes its sweetness from a strange combination of oud and guaiac. Despite parallels, their profiles are different enough to explore both, but if you prefer dryness, then Tabac Aurea would be the wiser choice, but Fireside Intense has a little more character to it.

    25 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    This stuff is amazing. Pipe tobacco, amber, leather and vanilla. Such a great composition. It starts off a little strong but slowly tones down and gets very smooth.

    30th January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Wonderful! This is the first thing that came to mind just right after a bunch of minutes of wearing.

    Tabac Aurea is definitely up there amongst the most intriguing interpretations of this wonderful aroma. Yes, it is sweet and ambery but it's neither *too* sweet nor foody. It just takes the typical sweetness of certain tabac leaves and translate it into an incredible blend of smooth woods, resinous (dry and restrained) amber and deep musks. If you like stuff a-la 1740 or Feuilles De Tabac, you'll probably dig Tabac Aurea as well. Don't get me wrong, these fragrances share very very few aspects if any at all but this is just to say that sweetish stuff doesn't necessarely mean cupcakes or food. On top of that Tabac Aurea is pervaded by a resinous dryness which carefully preserves it from becoming cloying at any stage.

    Tabac Aurea has really nothing to envy to the most popular fragrances playing similar themes and it's a tremendously solid option for anyone looking for a top-notch in this genre and an easy-to-wear elegant composition at the same time. Tobacco Vanille, move on.


    Sometimes, it's really not necessary to splurge big tickets to smell great.

    22 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Firstly my rating leans more toward positive than neutral, but I think I'm just not quite sure about this one yet.

    When the package arrived I was very pleased with the size of the sample. I can easily get a few weeks worth of wears out of this, and that's good because I will need more time to form my opinion on it.

    I was looking more for the cigar smoke/leather/bourbon type of tobacco so I was a bit thrown by this. The scent is more leafy green, with some woods and a powder vanilla dry down. (The vanilla is really the part I am most on the fence about) But I really like the top and mid notes, I wish I could pick out the leather a little more though.

    As the days here in Southern California have still been in the high 80's to 90's in the first week of November, I am looking forward to some cool and cloudy weather where this scent will fit better as well.

    07 November, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    I use to appreciate this kind of juices preferably †in order to smell those on myself when i'm lonely at homme in a certain spiritual mood, during some fall or winter cloudy day, just to feel like walking over the clouds of the heaven. This is a yummy concoction, a pipe †tobacco, creamy golden†amber, mellow fruits (plums, raspberries, apricots etc) and spices blend, so delicious (it's almost a gourmand) to become everybody in a while addicted. But...But....Tabac Aurea is more like a potion, a magic heavenly parfumed, rather linear potion than like a real multifaceted and structured fragrance. It's irresistible but lacks about complexity and real distinctiveness, i don't catch so many nuances around, exactly like smelling Chergui, Tobacco Vanille or similar types of yummy and evocative scents (evocative in the sense of faithfully reproducing a cozy ambience or atmosphere's typical smell or a particular kind of known and common aroma, pipe aromatic tobacco in this case). This fragrance is almost edible but too much stressed over some attractive elements and with a very short evolution. That's my umble opinion and yes, i know to prefer the cool aromatic and sparkling tobacco scents than the cozy and yummy smokey juices. I don't smell the leather, may be just a minimal touch, anyway the final velvety vibe is more leaning over the creamy and woody side than over leather or suede. I smell fortunately instead the salvific touch of a mossy-labdanum and cedar imprinting a slightly boise feel and preventing the juice to be fenced inside the gourmands boundaries. In my opinion the cedary labdanum, the masculine undertone from some spices and a touch of patchouli avoid the juice to become banal. A really pleasant and comforting scent to be worn for yourself at homme in front of fire when outside a mighty storm amoks. Thumbs up for sure because is a quality juice but i will not buy or wear it anyway.

    16 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 22 December, 2013)

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