Fireside Intense (2007)
    by Sonoma Scent Studio

    Fireside Intense Fragrance notes

    Guaiacwood, Cyperus, Texan cedar, Himalayan cedar, Indian sandalwood, Agarwood, Birch tar, Cade, Leather, Oakmoss absolute, Castoreum, Ambergris

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    This starts with a smoldering guaiac thatís perfectly positioned against a rich cedar, given depth through a tastefully subtle castoreum. True to the lineís aesthetic, the scent is impeccably blended and the components work together to produce a fragrance thatís really not intense at all, but is, in fact warm and encompassing. The balance is phenomenal; guaiac can go horribly salty and bacon-like or worse, quite bilge-y if not handled well, and here it hints at the salty direction, but is attenuated by other components.

    Following a few minutes of warmth, the smoke appears as a delicate swirl of birch tar and cade. Anyone who knows those two materials is aware of just how potent they can be, and here theyíre rendered as a nuanceómere wrinkles of smoke that compliment the warm gaiac/castoreum blend. Following this initial transition, the scent stays fairly stable and consistent for much of its life, revealing a sandalwood and musk base later. The overall effect is indeed campfire, but itís quite a sanitized and palatable one. Itís less a scent that replicates the physical experience of being close to the flame, more of one that paints a vivid picture of the scene that you admire on the wall of gallery.

    When worn in motion, the smokey notes seem dynamic, emerging from the skin in waves whereas the guaiac sits close. This produces a fascinating doubling effect, lending the scent character and appeal. But itís not simply that there two distinct profiles at work, rather itís as if there are parallel surfaces upon which both fragrances develop. Itís a fascinating affair in this respectóone thatís best appreciated by the wearer.

    As with others from the line, the blending feels obsessive in its detailófinely tuned and microscopically refined. It takes close scrutiny to even identify that thereís leather at work in this scent as itís not immediately obvious at all. Yet itís definitely there, as is the agarwood/ravensara combo, but against guaiacís savory appearance, and combined with the smoke, the impression of syrupy burning leaves comes through loud and clear. The scent lasts a long time on skin, sits quite close, but has playful sillage.

    So, in sum, itís not that intenseóand if itís a fireside at all, itís one with top-shelf kindling, bound with leather straps, and savored with leaves and resins. The name might create the illusion of a masculine, heavy scent, but itís more open ended than it seems. Itís dense, relatively dark, and quite dramatic, but itís the warmth and coziness that come through the most. While not as forceful as something like Jeke, and perhaps not quite as authentically realistic as Bois díAscese, itís on the same level as far as quality and construction goes, but it contributes its own worth to the genre through the sappy texture that the line does so sublimely. A fantastic scent in all aspectsóone of the best from the line.

    A quick note: Tabac Aurea and Fireside Intense seem like theyíd have some real parallels, and they do, but Tabac Aurea is less about smoke; instead, it mimics the slightly sweet dryness of tobacco. Fireside Intense is more about a smoldering leaves effect with a smokier approach. Both have a subtle sweetness (Tabac Aurea is slightly vanillic, Fireside Intense takes its sweetness from a strange combination of oud and guaiac. Despite parallels, their profiles are different enough to explore both, but if you prefer dryness, then Tabac Aurea would be the wiser choice, but Fireside Intense has a little more character to it.

    25 March, 2014

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    Campfire / fireside inspired fragrances are extremely risky because they often tend to bring to mind of barbecues or, more simply, of your house on fire. Fireside Intense, while definitely being smoky, avoids all these *unpleasant* associations and deliver a dark-woody aroma that will appeal to fans of thicker woody fragrances.

    The opening is by all means smoky with a nice leathery vibe provided by birch-tar. The whole composition evolves around a guaiac-driven dry-sandalwoody bone structure to which Mrs.Erickson pairs a plethora of other woody-oudy notes. Fireside Intense feels very warm and while being definitely striking, it's not as scary as it might sounds. Powerful, dark and thick but somewhat weightless (as opposed to *heavy-handed*). Good for an evening spent reading a book in front of the fireplace but absolutely perfect for a walk outside during winter. This fragrance really shines outdoor.

    A real gem and together with Incense Pure and Tabac Aurea, probably my favorite in the SSS range.

    28 December, 2013

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    This scent on my skin has the most amazing aura of sensual, dark, new leather. The first spray suggests gasoline and then rubber, the rubber of tires and also the expensive leather of a brand new car interior. It's like gasoline poured over charcoal to make a fire on the beach in Malibu, and we are driving away urgently, the tires leaving burnt rubber imprints, but I can smell the new leather seats of the fancy sports car over the faint traces of smoke as we are peeling away from the scene. We are probably going for a hike in the dark woods, need to get there as soon as possible, seduction in the air, there may not be a moon but it doesn't matter for what we have in mind. Pure potential. This is a dark scent, sexual and brooding and very seductive. It represents the dark, intimate moment after first deciding to act on animal impulse but before anything has actually occurred. It is pure potential and at the same time memory of the physical moment that sources it. It is arresting, intense, and dries down beautifully.

    That said it's not for people who like to smell perfumey. But I am 42 and a mother and I can carry this off quite well. I have a lot of experience to back it up. Love it.

    24 September, 2012

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    Campfire, definitely. Thumbs-up for truthful reproduction of the scent. Don't know if I want to smell like it though.

    09 June, 2012

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    Duke of Buckingham
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    Sonoma Scent Studioís Fireside Intense is a mid-winter comfort scent. Aromatherapy rather than cologne, but genius nevertheless.

    I feel the same way about Muscs KoublaÔ Khšn Ė Fireside Intense is to smoke what the Serge Lutens scent does for sunkissed skin.

    Fireside Intense is a technical masterpiece. Meditation teachers and alternative healers might get you to close your eyes and picture yourself in the relaxing scenario of choice Ė well, this stuff is a creative visualization session in a bottle. One spray and you are beside a campfire. The wood snaps and cracks, sparks fly and a line of smoke climbs lazily into the starlit sky. . . (Later on in the journey I get peat smoke, and Iím hiking Scotlandís Western Isles, listening to the clack of tweed looms from every croft.)

    And itís smoke, not ashtray. I usually struggle with smoke notes in colognes. While I love Comme des Garconsí Kyoto on paper, the minute it hits my skin you would think Iíd just put out a cigarette. Anyone who can make a smoke fragrance I can wear must know what they are doing. I think itís the castoreum and leather notes that give this scent such a warm, sensual glow. (Full disclosure: Iím just a castoreum-loviní fool.)

    However, be warned that Fireside Intense is anything but an everyday scent, which is probably because it so perfectly achieves what it sets out to do. I first wore this the day after a backyard barbeque. My wife suggested I really should have had a shower and a change of clothes, and there was not one thing I could say to dissuade her. Having said that, itís hard to imagine a better scent for a hike on a frosty morning, especially as it dries down to a mix of soft leather, peat and smoke.

    As they say, on the occasions when you want to smell like this, nothing else will do.

    Itís somewhat spoiled for me by the sneaking suspicion that a sociologist could write a crazy Baudrillard-style rant about Fireside Intense: spray-on campfire smoke for people in downtown apartments. What better to wear with a chunky diverís watch and Eddie Bauer lumberjack shirt as you jump into your all-wheel-drive for the commute to your cubicle? That and an online piece that quoted someone saying this frag made the reviewer smell like a piece of meat that fell down the back of the barbecue and got burned to a crisp.

    All said, thumbs up for perfumer Laurie Ericksonís mastery of this genre, despite the limitations.

    23 November, 2011

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    I ordered this and Tom Ford Extreme trying to find a good winter scent. When I first tried TFE I got a smokey note that kept me thinking about it. Now that I have them both, they really are quite different. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to keep extreme (still need to wear a few more times). But Fireside Intense is right on the mark for what I was looking for. I live in cold winter climate and it gives me a little extra comfort when heading out into the cold. A few reviews have used the word "Cozy" to describe it. I agree completely. Definitely a keeper in my book. And it lasts quite long too. If you like the smell of a campfire, do yourself a favor a give this a try.

    12 November, 2011

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