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Axe Instinct / Lynx Instinct (2008)
by Axe / Lynx


Axe Instinct / Lynx Instinct information

Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 16 votes)

People and companies

HouseAxe / Lynx
Parent CompanyUnilever

About Axe Instinct / Lynx Instinct

Axe Instinct / Lynx Instinct is a masculine fragrance by Axe / Lynx. The scent was launched in 2008

Reviews of Axe Instinct / Lynx Instinct

My first Axe and I love it though I can't detect any leather note. None of my frags can brighten the mood like Instinct. I may start to test all axes to own some of them in my wardrobe. Recommended.
21st October, 2011
I like this one a lot. It's mild and masculine at a time, it does not strike your nostrils with bracing blow, instead it lingers calmly with subtle spices, a little sweet, and tar, and lethery undertone.
I got an aftershave some few days ago, and it smells a little better than body spray, i'd say closer to the washing gel - smoother and without a touch of unpleasant harshness of the spray. It's not synthetic at all, stop saying that. And it actually dosn't need any of the notes listed below - the frag is complete and well rounded. oh, ok it's not a fancy sparkling fragrance you'd want to put on for your wedding day or to impress someone on a meeting that may change your destiny. But hey it's not even designed to be that way! All it's good for is taking a good shower, putting it on after a shave and going to work or taking a hike - for things a normal guy usually does most of the time. As i've said you don't wanna wear it for a royal raception or to a trendy disco club, but for the rest it works ok! it gives me confident feel and lifts my spirit. and even if you're not into spices and tar, at least it's worth trying!
i just wish it lasted, but.. for an cologne at 6 bucks 2+ hours will do :)
21st September, 2011
Flesh, flesh, flesh, sweat, sweat, sweat, but once you manage to be patient and wait until the final drydown kicks in, some vapid notes of leather and winter spices become remotely perceptible.
Nothing remarkable, most likely a very commercial attempt to create a popular spiced frag.
01st November, 2010
Well, I don't really like this, even through I used to like it.
When it first came out, in 2008, it used to be much better then now. Trust me, the Axe Instinct from 2010 sucks. The Instinct from 2008 however, was good ! I don't know how, but this is now what it was when first launched. The ingredients in it are so cheap....that they give you a headache, and synthethic too. Whenever I come across a synthethic fragrance, I go and shiff Terre d' Hermes, on of the most natural fragrance ever created. Take a look at that, Axe ! Why have you changed your products into something horrible ? The same thing happened to all Axe fragrances, including Africa, and also, Dark Temptation has a clear synthethic vibe in it.
This is just another woody fragrance from a million others. Trust me. Just avoid this.
I don't even want to talk about the longevity, compliments or quality chapters.
Forget it, that's all I can say !

If I made Instinct, I would have taken great care what ingredients I use. They would have been the best quality ingredients I found. Instinct by Jimi Hendrix (2010) is probably the best amber/leather woody fragrance. I would add a subtle incense, rose and vetiver note, and also musk, agarwood, pepper and corriander notes.

But it isn't like this. Instinct by Jimi Hendrix does not exist. Buy Gucci Pour Homme. Buy M7. Buy Habit Rouge, just not this. Anything else is better !
What a cheap and bad and worthless immitation of M7 and Gucci Pour Homme !

The smell: 4 (mediocre, tolerable in smell doses, cheap vibe)
Longevity: 4 (you don't need any longevity where the smell sucks)
Projection: 4 (and projection is not good when the smell sucks)
Compliments: 3 (what compliments when... sucks ? who wears this ?)
Price/Quality: 7 (the only consolation is that al least you got what you paid for)
Wearability: 3 (OMG!)
Final Rating: 4.2 => thumbs.....(hmm?).....down ! (I guess under 5 means down)

Jimi Hendrix
03rd April, 2010
I bought this on clearance at CVS for 1.00 and I'm glad I did. Typically I don't go for these body sprays, though some of the BOD men ones are impressive. Onto Instinct though, wow talk about unique. Instinct is a combination of leather and some amazing spices, probably lime as well. The best way for me to describe this is a thick leathery base mixed with..dun dun dun.. a delicious bloody Mary. I wanted to say some sort of Mexican cuisine, but I think a bloody Mary is more appropriate.

This makes for a super spicy and yet very inoffensive body spray with better longevity than most of its contenders. I honestly wish there was a cologne made up of similar compounds. This stuff is really good. In the category of body sprays, I give this an A+
23rd March, 2010
Not really very good at all. Not even for a bodyspray. Axe has much better offerings. TRUST ME. Starts out with a citrus/rubbing alcohol open that just drys into a public bathroom soap smell. Steer clear from this.
29th September, 2009

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