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F pour Homme Black (2009)
by Salvatore Ferragamo


F pour Homme Black information

Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSalvatore Ferragamo
PerfumerOlivier Polge
Parent CompanyFerragamo Group

About F pour Homme Black

F pour Homme Black is a masculine fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo. The scent was launched in 2009 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Polge

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Reviews of F pour Homme Black

Ferragamo F Black is a great sweet warm spicy mix, a nice masculine mix of lavender, pepper, coriander, and tonka. I don't get much apple or labdanum, as far as the other listed notes. The tonka helps ground and sweeten the blend, whereas the lavender/pepper mix gives it an air of sophistication, as this could certainly be used in somewhat formal situations, a dressed-up masculine fragrance that's reserved enough to be suit-appropriate but provocative enough to be date-appropriate. Certainly this scores high in versatility as far as occasions.

Season-wise, I'm less sure. It's probably only appropriate in the winter on my skins, as I imagine it could become rather cloying or ugly in hotter weather (I'm not sure there's a warm weather pepperish option out there for me).

Medium projection, but good longevity, which is probably appropriate as this scent might not be appropriate as a beast mode projector.

Overall, a very nice, agreeable, versatile, masculine scent that's quite a steal, at $23 for 100ml on FragranceNet. It doesn't blow me away in any particular aspect but rather is well above average across the board.

7 out of 10
15th April, 2016
Elegant and at the same time alpha! Blind bought this at Ross and it did not disappoint me. The opening is nutty, black pepper, & lavender to my nose - very strong at the top. The lavender note is not the best however and emerges as the fragrance dries down. I do see the comparisons to La Nuit de L'homme, but this has the distinctive notes of black pepper & lavender to differentiate it. Despite the strong lavender note, Ferragamo's F Black is an aggressive, masculine fragrance with great longevity. I can see this fragrance being polarizing and you must like the lavender note. I would give this one a try first - it's not a blind buy.

Update: I don't find myself reaching for Ferragamo F Black anymore and probably would not purchase it again. While I like the opening, the lavender note is poorly done and the dry down ends up smelling like moist towelettes or hand sanitizer. Once I drew that comparison, I couldn't look at the scent the same way! It's just not as elegant when you smell like a cheap hand wipe you use to find at the gas station. Another bad blind buy based on other reviews.
01st March, 2016 (last edited: 25th April, 2016)
Great value due to sexy, compliment garnering smell and outstanding performance. Lasts all day without becoming a projection bomb. Even if it was super-strong, it still smells really good, so not sure anyone would care. A bit synthetic, but for the $, to be expected.
22nd February, 2016
Take La Nuit's opener, and follow through with something in between DH and Allure Homme on the dry down.

F Black is born.

Average longevity and sillage, which for the price is to be expected.

This is one of those criminally underrated, why didn't I know about this sooner, fragrances for those who're fans of DH, YSL, and Chanel's offerings.

Layer it with something like Bvlgari Black, and you've got yourself a regular party.


10th September, 2015
What I'm going to do is describing this fragrance from the opening to the base and also comparing it to the original at the same time!
In the opening you can smell huge dose of lavender which is sweet because of the tonka bean note.
It's dark, sweet and spicy. very nice.
In the original the lavender is muted by the apple note but here in black version it's strong and easy to detect.
The pepper is there but it's really muted by tonka bean and lavender and it's in the background.
In the dry down the lavender and pepper start to decay and you will leave with sweet tonka bean.
In the base you have lavender and pepper weak in the background with sweet tonka bean and only hint of floral note.
If the pepper note is too much for you in the original, it's muted here and it's more wearable for those who don't like pepper.
If you don't like lavender, it's in this fragrance but it's not that bad and it's pleasant.
Personally I prefer the original over this because I'm a big fan of pepper based fragrances and the pepper note in the original is stunning but the black version also is a great fragrance and I like it.
And about the overall smell comparing to the original.
There are similarities but they are so different to my nose.
Very good projection and longevity.
22nd May, 2014
Intriguing at the beginning this new italian concoction that comes in this phase out running across Chanel Allure, Joop Nightflight and the Badedas Noir shower foam (or if you prefer La Martina Cuero) with a subdued patchouli in the blend. I have to say in the meanwhile that first of all this is not expensive, second is a bracing sporty/casual fragrance (better) for the evening, third it starts semi fruity-aquatic (but not properly ozonic) and ends down with a mossy/ambery labdanum (plus a touch of patchouli) still holding a part of its fresh (simil berries) aqueous initial fruitiness. The beginning is citrusy (lemon/orange) and aqueous because of its watery and dusty aromatic lavender with its bracing coriander. The problem is the dry down when the synthetic, barely smokey and fruity amber/labdanum starts to rise up a bit powdery, exuding an YSL La nuit de l'Homme's type of feel that is so boring to me. Other problem is that the dry down unveils in the air the synthetic feel that is sheer since the beginning where anyway it's less notable because of the general freshness. Anyway, an acceptable tear in this huge olfactory ocean.
P.S: i'm sorry, i have to change soon my rating cause after a while the smell becomes really too much synthetic on my skin.
11th February, 2013 (last edited: 15th June, 2014)

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