Alluring (2009)
by Boadicea the Victorious


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Year of Launch2009
AvailabilityIn Production
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Alluring is a feminine perfume by Boadicea the Victorious. The scent was launched in 2009

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starts out fruity-jammy...has a chewable feel to it...fruit soaked resin that borders on being gourmand, especially with the support of some honey, but doesn't quite cross the line it progresses through the middle I get more and more of a dry but thick and juicy rose scent...finishes off with a slightly fruity wood with a dusting of musky patch...weird, but I want to say this smells " serious" to's not a flashy's all business...get a hint of mint at some points of the progression...almost want to say this is more of a black tie kind of scent...oh well, sample as always and decide for yourself...
23rd April, 2019
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United States
More and more I seem to be pulling my first impressions and replacing them. Alluring is still a nice fragrance, but what I pick up a month later is a 'pine' note.

'Precious woods' is listed, and it must include cedar and/or eucalyptus. I would give Alluring 5 stars if it came without this, because now I find it rattles the nose.

Dry down is dusty, as advertised. I think this wears better in humid weather (my first wearing was during the bay area's wet season). This setting amplifies the fruit, which I found so lucious.

Now I'm wearing it during our dry climate, and thus, it's more reedy. I like how some reviewers have brought up a 'vintage edge'. I agree, and I'm reminded of Sonoma Scent's Vintage Rose.

Do I still like Alluring? Yes, but it has slipped off my 'consider buying' list for now.

07th May, 2011
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United States
Alluring stands out to me as one of the better BTV fragrances, many of which are either lacking in good structure or feel boring and not particularly imaginative. On application I thought it may another sweet citrus/white floral (i.e. 'Adventuress' and 'Powerful'), but the topnotes quickly give way to wonderful rose/patchouli, sweetened by a background bouquet of floral notes. The earthy aspects of the patchouli are well hidden by the rose, and the accord has just enough ylang-ylang and other florals to keep it sweet but they don't take over. As the fragrance progresses to the base the sweetness of the florals fades, leaving just the patchouli/rose. The patchouli lingers, eventually becoming a lightly woody base as the rose drops out.

Longevity is very good and sillage is fairly strong, especially at first. As with the other BTV fragrance there isn't a whole lot of innovation, or even distinction, in Alluring. Unlike other BTVs the structure is very good and the fragrance is very enjoyable from beginning to end.

My only real complaint is that the heart accord is strikingly similar to Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun - but then again it's not like Lady Vengeance was the first rose/patchouli (it's just one of the best). Unfortunately this isn't the only BTV fragrance that seems to be 'borrowing' accords from other fragrances.

I leave it up to each individual to decide if Alluring is worth the high cost - I won't be buying anytime soon (or ever), but this is still a good scent.
08th August, 2009

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