Géranium pour Monsieur (2009)
    by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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    Géranium pour Monsieur is a men's fragrance by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. The scent was launched in 2009

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    Quite aromatic opening dominated by minty emanations and strengthened by a clear geranium – this opening is impressive if you are into mint notes, and this is a upscale, non-toothpastey mint. This mint ensemble is also cleaner and more sophisticated than the mint note in… say… Roadster by Cartier. I myself am not into mint dominant accords, but this one I enjoy, probably because its strong tinge of geranium makes the mint more palatable to me. The opening has impressive longevity.

    The mints and the geranium stay on the surface of the heart notes – and its background shifts and mitigates a little. I think what is happening with the heart is that the clove oil takes over in the background making the accord a little less ethereal and a little more earth-bound than the opening. This middle accord is subtle, sophisticated, and it serves as an appropriate continuation of the opening. I had been apprehensive of the clove oil but was happy to find it quite discrete and nicely performing.

    The mint is pretty much gone by the basenotes… the geranium tenuously hangs on for the remainder, offering a subtle airiness to a discrete but solid white musk / sandalwood base which hints at a quality grey amber (“quality” is extremely important with grey amber). The pyramid says incense, and I smelled the incense at the first testing, but since it has apparently melded into the accord and I haven’t been able to separate it out. I don’t miss the incense because this light accord is solid, enjoyable, and completely fulfilling without it.

    “Geranium Pour Monsieur” could just as easily been named “Geranium for Madame” because the temper of GPM is gender neutral as far as I’m concerned… neither sensual nor sexy. GPM is not dramatic or compelling, but rather it is buoyant, unisex, and deliciously wearable.

    At my first testing of GPM I thought it was a pleasant but not very interesting scent – with that, I guess I was being unreasonably dismissive. Later with a couple of full wearings, its quiet uniqueness and almost spiritually-uplifting tenor grew on me: Instead of my oft-used comment: “Great scent but I don’t want to smell like this,” with Geranium Pour Monsieur my comment is “Subtly captivating scent and I DO wish to smell like this.”

    10th March, 2015

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    James. Bond.

    This is a perfect scent. I'm serious, it really is. I tend to like them big and bombastic, loud and proud, my presence announced with angels, trumpets, fanfare, and of course groupies. But not this one.

    There's a time for elegance, for professionalism, for just being the best guy in the room. Are you polished? Are you ready? Are you awesome? And most importantly, do you know it so deeply that you don't give any of it a second thought? Then you might actually be James Bond. For the rest of us, when we manage to attain that balance of competence and confidence, of practice and preparation, we want to smell like this.

    It works everywhere, all the time. Office-friendly? Yep. Courtroom-approved? Yep. Date-ready? Yep. Sponge-worthy, too, I'd bet. Get some.

    11th February, 2015

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    Fresh, fresh, fresh!

    This is a very clever fragrance... masterfully composed. The perfumers here wanted to recreate the classic masculine smell or "fougère" smell (ie a Lavender, Oakmoss, Coumarin combination used in most "green" or "traditional" fragrances for men). They used inspiration from men's soaps from the 1920's which used Geranium and cloves in order to convey "freshness" and an overall "clean & masculine" smell. The result here is quite remarkable.

    Basically the perfumer Dominique Ropion has taken Geranium oil in it's purest form, and built a composition around it. Geranium can be sometimes minty, sometimes lemon-fresh, sometimes like cloves, or sometimes like rose. Here he has added notes which "pump-up" these different aspects of Geranium, such as mint absolute, cinnamon extracted using modern technology to bring out the "fresh" and "aromatic" aspects, and he has layered it on a base of clean sandalwood and very clean white musk.

    It smells so incredibly fresh! I have rarely encountered a fragrance which is able to convey freshness as much as this does. I think this is because it has a huge mint note. But I must stress, this does not smell like toothpaste! It has star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and very green mint and geranium, with a smooth base of creamy sandalwood and polished white musk. Like fresh cotton sheets just washed.

    It's actually not an easy smell to understand at first (like many of the Frédéric Malle creations). But I think if you want to convey a message of "fresh and serious" you could wear this. I also think it's floral enough to be worn by a woman (despite the name). This is one to try (especially for this price) for anyone who loves green nature and "fresh" smells. As with all Frédéric Malle's... the quality is exceptionally high and the projection is good. One to try for summer and all year round. Green, aromatic, minty and floral fresh!

    05th November, 2014

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    A fresh mint opening with a nice, masculine dry down. This one is great from start to finish and doesn't ever get too much like toothpaste. It's my favorite mint and just smells clean.

    05th October, 2014

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    Female 1: 3.5/5, Impression: subtle but sexy
    Female 2: 4/5, Impression: sweet and spicy, reminds me of sambuca
    Female 3: 5/5, Impression: fresh and very sexy
    Male 1: 3/5, Impression: smells nice(ish) but not something I’d wear
    Male 2: 2/5, Impression: too ‘girly’
    Male 3: 1/5, Impression: a very strong soapy smell with a hint of very very mild aniseed
    Projection: average
    Longevity: at least 9h
    My opinion:
    This is a blast. An explosive equilibrium of freshness and sweetness, both taken to an unusual register with mint and geranium. Your reception of this one will probably depend on your personal olfactive experience with geranium. I remember it from childhood, as a pot plant on the window sills ay school. Maybe that’s why it seems naive and playful to me.
    As you see above, it is probably also very sex biased. Women do seem to like it a lot. So, if you’re a straight man, you may not like it yourself, but it may still be a good investment:P
    This way or the other, I think it’s very nice and pretty original, if a bit too bubbly.

    12th June, 2014

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    Let’s get one thing out of the way. Geranium is not, I repeat, IS NOT, in the strictest sense a floral note. To the best of my considerable horticultural/botanical knowledge, geranium flowers are utterly without scent. (By the way, the “geraniums” that grandma grew in her window boxes, and the scented “geraniums” from which geranium oil is extracted are not even geraniums at all, but members of the allied genus Pelargonium.) Natural geranium oil is derived from the leaves of the rose-scented Pelargonium. While geranium shares aromachemical content – particularly geraniol – with rose, and is used in many rose reconstructions, it does not smell exactly like rose. It has a peculiar bittersweet, astringent, herbaceous-aromatic character about it, one that occupies a territory bounded roughly by mint, sage, and lavender. Those who complain that they can’t smell the geranium in Geranium pour Monsieur are probably sniffing for a rosy floral note, and they’re not going to find one in this decidedly dry, aromatic composition.

    Now as for Geranium pour Monsieur, it has been a hard fragrance for me to come to grips with. I own a bottle of it, not because I necessarily like it (though I may decide I do), but because I’ve been wearing it often just to figure it out. As others have pointed out, it’s not actually geranium, but mint that headlines this scent, and mint is notoriously one of the hardest notes to use effectively in perfumes. Not only is it conspicuous and resistant to blending; it is also instantly recognizable, and hence distracting. On top of that come the seemingly inescapable associations with toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gum.

    How does a perfumer employ mint without suggesting an oral hygiene product? Dominique Ropion does it in Geranium pour Monsieur by harnessing mint to a team of bitter aromatics, including geranium, that are so patently inedible that the resulting accord could never be mistaken for anything you’d willingly put into your mouth. The astringent, mildly camphoraceous aspect of geranium oil is the structural link that binds the mint to the rest of this scent’s aromatic elements, and its use in this respect it tremendously clever and original. In fact, clever and original apply to Geranium pour Monsieur’s entire structure. I can say in all honesty that I have never smelled anything quite like it.

    The first phase is bracing mint and bitter, dry, savory aromatics that deliver a sharp slap on the face. The accord is cool, clean, and medicinal. It’s also unusual in that it makes no pretense of naturalism. It smells not of any recognizable collection of herbs plucked from the ground, but rather smells proudly of aromachemicals (natural or otherwise) , selected and arranged with clear intent and objectives. In this respect it resembles certain scents from Comme des Garçons or Etat Libre de Orange’s notorious Sécrétions Magnifiques, and while it’s equally provocative, it does not employ any notes that are inherently harsh or discordant. What it does do is take olfactory abstraction to a whole new level. Sure, there’s a freshly scrubbed and shaved aspect to Geranium pour Monsieur, but this shave took place in a barbershop on Mars. Geranium pour Monsieur’s crisp, cool phase persists for an hour or two at most – not all that long, but too long for me to think of it as top notes. While it persists it is moderately potent and projects a comfortable distance from the skin: detectable at arm’s length, but never distracting.

    The phase that follows is such a complete contrast that it could almost be a whole new scent. In the blink of an eye, Geranium pour Monsieur goes from icy aromatics to a dry, woody skin scent that’s built on soapy musks and sandalwood. As different from the first phase as it is in content, the second phase is still resolutely clean, and sustains the rigorously abstract style. The musks are not trying to smell “natural” in any way. They instead suggest an amplified trace of soap on just-washed skin. A true skin scent, the second phase of Geranium pour Monsieur wears very close and is not easy to detect at any distance.

    Beyond its unusual bimodal olfactory progression, Geranium pour Monsieur represents several achievements for Dominique Ropion: he has succeeded in composing a mint fragrance that does not smell like toothpaste; he has created an aromatic fragrance for men that smells nothing like a traditional fougère; and he has built a “clean,” refreshing, modern fragrance without a trace of the stereotypical calone, ozone, fruit, or aquatic scent components. What I can’t decide is whether I like the way it smells.

    09th June, 2014 (Last Edited: 14th June, 2014)

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